Galatasaray’s refusal to Sevilla and Zenit-TRTSpor


The new board, chaired by Dursun Özbek and Sportif AŞ, has accelerated the transfer effort of the yellow-red team, one of the most unsuccessful seasons in history, by finishing last season in 13th place on the Spor Toto Super. alliance.

After breaking up with Domènec Torrent of Spain, Galatasaray, who led Okan Buruk to the position of coach, continues to look for players in various regions.

According to information received by AA from club officials, Galatasaray turned to players with high quality, experience and potential to contribute to the transfer.

Okan Buruk demanded midfielders numbers 6, 8 and 10 and a striker and wing at a meeting with management. The club is also continuing to search for alternative and domestic football players on the right back.

Offer to Marcao was rejected


The Galatasaray Club did not accept the two offers to Brazilian defender Marcos.

Official offers to 26-year-old players from Seville, Spain and Zenito Club, Russia were rejected due to the small amount of testimonials. Both clubs are expected to raise bids.

Marcao, who has not yet taken part in a new pre-season job for a special vacation, said he would like to leave the team during a meeting with Okan Buruk and his manager.

A Brazilian soccer player told both Burg and the manager that if he wanted to leave but the transfer didn’t happen, he would fight to win the championship by staying on the yellow-red team.

When Marcos leaves, Galatasaray’s management, who believes the team should have four quality defenders, begins looking for defenders. Please note that former Galatarasai soccer player Jason Denayer, whose contract with the French Olympique Lyonnais team has expired, may come to the fore.

It was emphasized that Denayer, who is considered a “child of Galatasaray” by the club, has high annual income expectations.

Kazimkan’s testimony is taken

The yellow-red club has reached an agreement with left-back Kajimkan Karatash, who played in Altay in the Super League last season.

Galatasaray, who has reached an agreement with the representative of Izmir, will end the transfer after the procedure is decided.

He added a young soccer player to the staff of SporToto 1st League representative Eyüpspor, but was alleged to rent him to Galatasaray for two years.

Right back quest

Galatasaray officials, right back, are especially focused on domestic players.

The yellow-red team that tried national football players Mert Müldür and Kaan Ayhan, who played for Sassuolo, one of Italy’s first football league teams, was put on hold due to cost.

An Italian representative demanded a testimony fee of € 7 million from Mart and € 5 million from Khan. The testimonial fee requested by Mert Müldür, who was praised for his performance, was found high by the yellow-red people.

In addition to Onur Bulut playing for Kayserispor among the yellow-red people, there are many local and foreign right-back options.

Point transfer target to the middle stage

In yellow-red clubs, players with high retention rates are preferred.

William Carvalho of Portugal playing for the Real Betis team in Spain and Morgan Sanson of the Aston Villa team in England are options, especially while working in the midfield.

It was also stated that Galatasaray is not interested in Anderson Talisca, a former Besiktas player who plays for the Saudi Arabia Arnasul team. Because he earns 8 million euros a year.

Konyaspor’s Amir Hadziah metovic was reported not included on the agenda.

Bodtime’s legal status is expected

The Galatasaray Club is investigating the legal status of Norwegian Forward Eric Bodtime, who has terminated his contract with the Krasnodar Club in Russia.

Yellow-red people who want a document from a 22-year-old striker who left Krasnodar for an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine hear from an international and experienced lawyer.

Botime with a compensation risk of approximately € 20 million is determined based on the views of two different law firms.

Kerem Aktür koğlu is unlikely to leave

Yellow-red officials said Kerem Akturkor, who took a big break, will remain on the team. It was noted that the club replied that they were not interested in the offer about national soccer players.

It was emphasized that the yellow-red people who challenged Efecan Karaca who played in Alanyaspor were not kind enough to accept the transfer of popular players due to the high transfer fees required.

Stadium and jersey sponsorship

Galatasaray Club is in talks with Kuwait Airways to sponsor a stadium and jersey.

The yellow-red people, who were in talks with Kuwait Airways officials, made various proposals to the interlocutors, either individually or as package sponsorships for stadiums and uniforms.

Negotiations are ongoing, but Galatasaray Sportif Ash’s vice chairman and stadium title sponsor, Elden Timur, has reported that there is no problem canceling the sponsorship if there is an agreement.