Galatasaray project registered in Guinness Book of Records

For the first time in Europe, the solar power plant that began to be installed at Nef Stadium last year has made history as the world’s largest in-stadium solar power plant with installed power, and the stadium was registered with the title in the Guinness Book. Of the strongest solar power stadium. Succeeded. Held with the participation of Galata Saray Sports Club President Braquelmas, Galata Saray Sports Club Vice President Bichem Kanik, Energisa Energy CEO and Energisa Customer Solutions Chairman Muratopnal and Energisa Customer Solutions Vice Chairman Elsin Ecenturk it was done.

Burak Elmas: “The Future of Galatasaray and Important Projects for Turkey”

“The first club Galatasaray is breaking new ground again,” said President Burak Elmas. “37. The end of this important project was made possible by the efforts of the same administration, Yusuf Gunay. This was signed during the late President Mustafa Jengis and was in line with our term. We thank the late President Mustafa Jengis and the efforts of the Board of Directors. We also thank Enerjisa Enerji. Completed this important project in a very short time. They signed an important project for the future of Galatasaray and Turkey. One of our important projects is more features in the stadium. We have a project to turn it into a more livable, non-match day commercial area that generates income items. In this regard, the project we did with Enerjisa is Very important. This solar power plant will generate significant revenue at the end of 25 years. In fact, the commissioning of the project has given us an advantage in terms of energy costs. The solar power plant is the first performance-based project built on the roof of Turkey. Thanks again to Energisa. “

“Important topics for preparing Galatasaray for the future”

Elmas points out that he is looking for a long-term partner in all areas, saying: With them, there are working groups at other facilities to determine which projects can be worked on together in the field of energy. Energy innovation is very important. Generating income in a particular sector with such an important partner experienced in a particular sector is an important issue in terms of preparing for future Galatasaray. We are working on how to create a sustainable energy project, a project related to long-term energy. “

BIKEM KANIK: “As Galatasaray, we were founded with the mission to bring the first back to life.”

The project meets 63% of the stadium’s electricity demand, and Galatasaray Vice President Bikem Kanık said:

“The first point of the need for sustainability is that the world cannot keep up with the growth of the population and the speed at which this population can renew its resources. We have been a resource for children and grandchildren for 50 years, Pocket. There was a saying that Barak Obama said, “We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last generation to change it.” As Galatasaray, we were founded with the mission of keeping the first one alive. It is rooted in our genes. I wanted to stick to the principle of sustainability so that I wouldn’t be obsessed with sports. At the same time, the project covers 63% of the electricity consumed by the stadium. “

MURAT PINAR: “Project to provide more than 1 billion income at the end of 25 years”

Murat Pınar points out that the project will generate more than 1 billion TL at the end of 25 years. Taking new areas of responsibility for the benefit of the country so that future generations can live outside of today’s problems. This project was one such project. It is clear that energy is one of the most important issues during and after a pandemic. In that sense, so that you can eat it on the spot. What you produce is consumed on the spot. We believe that the projects we have undertaken in Galatasaray are a model for the country, Galatasaray, Turkish sports, and future generations. One of the key issues with this project was actually reaching this point in as little as four months. This is a power plant that meets the electricity needs of a town of 2,000 households. This is a project that will generate over 1 billion TL revenues at the end of 25 years. I am honored to be able to participate in a record book on such a project. “

Pointing out that there is preparation for a new project, Pınar said: “When we talk about energy, we don’t just talk about Turkey. Energy is now an important issue. For this, each individual needs to think about his part for the future.”

ERSSTRUCT NESENTÜRK: “We made a great project in a very short time.”

Emphasizing the construction of the world’s largest solar power plant on the roof, Ersin Esentürk said: Galatasaray will benefit greatly from now on. Thanks to all my friends for their contributions. The project will produce 4.5 million kilowatts of electricity annually. After the speech, the Guinness Book of Records referee and Turkey’s representative, Shaida Subash, said the stadium’s 10,404 solar panels would produce 4.2 MW of electricity, resulting in records being passed from Brazil to Turkey. .. Subaşı presented his certificate of record to President Galatasaray Burak Elmas and Murat Pınar, CEO of Enerjisa Enerji.