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At the signing ceremony, Galatasaray Sports Club Vice President Semal Osgorky said, “Walk side by side to the championship.”

A new sponsorship agreement has been signed between Galatasaray Club and Tunç Holding. The soccer team’s shirt sleeve sponsorship agreement was signed at a ceremony held at Nef Stadium.

Galatasaray Sports Club Vice President Cemal Özgörkey and Tunç Holding President Dinçer Azaphan attended the meeting. Mr. Osgorky, who gave the opening remarks at the conference, said they agreed to attach great importance to them, “it will provide significant added value to both parties. The size of the Galatasaray brand is universal. I know. Galatasaray with culture and brand value is one of the most valuable brands in the country. I think recently published research has produced some very impressive data across the country. Galatasaray’s dominance in fan numbers is highlighted. # 1 in 60 of the 81 states is the source of pride for all of us. This is the source of pride for each sponsor. Being a Galatasaray sponsor means gaining national consensus. As the economy grows, we plan to open new doors to our sponsors with the power of the Galatasaray brand. Tunç Holding Is an important brand in the field. He has always supported our club with important agreements in the past. On behalf of Dinçer Azaphan, and wanting to express respect and gratitude to all his employees. I think. The end of this road, walking side by side in the new season, will be the championship. “

“Negotiations continue on stadium and shirt chest sponsorship.”

Cemal Özgörkey said that negotiations are ongoing between the shirt chest sponsor and the stadium name sponsor. It was a very busy time for the management team. On the other hand, history is putting pressure on us. On the one hand, there are transfers and there are amateur branches. Everything was piled up. We are not going to do anything in a hurry. His dear friend Dinçer Azaphan felt very pressured, acted swiftly and said, “Please tell me your IBAN number. I’ll send it right away” for all the issues discussed. We want to do our best in everything. I don’t want to be a sponsor alone. There are also existing stadium sponsorships. As such; he continues to support him by saying, “If you have a sponsor who is in better shape than me, I can withdraw and use my budget at various branches.” We take the issue of sponsorship very seriously. We want to see our sponsors as long-term solution partners. This is not just verbal. “

Dinçer Azaphan: “I’m ready to support them whenever they want.”


Dinser Azafan, who took pride in supporting the Galatasaray Club for the sixth time, said: They showed an interest I had never seen before. They praised me when I talked about my project last week. I don’t remember seeing such an interest before. As my company and myself, we want to continue new projects not only today but also in the future. It just doesn’t stay here. I’m here whenever my club and president want. I’m still ready to sign if there is a shortage of amateur stores. From here I would like to reach out to other business people, but the brand and value of this club does not exist anywhere in the world. Our new management team is doing very well and I am proud to be part of it. The president’s support from the past is clear. I will always be here if I need it again tomorrow. I have no management obligations, but I cannot explain the positive reaction from the outside. I’m signing here for our fans, not for my company. If you need it again, rest assured that the soup will contain salt. Our 6th sponsor. If the amateur branch is deficient, we will sign it immediately and sign a seventh contract. If the president asks for support tomorrow morning, it will be the 8th sponsor. Their number doesn’t matter. I don’t want to get ahead of Galatasaray. “

“You don’t have to be a manager to contribute.”
Emphasizing that you do not have to be a member of the board to contribute to the club, Dinçer Azaphan said: “Of course, this is the dream of all fans. The Galatasaray Club is right in front of us, so we can’t break it on request. Our contract is one season. With the remaining five sponsorships, imagine I received very positive feedback. I received very positive feedback both in the industry and in the individual. I am trying to set an example for other business dams. Everyone sponsors You can’t even get a lodge, but I wanted to be an example of what they buy jerseys and scarves. People watching us want to get in shape and go to the game tomorrow. I’m happy to say. One day I came to a meeting and thought there was a match. But it was a combined order. There is a crowd going to see the soccer players in the middle of the night, these are the hearts It’s a work. We’re proud of these. I’m very happy with my work, and I’m grateful for the lack of interest and relevance I received from the previous board meeting. Galatasaray is more than just a soccer club. There are many branches such as women’s soccer, waterballs, volleyball, judo, wheelchairs, etc. I want to sponsor wheelchairs if the president allows. I prepare for any branch they think is appropriate. Is done. “

The meeting ended with a photo shoot.

Mehmet Can Beloren Manager