Gem Volukbash’s Eyes on Formula 1-TRT Spor

In his statement, Sem they worked very hard for Formula 2 races, and he couldn’t come to Istanbul for months for training, and he was mostly abroad. He said he was ready.

“How many years has it been to become Turkey’s first car athlete in Formula Two races?” In response to the form question, Cem said:

“In fact, when we were six, we went a very long way, go-karting. Before that, we started with motocross. Then we went kart to some extent, and then we continued that” virtual to real “story. rice field. As mentioned in e-sports, e-Sports World has won the championship for five years.I’ve been racing since the end of 2019, but before that, of course, there’s another story. “

For the excitement of the first race of Formula 2, national athletes, “Of course I’m excited. I’m trying to keep it down. The training is very successful and I’m happy with the team and engineers. Our work is very positive and productive. We went to the first race this week I will do my best. “ Said.

Regarding the preparation, Sem said, “I’m definitely ready. It’s the first race, so I want to get used to it a little more and learn all the steps. If I get used to everything in the car, I will pass, so not only the race, but everything about the race and the environment. Details. “He said.

“My biggest goal right now is to get the best results in F2.

After announcing his participation in Formula 2, he noted that the support of the Turkish people exceeded expectations, and national athletes said, “From now on, I will try to express the flag as much as possible without disappointing anyone. After all. The step, one of the first and greatest dreams, has come true, but we’re just getting started. Of course. ”We used the formula.

Recall that no country athlete has competed in this area before him, and that he will be a role model for future national athletes, the Crescent and Star athletes. “As you said, this is the first time, but it helps to instill this culture a little more, so I hope it helps me pave the way. Athletes in a sense bring sports to the country. I’ll announce. I hope they pass the level I came for for those who come after me if I can pave the way.‘He commented.

When asked about his dream of playing in F1 in the future, Cem said, “My biggest goal right now is to get the best out of F1. To conclude this season in the best possible place. My team. I trust the team behind me and I am the best from the focus of the ranks. I believe that if we do our best we will get good results. We hope we can move up to F1 in the future. ” I put it out.

Eren Üçlertoprağı: “I can meet him in F1”

Eren Üçlertoprağı, chairman of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED), said that Cem Bölükbaşı was the first athlete to compete in Formula 2 as a very valuable initiative for the country. “For the first time in our country, this level of car athlete races in Formula 2, a sub-series of Formula 1. So I think it’s very valuable. Sem has started a very difficult process. It’s a long time. Probably. A race marathon consisting of 28 races. “ He said.

3 lands, “We trust Sem. We hope he will represent both our country, the flag and the Turkish athletes in the best possible way. In the near future, we will tell him in F1. I hope to see you. “ Said.

When asked about what to expect from national athletes in the race in Bahrain, Üçlertoprağı said:As with all sports, car sports are a matter of mileage and experience, so it’s unfair to expect an extraordinary degree from Cem in the first race. Most of his rivals have very important mileage and experience, so in the first race I think Sem is warming up to his car and getting used to this series. And the experience he gained. “ I gave the answer.

Üçlertoprağı said he never left Cem in Bahrain and hopes the season will be a good success.