Giants heading to Turkey-latest news

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After declaring a war with Ukraine, many US companies continued to declare sanctions on Russia and suspended operations in this country. From Russia’s stance, 1,100 US companies have begun planning to move their activities to other countries by leaving the country. Within the framework of these plans, Turkey plays an important role in its geographical location and qualified workforce. In fact, an important memorandum of understanding for the development of trade between the two countries was signed yesterday between the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TOBB) and the United States Chamber of Commerce. Myron Brilliant, Senior Vice President of the US Chamber of Commerce, came to Turkey at the invitation of TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu. US Ambassador Jeffrey Flake of Ankara and Deputy Minister of Commerce Mustafa Tuzk also participated in the program. At the ceremony, US Ambassador Flake said: Some are gone now. Others have said they will move some of their business to Turkey. I think American companies should consider the Turkish market. “

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Giants are heading to turkey

“Turkey can attract it”

Myron Brilliant, Senior Vice President of the US Chamber of Commerce, said Turkey can attract some investment and trade. Turkey may attract some investment and trade in this direction. Of course, when Putin threatens companies leaving this market, this does not prevent them from leaving. What Turkey wants to do in this regard, it should take this into account. Of course, Turkey needs to improve its digital framework and infrastructure. It is necessary to prepare the investment environment, but I think there are various opportunities for Turkey to overcome the difficulties associated with the occupation. This issue has been around for a long time and makes the situation compelling. I think the leaders of both countries should sit down and discuss these. “

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Target $ 100 billion

TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said: “Turkey and the US business community can reach the $ 100 billion trade target. We believe this target is realistic. Turkey presents a serious opportunity for US investors. At this point, I encourage US investors to consider Turkey as a hub for investment and trade. There are also expectations from politicians on these issues, between Turkey and the United States. Free trade agreements or preferential trade agreements that have similar effects must be signed. Turkey should be excluded from the scope of “Section 232”. The Turkish business community has been seriously damaged by this practice. We ask for your immediate support in resolving this issue, which adversely affects bilateral trade. Turkey is very successful in the contract sector. Turkish and US companies have also signed joint projects in third countries. In this regard, the US contract market should be open to Turkish companies. “

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These sectors attract investment

A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TOBB) and the United States Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The general work area was determined in 2022. Collaboration on health, energy, information technology, digital economy, tourism and infrastructure will be emphasized. Senior managers from US and Turkish companies will be attending, with the aim of strengthening cooperation in third countries. Establishing a bilateral investment conference to increase business negotiations and a Business Women’s Council to strengthen cooperation among female entrepreneurs are also on the agenda.

What if Turkey attracts investment?

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-New offices and production facilities have been opened, creating new employment opportunities for many and increasing employment.

-Turkey’s exports to the United States and other countries will increase, which will have a positive impact on the current account deficit.

-More cooperation between the two countries will allow Turkey and the United States to carry out joint projects in different markets.

-World-renowned US technology brands can enter the Turkish market. Turkey’s digital infrastructure is evolving.

-New sales and export channels are open to SMEs.

“Steel tax needs to be removed”

-Emphasize that Turkey is one of the most important destinations to attract global investment, and Deputy Trade Minister Mustafatuzk said Turkey was positively differentiated during the epidemic with its macroeconomic data. rice field. Last year, it said that trade between the two countries reached 31.4 billion, at which level the United States became Turkey’s second-largest country after Germany. Tuzcu said: “The elimination of steel and aluminum taxes in Section 232 is an important expectation from the US Government. With this expectation, we look forward to the support of the US private sector. At this point, Japan The good dialogue previously established between South Korea, the EU, many countries and the United States can also be established with Turkey. We look forward to their contribution in this regard. “