Gezi’s trial is pending | From Can Atalay to Court: Don’t talk for the law, do politics!

The Gezi case, which led the Council of Ministers of the European Council (EC Ministerial Committee) to initiate sanctions proceedings in Turkey because it did not implement the decision of the European Court of Human Rights, has reached the decision stage.

At a hearing held on February 21, it was decided to separate the Charsh case from the Gezi Park case.

Anador Kurtur Chairman of the Board and a businessman in a 1602 day prison Osman KavalaNine defendants, including.

Ozgul Ozel, Turan Aidan, Sezgin Tanrukul, Ali Shekel, Onusal Aduguzel, Mahmut Tanal, HDP Parliamentarians Ozgul Ozel and Sarukhanids are among those who came to Chalayan to see the hearing. ..

The prosecutor, who commented on the proposal on March 4, demanded life imprisonment from Cavalla and Musera Yapuchi for “attempting to overthrow the government.” , Tayfun Kahraman and Yiğit Ali Ekmekçi, meanwhile, have been sentenced to life imprisonment for up to 20 years for committing an attempted coup “as a supporter.”

In his opinion, the files of Defendants Henry Barky, Penal Own, Kang Dundal, Gokse Yılmaz, Handan Meltem Alkan, Hansade Hikmet Germiyan Ur, Mehmet Ali Alabora, Inanchi Axakor, Inanchi Ekmekshi Separation is also required.

What happened in court

Osman Kavala He attends hearings from prison through the Audio and Visual Information System (SEGB0054S).

The presiding judge said his views on the proposal were presented during the hearing. The hearing prosecutor, who was given the right to speak, said he had repeated his opinion. Police lawyers demanded that all defendants be punished.

Of those in trial Can you do it As for the methodIf we hadn’t claimed, your delegation would not have received our statement on the reversal. You persistently received our statement on corruption by saying “defense.” What did you do as a judicial activity? The interim decision you made regarding the Charles case, the letter you wrote in forensic medicine, the receipt of our statement on the reversal, the statement of the lawyer on the detention of Cavalla … you did only these things. “ I made a statement.

“Despite the rumors we heard in 2014, we did not leave this country.”

Atarei said:

“I can’t deny the demand I’m trying to say. We don’t demand time. We’ll defend Gezi and keep it up. Despite the rumors we heard in 2014, we’re this I didn’t leave the country.

We will not extend this trial. At the last hearing, I explained that we would not impose a travel ban on us as an “immoral offer.” It meant, “Go, loosen your hands, and make an immediate decision.” We push it away.

“I didn’t eat it raw, so my stomach doesn’t hurt.”

Don’t do anything embarrassing. I didn’t eat it raw, so my stomach doesn’t hurt.

“The button was pressed and the Gezi case was turned over.”

The button was pressed and the Gezi case was flipped over. When the button was pressed, the 16th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals dismissed the Charsh case and stated that it was not included in the file and should be evaluated with Gezi. 30. The file was sent from ACM in a hurry.

In a comment from one of the members, I put together the files, pressed a button, and gave an opinion on the benefits. How do you make a decision before the requirements of the appeal decision are met? What happened to the decision of the 16th Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Appeals?

Prosecutor Edip Shachner and the political staff he represented, who followed us wherever we went, worked much finer this time (!), The burden of prosecution and the first benefit.

“If you don’t want to say what you like, when you like it, you can’t give up and say anything else.”

No loot! You can’t say what you like when you like it, or give up and say something else when you don’t want to do it. The criminal trial experienced a period of obtaining evidence by torture, and the key to the criminal trial was entrusted to the Feslahisto gang by the AKP elite and the evidence was created. Will this trial begin a period of justice that does not require “evidence without evidence”?

There is no evidence and there is a phenomenal conspiracy theory. If your delegation intends to call a provocation, it shouldn’t look at someone calling us (only a few times) over the phone, but to the provocation of people’s persecution by the police chief of a Feslalist gang member. You should look!

“”We will never leave this country, we wholeheartedly commit to this country.

The allegations are set out in your indictment, but how did you get your opinion before the procedures related to them were completed, and how do we defend you? We do not accept the claim to extend the trial. We will not leave this country. We are wholeheartedly devoted to this country.

“Who saw the 5 DVDs listed on page 6 of the review?”

Who saw the 5 DVDs listed on page 6 of the review? Who recorded these images? What legal basis do these images come from and what do we call them evidence? Have you ever seen if these digital evidences have been post-intervention?

From Atalay to Court: Don’t talk for the law, do politics!

Don’t talk for the law, do politics! The prosecutor accepts the actions of the Feslahisto police. There will be no phone calls until June 15th. Feslahisto Nazumi will initiate an investigation and will investigate based on unsigned reports.

Feslalist was persecuted and looted. Everyone saw this. How can I create a complaint without investigating, and how can I comment on the benefits? “

The Gezi case was before the Istanbul ACM. After a while, after being tried there, the president of the court, who was prominent in dissent and apparently would not punish us, was taken out of our file by the sleight of hand.

30ACM President Mahmut Bey stubbornly began to annotate and I smelled acquittal. It changed immediately.

“President Erdogan has been boring for nine years every time he gets bored.”

President Erdogan has been saying Gezi for nine years whenever he’s bored. He is talking about the incident at Gezi. There is a penalty for this file. This file is always on the agenda. Last week’s news was partially understood, but Justice Minister Gul, who held a meeting on the case in Bestepe, knows he resigned because his ideas were not accepted. They couldn’t deny it.

With this balance, the Minister of Interior recently issued a statement. Will your delegation file a criminal complaint against Soil? There are no more obvious examples that can influence your judgment.

I’m not interested in the relationship between soil and cheese exporters. It is forbidden to speak about me, Musera’s sister, Thai fans. Also, please file a criminal accusation. If I reject my request, the decision will be purely political.

Kavala’s lawyer speaking after Can Atalay Koksal Bayraktar, “You weren’t listening to one witness, you set aside a request for further investigation. Legally, you don’t even have the right to hear the accused. “ Said.

Bayraktar said:

“You repeated the accused’s statement given at 30 ACM, you did nothing else, you did not get into the essence of the problem. You are aiming to go directly to the decision. More than four of my clients have been detained years before the court frustrated in the face of procedural provisions.

Either way, it deals with what isn’t happening. There is a public prosecutor’s office, but the minister is involved in this case. 700 say they are plaintiffs, even one of them is not taken to court.

In this case, the decision is incorrect. You need to demand that your decision to continue the case is not overturned, and if you do not return, you need to investigate further, identify the hotel where Barkey was staying, and listen to Nimet Chubukchu. “

Defendant after Köksal Bayraktar Ali Hakan Altinay’Lawyer Torah Beijing, “”There is no evidence brought into the file and discussed. Please decline the request for evidence collection. What do you think about going to a decision when only one piece of evidence has not been discussed? He said.

Lawyer Torah beijingThe ECHR reminded Turkey that it gave Turkey a total of six months for defense because the file was comprehensive and required time for the defense of the proposal.

“Tape with interruptions has no resolution and no recording.”

Attorneys for Can Atalay, Mücella Yapıcı, Tayfun Kaframan Space work, “”There is a problem with the tape that underlies both the indictment and the opinion of the proposal. Tapes with interruptions have no resolution and no recording. It cannot be operated without them. No matter what you do or how you evaluate it, these decisions are not legal. You need to save the decision and recording to a file.‘He evaluated.

Statement at Chalayan Courthouse before trial

Gezi Solidarity issued a press statement in front of the Chalayan Courthouse prior to the hearing. Many party representatives and NGOs participated in the statement.Declarative Akif Brak, “Gezi is the brightest and most prestigious page in the social history of our country. Despite the fact that Gezi Resistance is registered twice by a judicial decision made under the Constitution, the law A third trial is desired with a completely unfounded allegation that goes against the truth. The most basic rights and demands of social opposition are portrayed as criminal elements, the historical and justification of peaceful resistance. The reality is permanently distorted and overrun. That’s not all they want. It echoes from the park to the whole country and the world. Here, Gezi is unfair, unjust, arbitrariness, imposition, It is the name of the resistance to oppression. It aims to remind people that the people who protect the city, nature, and life are singing together in one voice. “ Said.

Litigation process

For the protests at Gezi Park, businessman Osman Kavala, journalist Jean Dundal, Aishe Musera Japichi And players Mehmet Ali CapsizedA case with 16 defendants, including.Istanbul 30th Higher Criminal Court acquitted nine defendants, including detained defendant Osman Kavala and fugitive defendant Ayşe Pınar CapsizedJean Dundal, Gokce Tuyluoglu, Handan Meltem Arikan, Hanzade Hikmet Germiyanoglu, Inanc Ekmekci And Mehmet Ali Alabora files. After the public prosecutor’s office appealed against the district court’s decision, the Third Criminal Chamber of the District Court in Istanbul overturned the acquittal of nine defendants on 22 January 2021.

Following the abolition decision, the Istanbul 30th Higher Criminal Court decided to integrate the files of the defendants Can Dündar, Mehmet Ali Alabora, Ayşe Pınar Alabora, Gökçe Tüylüoğlu, Handan Meltem Arıkan, Hanza de Hikmet Germiyanoğlu, and 0054nanç Ekmekçi. 2021. I was giving. In addition, Ottoman Kabara and former CIA adviser Henri Barkey have “unconstitutional” and “for political or military espionage” regarding FETO’s attempted coup on July 15 at the 36th High Court Criminal Court in Istanbul. He was charged with “providing confidential state information.” The case in which they were charged.

Meanwhile, the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court’s ruling on the Gezi Park case against 35 defendants, including members of Besiktas’ supporter group Charsh, was overturned by the Supreme Court of Appeals. A ruling in Istanbul’s 30th High Court Criminal Court stating that there was a legal and de facto link between the Gezi Park case and the Charsh case stated that “taking into account the nature of the crime.” .. If you are a member of a terrorist organization, you will need to go to the side that combines both files and determine the defendant’s legal status in writing accordingly. It was emphasized that the acquittal as a result of the incomplete investigation was taken into account. As a reason for the reversal.

The case was annexed at the 13th Higher Criminal Court in Istanbul after the decision to overthrow.

At a hearing held on February 21, it was decided to separate the Charsh case from the Gezi Park case.