Galatasaray Sports Club member woman launches “purple compass” campaign in presidential election

Women who are members of the Galatasaray Sports Club have launched a campaign to note the low number of women on the list of two candidates running for the presidential election on June 11th: I am saying.For the June 11 election, cast a purple ballot on all women and men of your club members.‘They said.

There are no women on the board

Galatasaray will elect a new president and board of directors on June 11. Galatasaray’s Dursun Özbek and Eşref Hamamcıoğlu submitted their list to the chair of the board. However, the shortage of female members on the list attracted attention, and women who were members of the Galatasaray Sports Club responded to this list.

List of Eşref Hamamcıoğlu
Minister: Esref Hamamcioglu
board of directors: Osman Kocaman, Murat Özer, Boğaç Göncü, Sadık Burçin Tunçel, Mehmet Emre Misirli, Levent Apaydın, Nizam Hışım, Cevat Genç, Utku Dönmez, Murat Karaman
Deputy member of the board: Ender Merter, Abdullah Metin Tutçuoğlu, Namık Kemal Martı, Suat Sarı, Kaan Artukoğlu

List of Drusun Osbeck
Minister: Drusun Uzbek
board of directors: Metin Öztürk, Niyazi Yelkencioğlu, Bora וsmail Bahçetepe, Rıza Tevfik Morova, Eray Yazgan, Levent Yaz, Ahmet Cemal Özgörkey, Mehmemðsmail Sarıkaya, Mehmet Saruhan Cibara, Dikran Gülmezgil
Deputy member of the board: Can Natan, Emir Aral, Cansu Ak, Tanur Lara Yilmaz, Cem Soylu

Female members of the Galatasaray Sports Club also said that there are few female members on the list. The woman was not included in the board of directors of both candidates, saying the candidate was on the preliminary list, and members noted the increase in violence in Turkey and the suspension of the Istanbul Convention.

“As a member of the Galatasaray Sports Club.

Fewer women on the list of two candidates running for the Galata Sarai Sports Club presidential election on June 11, 2022, no women on the board, and candidates are primarily on the preliminary list. I am.

Especially in recent years, the Istanbul Convention, which gives the country an obligation to prevent all kinds of sexism, has been revoked, with the rapid increase in violence, discrimination, harassment and murder experienced by women in almost every area of ​​Turkey. Lack of will is ill-advised, to say the least. Moreover, it is clear what the male-dominated spirit that has dominated Galatasaray for decades has done to our club in internal conflict, and how we are … The last annual meeting and subsequent events were managers with different perspectives, different voices, newcomers and money. Galatasaray needs women and young people with many visions. “

“Because there are women”

He said he would continue to seek equal and free life not only in Galatasaray but also in Turkey, calling on all men and women who are members of the club to throw purple ballots in the June 1 election.

“”You should not stick to the argument that “women are not happy”. Today, we know how women are positioned in almost every institution in the country, including the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and are protesting both candidates who offer representatives below these rates. .. Acting against the “I know, overlooked” spirit of those who have run clubs for years is very natural for a woman and everyone in her right mind. That is. But the point reached today is blindness, and we must admit that it is a perfect mirror of what is happening in Turkey.

We are speaking out by not being silent, just as women throughout Turkey are speaking out to this unacceptable spirit of male dominance. We continue to seek an equal and free life not only in Galatasaray, but throughout Turkey. Based on these facts, we call on all club members women and men to cast purple ballots in the June 11 elections. Because there are women, there are women, there are women! “

what happened?

The date of the two election meetings postponed in Galatasaray on April 30 and May 28 was set on June 11. Candidates Dursun Özbek and Eşref Hamamcıoğlu will compete to become the new president of the yellow-red people on June 11, 2022.