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112 The Emergency Call Center Project is a Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure that citizens in need of emergency assistance recognize a single number rather than multiple numbers and that all teams that may need it can reach the scene. Started under adjustment. As soon as you receive an emergency call, the emergency numbers will be combined into one number.
For applications initiated in one of the pilot states, Sakariya, on June 12, 2019, it is sufficient to call 112 and request emergency assistance from police, military police, ambulances, fire brigades and other agencies.

73.54 Call percentage has no purpose …

According to a preliminary report issued in January 2021 regarding the activities of the Sakariya 112 Emergency Call Center; 668,349 out of the 1 million 218,937 calls received by the 112 Emergency Call Center in 2021 were out of scope and It was stated that the call was closed by a spare phone because it was an arbitrary, unfounded and unnecessary call for consultation purposes. Of an emergency call. The remaining 550,588 calls were forwarded to relevant agencies, of which 322,574 were incidents and 228,14 were not. According to these data, 73.54% of 112 emergency call center calls consisted of information and consultation calls, as well as unnecessary and busy calls that were not included in the emergency call.

“That’s a shame, it’s a sin! Three out of four Sakariya unnecessarily called 112!” Click to read the news

Governor’s actions!

The Governor’s Office has decided to take “deterrence” measures to prevent the adverse effects of unfounded notifications to the 112 Emergency Call Center on emergency calls.
A “general order” was sent last week from the Governor’s Office of Sakarya to the relevant public authorities in the city.
According to a publicly announced general order, an administrative investigation will be initiated against those who unnecessarily occupy 11 people, and criminal charges will be filed with the public prosecutor’s office for those who are within the scope of the act. Turkish criminal law.

The relevant parts of the general order issued by Governor Sakarya are:

In order for our citizens to benefit from the 112 emergency call lines in a timely manner with real emergencies and needs, we need to discourage those who occupy these lines with unfounded and unrealistic problems. there is.
It would be a deterrent if they were subject to legal sanctions to reduce the number of people who act. This issue is also important in terms of providing important public services such as emergency health, security and firefighting in a timely, effective and efficient manner. For this reason, our governor considered it appropriate to make some arrangements.
1 A fine will be imposed on a person who makes a false report and is found to have occupied the 112 emergency call center based on Article 5326, Article 42 / A, “Unfounded Report” of the Minor Crimes Act.
2 112 Emergency call center groundless notifications, harassment, vows, listening to music, silent calls, disconnecting phones and phones, testing whether the phone is working, and not being covered by emergency calls.
The misdemeanor number 5326 based on Article 5442, Article 9C, Article 11 and Article 66 of the Administrative Law is a telephone that causes unnecessary telephone calls, and the person in charge of receiving and instructing the telephones shall perform his / her duties. Loss of time and resources to prevent, reduce work efficiency, and provide emergency assistance services. This is evaluated within the scope of “disordered behavior” stipulated in Article 32 of the Act, and administrative sanctions are imposed by the Governor’s Office for those engaged in 112 emergencies. Call the line unnecessarily like this.
3 Criminal charges will be filed with the Supreme Public Prosecutors Office for acts within the scope of Turkish criminal law.