Galatasaray President Burak Elmas: Club Association unity collapses

President Galatasaray’s Burak Elmas made a statement on the agenda.

Headline from Elmas’s comment:

Our founding philosophy was to defeat non-Turkish clubs, and Galatasaray never left them. As a result, we are the only club to win the European Cup in football. This is not enough. I would like to continue this with every branch. Turkish football has bottomed out. Those who have the courage and who don’t get rid of the problem under the carpet will be the first clubs to come out of here. With a very brave decision, we are taking many positive initiatives to get Galatasaray out of economic and moral turmoil. “

It has reached the level of 65 million euros to 55 million euros. We want to reach the level of 30 to 35 million euros. There is a season when Galatasaray has spent 95 million euros and failed. We want to be successful with the right budget. We chase difficult things. Managers who have done this in the past are now living as if nothing had happened. We might have used the money to say, “Anyone who comes after we pay.” But this structure is no longer sustainable.

There are also additional cash generation projects to allow you to pay your bank debt. Our strategy is pretty accurate. In reality, you may not get the speed you want. You can also see on the road that you do not share the same ideas with people. Make all the necessary changes. It will not burn the future of Galatasaray because of its popularity.

“The unity of the club association has been destroyed.”

“I don’t remember the exact date, but on behalf of the Club Union, three presidents went to MHK President Seldatatri and applied for nine referees to not control the match. Most of these referees were dismissed. There are four more on top of them. So, “Who’s list?” I said. This work was ordered by MHK and TFF without the approval of the Club Union. I think these movements and lobbying at the time disrupted the unity of the club coalition. There are even lobbyists for future TFF elections. There is a lobbyist for lobbying. Lobbying to become President of TFF There are people who do so. Turkish football suffers from these losses. “

“Judiciary decisions make me comfortable”

I’m curious that these nine referees aren’t listed. Which team made the mistake in which match? You need to look into this. Why did the rest remain and why did the people who left went? Did anyone want to leave these referees? Which match was fired because it didn’t work? Did some clubs have a disproportionate desire to appoint a referee? Change as many referees, TFF presidents, and MHK presidents as you like while these are happening. Only momentary public reaction is reduced.

“Operation was carried out in Galatasaray!”

Many clubs take advantage of this broken system. They don’t want this broken system to be fixed. We want a functional and fair system. We will succeed in such a system. Galatasaray underwent serious surgery during the season. Referees who made serious mistakes during the surgery were also removed from the list. I made a list the other day. We asked which referee was overseeing which team’s match and which team was penalized after the match. Referees who make mistakes against certain clubs will be punished and it will become clear that those clubs will continue to reduce the number of referees.

The battle between innovators and traditionalists will continue to intensify. In the New World Order, we must continue institutionally. You can’t keep up with the old way of thinking. These things do not continue the logic that “the state helps and does not ruin the club.”

“I make a criminal declaration, everyone must be justified!”

We have had surgery, so we will file a criminal complaint by saying it. Everyone will be innocent! Teams in the relegation zone can also say this.

Trabzonspor has put a lot of effort into it. There must be no theft. They are doing very well. Don’t confuse these issues. Our problem is the lobby and system problem.

“Fair competition does not occur”

FFP does more than just measure club losses. Clubs compete with unswelled income. I think there is a problem with that as well. Some of our clubs have formed teams that they couldn’t build on their income. That way, there is no fair competition.

You increase your team’s spending limits, but it competes unfairly with you by borrowing. They are trying to take precautions against this in the world. Clubs with private capital are seriously scrutinized. This is also necessary in Turkey. UEFA FFP rules should apply to all countries. But in Turkey, I closed my eyes to this. You must pass the inspection. When control is relaxed, governments that want to reduce debt will be lynched. In addition, these clubs ask, “Why can’t you get a player?” I have a question. I don’t want to ruin the club. The punishment now needs to be brutal.

“We are out of the club association!”

Super League Co., Ltd. Cannot be established with the current club union structure. There is a very unfriendly environment. If you continue, you will be kicked out of the club association.

Target of delay

TFF asked the club association about the postponement. Without playing the Barcelona match,’snow is coming, many teams can be victims. “The fields deteriorate and get injured,” he said. Some clubs say, “If he wants, I won’t do it.” It wouldn’t have had a serious impact on the race. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd leagues were postponed, but the Super League clubs were unable to reach an agreement. TFF was given a negative answer with a majority of votes.

“Some clubs are very happy with the referee’s decision.”

Some clubs are very pleased with the referee’s decision. Some clubs do not. I can’t even agree with this decision made on the MHK system, but I don’t think it will work.

Publication bidders

There is a war of public awareness of broadcast bidding. The current broadcaster has received a $ 500 million bid. He received a discount every year. That’s down to $ 200 million. The organization receives a discount when it cannot pay. Many clubs did not participate in this. You sign for $ 500 million and spend accordingly. You give up that number, but my creditors don’t.

The publisher has participated in the bid again. Behavioral and past bidding issues have implementation issues. They submitted bids that did not comply with the bid conditions. It’s down this year. You will make a mistake in your calculation, but I will pay it as a club. As Galatasaray, I would like to make this unacceptable. “

“We have approved TFF for bidders of publications.”

We approved the broadcast bid to TFF and they listened to our opinion. There will be development in the coming weeks. The Saran Group has offers, and in some groups they have made the best offer. Package 1-A will be explained again. “We die every year. Now we make a fundamental decision and die once,” the club said in a contract with the current broadcaster. There is a common decision.

“We make every decision”

(Answer the question “Are you planning to close the broadcast pool and sell your own decoder?”. Think about anything if Turkish football is poorly managed and the value of the broadcast pool is reduced. We care very much about the clubs in Anatolia, but each club needs to make a joint decision, not a few clubs. If the corrupt system of Turkish football continues, I Make all kinds of decisions.

Youth Soccer Project

We did not enter the system of young soccer players to sell. We have decided on a football strategy. There are also experienced players in the meantime. I thought I would make money when young people wanted to evaluate and go. The same applies to infrastructure. We want to keep Galatasaray’s best talents in the infrastructure and develop them to earn players and testimony income. We are also late for this. We do not compromise on this system. This system incorporates and implements the most capable names. The future of Galatasaray is here, and I hope the people who come after us will continue.

The player is a person. They may not want to leave where they are happy. Others are unhappy and leave. Many conditions must be correct for the transfer. If it meets our requirements, we will allow the transfer. It’s not just our idea to sell players. I would like to repeat my success in Europe like this year. We have a very high potential player. From the beginning of the season, there are positive differences in the situation for some players.

“I’m not afraid to be released”

No worries about being released. We have come to a difficult job. So far, we have come this month without any additional debt. In the past, the greater the cash shortage, the greater the debt. We run our club with serious discipline. Recently, there are groups who want to see themselves in power or enjoy not being innocent.

Our conscience is happy with what we are doing. We are doing something brave for Galatasaray. Without surrendering, we continue on the path we know to be right. We respect the decisions made for us.

There were exchange rate differences that even companies did not consider. There has been a 50% exchange rate difference since we arrived. Increased the number of sponsorships and revenues in the first period. I’m going to share them anyway. But then there was a very serious exchange rate difference. We will try to increase sales during times when the economy is severe and companies are struggling. We have been given a three-year mission. We promised very serious success and new sponsorship. Manage Galatasaray like a brand. Short-term success in sports covers long-term failure. If you don’t succeed in the short term, this situation covers what you want to do in the long term.

Turkish social media users find and share this news from foreign social media sites. Then a foreign organization reports him. We can no longer deal with denying them.


Galatasaray Island was closed for long-term use. Many people, old and new, struggled with this problem. It was a great effort. We tracked the case very closely. This should not be considered a business success. This is the success of Galatasaray. Our priorities are Kemerburgaz, Ada and Messidiekoi. Then work in the hall. Construction costs are soaring, so we are planning a financial model again. “