Gasoline hiking discussion between EPGIS and EMRA

The Energy Oil and Gas Supply Station Employers’ Union (EPG0054S) responded to a statement by President Mustafa Yurmaz of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) on the union on Twitter.

After seeing oil prices exceed $ 130 yesterday, EPGIS announced at 16.47 that gasoline rose 0.79 lira and diesel rose 2.25 lira. However, after the oil price fell by 10%, the expected price increase did not come true. EPGIS announced this “raise cancellation” at 20:51.

At these events, EMRA Chairman Mustafa Yılmaz argued in a live broadcast at CNN Turkey last night that EPGIS manipulated the market, provided false information to citizens and directed them without waiting for the international market. He said he would file a criminal complaint. To the gas station.

“It was an expectation, not a decision.”

Yılmaz made the following statement in his statement:

“There was no salary increase. I’m liquidating this. They’re making modifications to make such a salary increase after 24:00. A union called EPGIS is in solid language,” The salary increase is coming. “Is called. “There is no need for such regulations.” We follow it. There was no decision to raise it, but there were expectations. The prices of these fuels will be revealed at 10 pm. There was a big drop. It has fallen from time to time. The amount of crude oil may not have decreased at the same rate as for processed fuels. These prices are apparent in Genoa’s international market. There are international prices. There are stages. For example, you can see it at 19.30, but you can see it at 22.00. .. Prices were different between 19.30 and yesterday. No price changes. EPGIS predicted from daytime. It is incorrect to say anything without looking at the price of 19.30 or 22. A little of their own ads are wrong. Criminal accusation to the public prosecutor’s office regarding this. They are rushing citizens to fuel stations. A salary increase will be made. No, we don’t do these hikes. It has an international formula. EMRA hiked and canceled … no such thing. “

“Intervened 3 times”

Based on these statements, EPGIS has issued a statement on its social media account. In an EPGIS statement stating that all information they provided was documented and official, “We request that a criminal complaint be filed and canceled for the salary increase that took place today. It will be done in the determined formula. EMRA has intervened in this formula three times (as it is today) and canceled the hike. “

“There is no such thing as an EPGIS expression.”

Emphasizing that EPGIS is a union of employers, the statement continues: “Like all unions operating within the boundaries of TR, their areas of activity are specific and limited. There is no such thing as an EPGIS formula.

Our agency underwent a preliminary investigation and the case was not investigated as the EMRA president filed a criminal accusation against the competition authorities for our union. Following this accusation, the head of EMRA officially registered how he intervened in the free market.

Oil prices continue to flow

The fluctuations in oil prices that caused this debate continue today.

The war reduced supply, but expectations of an increase again were effective in lowering the barrel price of Brent crude oil yesterday from $ 131 to $ 111. The Iraqi administration has announced that oil production could be increased if OPEC + made a decision. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also said the United Arab Emirates is ready to increase its production.

This morning, the price of Brent crude oil per barrel rose to $ 115 and then dropped to $ 113. Analysts said the energy price eye will focus on the Russian and Ukrainian foreign ministers’ meeting in Antalya today.