Giresunspor Shocked Aslan at home – TRT Spor


Vitexen Giresunspor laughed after scoring a goal in the match at the NEF stadium.

The Galatasaray match was played in front of the full stands at Neff Stadium. Muslera, van Aanholt, Abdülkerim, Nelsson, Boey, Midtsjö, Oliveira, Emre Akbaba, Kerem, Yunus and Seferovic started with 11 men.

Bitexen Giresunspor comes out on the field. Onurkan, Heiller, Sergen, Perez, Alper, Mejia, Traoré, Savicevic, Serginho, Sainz and Vajic made 11 appearances.

Galatasaray put pressure on their opponents in the first half and failed to score goals. The Yellow Reds, who did not give a serious position in the castle, went into halftime with the score tied 0-0.

The yellow-red team entered the second half with a change of structure, and even though they had a big deficit, they scored a goal. Coming back to the double striker, the home side struggled to create positions in the opposing goal. Giresunspor, who scored for Borja Sainz in the 77th minute after a big defensive error from Abdulkerim Bardakju, did not allow their opponents to score in the final pressure and won 1-0.


Galatasaray, who played their first league match in front of the supporters under coach Okan Buruk, suffered their first defeat of the season in the second week. The Yellow Reds defeated Fraport TAV Antalyaspor 1–0 in the first week of the season.

After losing to Adana Demirspor in the opening week, the Black Sea national team exited with a win and entered the tournament with three points.

Giresunspor beat Galatasaray for the second season in a row

Biteksen Giresunspor beat Galatasaray in Istanbul for the second straight season in the Super League.

The Black Sea squad won 1-0 away from the yellow-red side in the Super League, which was promoted last season. The green and white teams beat their opponents in the outfield by the same score this season.

Oliveira stuck on pole with free kick

Newly transferred Sergio Oliveira from Galatasaray approached the goal with a free kick.

Four minutes into the game, Oliveira steals the ball from a free kick. With a very hard blow from the Portuguese footballer, he hit a leather round crossbar that passed the dam and the goalkeeper and returned to the field.

Okan Buruk returns to double striker

Galatasaray manager Okan Buruk made a system change at half-time.

The yellow-red team, which started the match with a 4-2-3-1 formation, was unable to score despite pressure from the first half. After removing Emre Akbaba from the game at half-time, Okan Buruk brought Bafetimbi Gomis onto the field instead.

After entering the match in the final minutes against Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, the yellow-red team returned to a 4-4-2 formation with the entry of Gomis, who scored the winning goal.

Torreira and Mertens on the field for the first time

Galatasaray’s new arrivals Lucas Torreira and Doris Mertens played in the yellow-red jersey for the first time.

Uruguayan footballer Torreira, who started the match between the reserves, replaced Sergio Oliveira in the 61st minute. Torreira sweated into his number 5 jersey.

Belgian forward Mertens replaced Yunus Akgün in the 78th minute.

Hamza Aakman, who grew up from infrastructure, and new signing Kazimkan Karatash wore the Galatasaray jersey for the first time in an official match.

Abdul Kerim’s mistake caused the goal

The visiting side scored after a mistake by Galatasaray’s new transfer Abdul-Kerim Baldak.

In the 77th minute of the game, Abdulkerim, who was in the middle of his own half, wanted to pass the pass to goalkeeper Fernando Muslera. Borja Sainz, who intervened on a short falling ball, faced the Uruguayan goalkeeper.

Wanting to get out of the penalty area and out of danger, Borja chased Muslera away and put together a round leather net.

Referee Kadir Salem injured

Match referee Qadir Salem continued to manage the match after a brief injury.

Sahlam, who stopped the game after 69 minutes, came to the Galatasaray bench and reported a problem with his right lower back.

Kadir Salem returned to the field following an intervention by the Yellow Red Health team to start the game again in the 72nd minute.

Over 45,000 fans in the stands

Over 45,000 fans watched Galatasaray’s first home game of the season from the stands.

The Yellow Red Club announced that 45,000 484 fans attended the match at Neff Stadium. In a post on his account on the club’s social media he wrote, “Thank you to all the great fans of Galatasaray for not leaving the team alone in the league’s first home match. We are so beautiful together.” was used.

Giresunspor celebrates victory with supporters

The guest team experienced the joy of winning against Galatasaray together with the supporters.

After the final whistle blew, the green and white soccer players went to the guest fan stand to greet the fans.

A key moment in the match…

In the 2nd minute, Van Aanholt defender Giresnspor’s Sergen hit the ball back into midfield from the left flank inside the penalty area, where Onurkan stole the ball.

In the 4th minute, Oliveira scored a free-kick from about 30 meters and a leather round went off the crossbar.

In the 13th minute, Yunus Akgün, who received the ball in midfield, entered the penalty area but passed it to Kerem Akturkour on the inside. Goalkeeper Onurcan Piri shot at this player after eliminating his opponents in style, but went into a corner at the last moment.

The first half ended in a scoreless draw.

In the 65th minute, a long pass by Nelson from the defense sent Ceferovic hanging behind the defense to face the goalkeeper. An ineffective shot from the Swiss striker from Bosnia and Herzegovina at a tighter angle sent the ball past Onurkan and out the flanks.

In the 76th minute, high ruler Vilaser, who received the ball on the right side of the penalty area, was well positioned with a narrow-angle shot and goalkeeper Muslera was the owner of the leather round.

goal: Giresunspor scored in the 77th minute. Abdulkerim Bardakci’s short back in defense Borja, who intervened on his pass, took a penalty out of his area and greeted him by the goalkeeper He dodged Muslera before blowing the net with a shot: 0-1.

In the 82nd minute, in the middle of Kazimkan Karataş on the left flank, Seferović on the altar got up well and headed in. However, goalkeeper Onukan caught the ball on the right and prevented the leather ball from entering the net.

The game ended 1-0 with the away team having the upper hand.