Galatasaray painted with Salernitana-TRTSpor


Galatasaray drew one-on-one with Italy’s Salernitana in the first match of the second stage camp in Austria as part of their preparation for the new season.

In the first half of the match at the Tivoli Stadium, Galatasaray drew attention with the performances of Metehan Baltachi in the defense and Burak Yılmaz, Haris Seferovic and Oujan Charayan in the offense. At Salernitana, Norwegian striker Erik Botheim, formerly known as Galatasaray, performed effectively. The first half, when both teams couldn’t create many opportunities, was completed 1-1 with mutual goals of Botime and Seferovic.

In the second half of the match, Galatasaray was on the side of more positions. The yellow-red player, who failed to take advantage of his positions with Seferovic, Emre Krunch and Burak Yılmaz, did not give his opponent a chance to score. The changes in both teams slowed down the game, with the last 20 minutes in the form of a midfield battle. In the second half, the team was unable to break the tie and the match ended 1-1.

Seferovic did not pass Salernitana to the sky

Galatasaray’s new transfer, Harris Seferovic, scored a goal in his second match.


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Swiss center forward, who made their debut in a yellow-red jersey at the Kasımpaş match in Istanbul, won the match 2-1 with a scoring goal.

Seferovic helped pull the net in the 13th minute of the Salernitana match.

Second draw in the sixth friendly match

Galatasaray drew a second draw in six preparatory matches before the new season.

The yellow-red team had two wins and losses and one draw in the five preparatory games they played earlier.

Luyindama joins the camp

Christian Luyindama, who was not part of the convoy that arrived in Austria yesterday, joined the camp today.

The camp team announced yesterday did not include Luyindama, who did not participate in the first stage activities in Austria because the league season ended late with the team. An experienced defender who stayed in Istanbul for a day for personal reasons came to Austria today to attend the camp.

Luyindama, who was included in the reserve against Salernitana, played in the match in the 68th minute.

Galatasaray scored a goal from Botime

Erik Botheim, who had been trying to transfer Galatasaray for a while, scored a goal for the yellow-red team.

After terminating the contract with the Russian Krasnodar team, Bodtime, whose transfer meeting was held by the yellow-red club, did not join the team due to the risk of compensation of 20 million euros.

A Norwegian soccer player who signed a contract with Salernitana played against Galatasaray. Botime, who forced the yellow-red team to defend, blew up the net in the penalty area at the start position in the 11th minute.

Great interest from fans

Galatasaray fans were interested in a friendly match against the Italian national team.

About 3,000 yellow-red fans from Austria and the surrounding countries have come to Innsbruck’s Tivoli Stadium for a match.

The fans showed their affection for the players while cheering and supporting the team before and during the match.

situation: Tivoli

Referee: Walter Altmann, Andreas Staudinger, Onur Yayar (Austria)

Galatasaray: Okan Kocuk, Dubois (Min 68 Elabdellaoui), Metehan Baltacı (Min 68 Luyindama), Abdülkerim Bardakcı (Min 68 Nelsson), Kazımcan Karataş (Min 83 Efe Akman), Caldau (Min 68 Hamza Akman), Caldau (Min 68 Hamza Akman), Caldau (Min 68 Hamza Akman), Taylan Gomis), Oğulcan Çağlayan (minimum 86 Ali Turap Bülbül), Emre Kılınç (minimum 78 Beknaz Almazbekov), Seferovic (minimum 68 Ömer Bayram)

Salerno Medical School: Sepe (minimum 69 Fiorillo), Motoc (minimum 61 Mantovani), Fajio (minimum 61 Mamadu Kalidou, minimum 67 Capezzi), Pirola (minimum 69 Sy), Botheim (minimum 62 Brutam), Kekrida (minimum 69 Dandrea), Bradaric (minimum 69 Dandrea) Min .26 Jaroszynski), Lassana Coulibaly (Min .61 Veseli), Cavion, Valencia (Min .69 Kristoffersen), Botheim (Min .69 Vergani)

Target: Minutes 11 Botime (Salernitana), Minutes 13 Seferovic (Galatasaray)

yellow card: Minutes 22 Motok (Salernitana), Minutes 51 Abdulkerim Bardakci, Min. 65 Emre Krunk (Galatasaray)