Galatasaray laughed 90 – TRT Spor


In the first week of the 2022-2023 season of the Sportotto Super League, Galatasaray hosted Fraport TAV Antalyaspor.

The Yellows and the Reds won 1–0 with a Gomis goal in the 90th minute.

Gomis entered the game in the 90th minute.

45+4 in the match. Muslera saved Luiz Adriano’s penalty at Antalyaspor.

Key moments in the first half

In the 17th minute, Yunus Akgün on the right threw the ball to Emre Akbaba, who was waiting in the penalty spot after stealing the opposition. Emre Akbaba’s no-wait hit didn’t fare well on the round leather post.


In the 19th minute, Omer Toprak, who moved to the center of Fernando’s right flank, struck the ball in the right position.

In the 21st minute, Van Arnholt hit the ball outside the penalty area on a pass by Oliveria, and goalkeeper Boffin barely took a corner with a leather ball.

In the 32nd minute, Yunus Akgün, who had fallen to the final line in the penalty area on the right side, passed an opposing player, shot the ball from the ground and sent it into the corner with his foot.

Oliveria took a free kick in the 37th minute and the ball was in front of Kerem after hitting an Antalyaspor defender. This football player hard his shot, the ball hit the side his post before coming back into the field of play. Leather balls kept defenders out of dangerous areas.

In a fast-moving Antalyaspor attack in the 39th minute, Hadji Leit stole an opponent before taking on goalkeeper Muslera. When Wright tried to steal the goalkeeper, Muslera lay down and became the owner of the ball.

45+3. Hadji Wright, who hung behind the defense in the second minute with a long pass into the penalty area, was kept on the ground by an intervention from Muslera. Referee Atilla Karaoğlan indicated his spot on the penalty. Luis Adriano, who took a penalty, saved Leatherball goalkeeper Palmzlera.

The first half ended in a 0-0 draw.

Key moments in the second half

Gacha, who received the ball on the left side in the 52nd minute, fired a powerful shot from near the penalty area line, and the leather round went out.

Haji Wright, who matched the ball with a gacha pass in the 54th minute, hit his opponent hard from the ground after passing him. Goalkeeper Muslera barely got the ball back.

In the 62nd minute, Emre Akbaba received the ball outside the penalty area, where the castle could be seen from the opposite bank, and fired a powerful shot before goalkeeper Boffin sent a leather ball into the corner.

Goal 90. Galatasaray took the lead in the 2nd minute. In the fast-paced Galatasaray attack, Gomis, who received Mitsujo’s pass and faced the goalkeeper diagonally to the left in the penalty area, shot the ball from the ground to make it 0-1.

The match ended with the guest team leading 1-0.

situation: Corendon Airlines Park Antalya

referee: Atilla Karaoglan, Mustafa Emre Eyisoy, Ibrahim Caglar Uyarcan

Fraport TAV Antalyaspor: Boffin, Bünyamin Balcı (Min. 90 Veysel Sarı), Kudriashov, Ömer Toprak, Guray Vural, Fernando, Soner Aydoğdu (Min. 72 Hakan Özmert), Ndao (Min. 72 Fredy), Luiz Adriano (Min. 72 Gokdeniz Bayrakdar) , Ghacha (Min. 63 Larsson), Haji Wright

Galatasaray: Muslera, Boey, Nelsson, Abdulkerim Bardakcı, Van Aanholt, Oliveria (Min. 78 from Taylan Antalya), Berkan Kutlu (Min. 62 Midtsjo), Yunus Akgün (Min. 89 Gomis), Emre Akbaba (Min. 78 Emre Kilinc), Kerem Akturkoglu, Ceferovic

goal: minute. 90 Gomis (Galatasaray)

yellow card: minute. 14 Nelson, min. 45 Belkan Cthul, Min. 45+3 Muslera, minimum. 90+2 Gomis (Galatasaray), min. 43 Ömer Toprak, Min. 90+5 Kudryashov (Fraport TAV Antalyaspor)