Gold exploration in cold water of Denizli

When the riverbed of the stream was filled with flood water, the mining scraps of the gold mine digging came down to the fields again. Despite the cold weather, the Gold Hunter in the water cleared the mud caused by the flood at the lock.

Denizli’s stream, which was dehydrated by the drought last year, has had the toughest winter in the last few years and has been drawing water again this year.

The rain and snow that began in the dry autumn accelerated the work of crumb miners looking for gold in the mud carried by the floods.

Despite the cold weather, the gold explorers who created the locks in the flood stream began to separate the gold particles in the mud particles that clogged the locks. Clamminers, who find 7-8 grams of gold a week, melt the gold particles they find in Izmir, and the carat-measured gold is sold to repair jewelers.

“This was a passion for us.”

0054brahim Irgatçı, looking for gold, despite the coldness of the stream where floods carry mud “I’ve been doing this job for about three years. It’s been our passion.

Gold Hunt Video in Cold Water of Denizli

“You can find 7-8 grams of gold every week”

There was a big drought last year. Therefore, this work had to be paused. After it rained, water flowed into the stream and the gold mine began to work. We went back to our hobbies and managed to catch a few gold today. You can find about 7-8 grams of gold a week.

Gold hunt in cold water of Denizli # 1

“We sell at scrap prices”

Our labor is not wasted and that is a very good reason for us to do this job. After melting the gold collected at the Carat House in Izmir Sarah Fuller Bazaar at the end of the month, we will decide the setting and sell it at the scrap price.

“Sometimes 22 and sometimes 21 settings”

Sometimes 22 and sometimes 21 depending on where we work. Mixing with other materials can reduce the setting or increase the purity up to 23 carats. We’ve sold the best 23 carats of gold so far, but we haven’t seen 24 yet. You will get the reward of the effort that exceeds the set value. ” Said.

Gold hunt in cold water of Denizli # 2

“Clam mining is called in the name of the work we do.”

He said he didn’t need big and expensive materials to look for gold in his hobby, Kawadoko, and Irgatçı built his own locks and used very low-cost tools such as shovels, hoes, sieves, boots, and frying pans. Said. Irgatçı used the following statement:

“The mines trapped in the alluvium formed after the rain rise to the folds and accumulate. Find and evaluate the accumulated gold. The name of the work we do is called” clam mining “. I am. A metal device called a weir is used to use the separating power of water to further concentrate the sorted sand by sieving. For example, by reducing 50 kilograms of sand to 2 kilograms, you can milk with a fan to separate the gold. Removing the light material from the water makes the work easier. The gold I find is stored in a glass storage container. After the final separation process, the gold we find is ready for sale. “

Gold hunt in cold water of Denizli # 3

“When water flows in a dream, we can’t do this job for a long time.”

Şenol Akkuş said he made money from scrap mining for hobby purposes. “I’m actually painting from stone pieces. At the same time, I continue this scrap mining as a hobby. When the river ran out, we couldn’t do this job for a long time. Ogawa When it was filled with water, we decided to get off and take a look. We remove 5-6 grams, 10 grams of what we produce, adjust and then sell to the jeweler. So you will find a way of 3-4 cents. “ He said.

Gold hunt in cold water of Denizli # 4

Gold hunt in cold water of Denizli # 5

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