Galatasaray will be a guest in Barcelona-TRTSpor

Starting at 23.00 CEST at Camp Nou, the battle will be broadcast live on the Exxen digital platform.

Referee Benoit Bastian of the French Football Federation whistles. Bastian’s assistants are Hicham Zakrani and Aurelian Bertomiu. The fourth referee in the match will be Jeremy Pinhal.

The yellow-red team, far from the championship race and not active in this season’s Sport Super League, has a different image in Europe.

Galatasaray, who began his European adventure in the second round of the UEFA Champions League qualifying, failed to pass the Dutch PSV team and entered “Cup 2”.

In this organization, the Holy of Scotland. John Stone, who eliminated the Danish Lanner Steam team, made their name in a group. Faced with Italy’s Lazio, France’s Olympique de Marseille and Russia’s Group E Lokomotiv Moscow team, Galata Sarai each had a 3-1 draw. “Symbomb”, who emerged as the undefeated leader of the group, went directly to the 16th round.

The only missing Arda Turan

With the exception of the injured captain Arda Turan, there are no missing players in Galatasaray.

Omar Erabdelaui, who is not on the UEFA list, was included in the yellow-red team, and the injured Arda Turan was not included in the camp team.

Things aren’t going well in the league.

Galatasaray is one of the worst seasons in the history of the Sport Super League.

In the remaining 28 games of the league, the yellow-red team lost 11 games with 9 wins and 8 draws. Galatasaray is in 12th place with 35 points in the 29th week.

Galatasaray, who drew in the 2 wins and 9 leagues in 2022, failed to score points in five games.

Enter a tough fixture

Galatasaray will experience a tough match for a month starting with the match in Barcelona.

Tomorrow’s UEFA Europa League and Thursday, March 17th, the yellow-red team will face Barcelona. In the Super League, there will be a series of matches between Besiktas, Gaziantep FK, VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük and Fenerbahçe.

Barcelona finished third in the Champions League group

Barcelona failed to achieve the desired results in this season’s UEFA Champions League.

Barcelona, ​​who finished third in LaLiga last season, went straight to the Champions League group. In Group E, they played against Germany’s Bayern Munich, Portugal’s Benfica and Ukraine’s Dynamo Kyiv, and the Spanish national team finished third in six games with two wins, one draw and three losses.

Barcelona, ​​who continued to play in the UEFA Europa League, became a rival to Galatasaray, beating Naples with 1-1 and 4-2 scores in the last 16 playoff stages.

In LaLiga, Barcelona had 13 wins, 9 draws and 4 losses in 26 games. The Catalan team under the control of Xavi Hernandez, who hasn’t seen a defeat in the last 11 games in the league, has won 7-4 draws.

Rapids and pena against his old team

Galatasaray coach Domenek Trent and goalkeeper Inaki Penha will be competing against the previous team.

The Spanish coach joined the Barcelona B team in 2007 as an assistant to his compatriot Pep Guardiola. A year later, Torrent, who was on Team A’s technical team, had a successful process for four years under Guardiola’s control.

Pena, borrowed from Barcelona during Galatasaray’s interim transfer, played for Burgundy Dark Blue players of all ages from 2013 to the end of January.

Assistant coach Jordi Gris and goalkeeper coach Ricard Segara also served for a long time in Barcelona.

Arda Turan, the captain of the yellow-red team, also played for a while in Barcelona.