Galatasaray News | Closing Speech by Burak Elmas: My Conscience is Clear

Galatasaray Head Black diamondHe said he would respect the decisions made by members at the club’s annual meeting.

Elmas took the stage at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center Anador Auditorium Meeting Hall, closed to the press and broadcast live on GSTV, after being criticized by members.

Elmas explained that he was sad that the efforts to unite Galatasaray did not go as planned, “I am very sorry that I did not notice the struggle that I called the liberation struggle of Galatasaray. Personal hatred. And I am very sorry for the goal of revenge. That’s why I set aside Galatasaray’s values, but I have hope because Galatasaray is from these eras. I hope there is a silent majority who doesn’t talk much or shout. I have hope because I know they will make the right decision for Galatasaray.‘ He said.

Elmas emphasized that he acted with Galatasaray’s future in mind, saying:

“”No matter how much experience you have, the presidency is not about learning without doing anything. There are some issues you believe will be resolved immediately for the future of Galatasaray. There is an environment in which some of the people you choose find that you cannot work with them. I saw and experienced it in a short time. I was worried about Galatasaray. I always tried to serve Galatasaray. With that in mind, I was saddened to see some of my young friends disappointed. While explaining what I wanted to do for Galatasaray, I gave them a lot of hope. Believe me, I said it because I believed it could be done. I didn’t lie to you. I was disappointed, but I didn’t give up and decided to solve it. “

In touching on his relationship with the Turkish Football Federation, Elmas continued his words:

“”Turkey has a sunken sports industry.. If the bank does not approve, Galatasaray will not be able to withdraw a penny from the joint account. Everyone has an opinion. There are criticisms of everything you do. I loved Galatasaray, so I was saddened by a serious injury on this road. But I kept walking. Do you know why you said “the ground sways, if you ask” after the meeting with the federation? May they give my teacher less punishment than the two games. When I was spoken to by my teacher in the President’s room, I hit the table. To solve the problem, I sat at each table myself. My conscience makes it very clear that I am defending Galatasaray’s rights. Turkish football is bankrupt. Fenerbahce and Galatasaray were the largest sources of income and supporters in the sector and were willing to control Turkish football with the remaining 20% ​​by deliberately fighting each other. It still exists today. You are all already looking at the picture. If I have any friends who were upset during this process, I personally feel very sorry and apologize to them. “

Burak Elmas emphasized that he took on the role of president to make a difference at the Galatasaray Club, “I know I am a candidate at a time when it is very difficult to make a difference. , I told my friend that we are the most candidates. It is a difficult time in Galatasaray’s history and can be acquitted at the first financial meeting. Again, it’s clear to me. I have a conscience. I respect all his decisions. My Galatasaray will continue to live with me.I never gave up on Galatasaray because I wouldn’t give up just because people love me“He evaluated.

The proposal to hold a general meeting on another day after Brak Elmas’ speech was rejected by a majority vote.