Galatasaray project registered in Guinness Book of Records

A test run of the solar power plant and a Guinness World Records award ceremony were held at Nef Stadium. At the ceremony, Galatasaray President Brak ElmasGalatasaray Vice President Bikem Kanık, Enerjisa Enerji CEO and Enerjisa Customer Solutions Chairman Murat Pınar and Enerjisa Customer Solutions Vice Chairman Ersin Esentürk.

-What did you say?

Brak Elmas said he wanted to transform the stadium into a commercial area that would generate revenue outside of match days. “Galatasaray is breaking new ground again. The end of this important project, signed under the control of the late President Mustafa Jengis, coincided with our term. Efforts of the late President Mustafa Jengis and the Board of Directors. “Thanks to Energisa for helping us with this issue. They completed this important project in a short period of time. They completed. For the future of Galatasaray and Turkey. Another important project of is to finish it a little earlier and on time. In our stadium, we generate more income by activating more features and the commerce that generates it. There is a project to change to the region Income items other than match days. In this project, this investment with Energisa is very important. The power plant built in the stadium will bring serious income at the end of 25 years. Even after the use of the club, the club has begun to offer a great advantage in production and energy cost, which is a serious cost item for our country. The solar power plant has a performance-based business model on the roof of the stadium. This is the first project in Turkey. In this sense, we are very proud that Galatasaray is the club that made this first project a reality. ”

-“We are doing mental exercises”

Elmas has stated that he is working on other projects with Energisa: “We are looking for a long-term partner in all areas. We believe Energisa is one of them. We have a brainstorming session. Increasingly, you can work on projects that can generate income in the field of energy, other facilities and stadiums. “Energy innovation is very important. We attach great importance to this. Specific. We would like to work with our experienced partners in the field to leverage this to increase income and prepare for the future. Working on how to create a long-term energy-oriented income model. I’m out. “

-How much energy is consumed in the stadium?

“The need for sustainability arises from the inability to grow the population and renew the world’s resources,” said Galatasaray Club Vice President of Baikamkanik, noting the importance of sustainability. increase. We are the last generation to change that. Everyone needs to feel this responsibility. As Galatasaray, we were founded with the mission of keeping the first person alive. This is rooted in our genes. We should not be limited to sports alone. This project will cover 63% of the energy spent in the stadium. “He said.

-How much income does the project generate?

Keeping in mind that the project could generate 1 billion TL in revenue at the end of 25 years, Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Enerji and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enerjisa Customer Solutions, said: For future generations to live outside of today’s problems. This project was one such project. It is clear that energy is one of the most important issues during and after the pandemic. In this sense, what can be consumed on the fly … We believe that projects made in Galatasaray are examples of both the country, Galatasaray, Turkish sports, and future generations. One of the key issues with this project reached this point in as little as four months, a power plant that meets the electricity needs of 2,000 households in the town. It is a project that will generate more than 1 billion income in 25 years. I am honored to be on record for such a project. And I’m proud. “

After the speech, the Guinness Book of Records Turkish referee and representative Shaida Subash said a record with both 10,404 solar panels and 4.3 MW of electricity was passed from Brazil to the Galatasaray Club, giving a certificate of record. I handed it to President Braquelmas.