Galatasaray has been registered in the Guinness Book of Records

A test run of the solar power plant and an announcement ceremony of the Guinness World Records were held between Galatasaray and Energy Saenergy.

Guinness World Records Referee, Şeyda Subaşı: “By producing 4.2 megawatts of electricity with 10404 solar panels, NEF Stadium has been recorded as the world’s largest producer of solar energy.”

The highlights of Brak Elmas’ remarks are:

“The first club, Galatasaray, broke new ground again. The project, which was launched during the time of the late President Mustafa Jengis and was realized by the great efforts of the administration’s Yusuf Gunay, has ended. The late Mustafa. Thanks to President Genghis and his management. One of our key projects is one of our key projects. More income by using more features in the stadium. To create. We aim to change the stadium. To commercial areas that generate revenue not only on the day of the match, but also on the day of the match, it has contributed to the cost of energy, which is a serious cost item. . “

“We men have destroyed the sports industry. We hope women can save it.”

“We believe that an equal representative of women in the administration, and more representatives if successful, is very important. Unfortunately, sports management is at the beginning of this issue. Women are on the board. But from a different perspective, we men can think, absorb, and solve very well in some places. We want to be represented by Galatasaray in talent. We want women to make a difference in Galatasaray. Differences between management and teams. Club management is 70% at the board level. We have female friends. They provide great service to Galatasaray. And to bring Galatasaray to a bright future under their leadership. We men have destroyed the sports industry. Women I hope to save it. “

“We are preparing Galatasaray for the future.”

“We are looking for a long-term partner in all areas. We consider Energysa to be one of these partners. We have a working group with Energysa in both the stadium and the facility. We can do projects. We work together in the field of energy. We do intellectual exercises. Energy innovation is very important. Experience in the sector is not gathered within the club. Together with these important partners, we want to harness both knowledge and human resources. Increase income in specific areas, contribute to sustainability and prepare for the future. To prepare. We are studying with Energysa. We will work together on how long-term income projects can be generated.-More than cooperation at the Arisami Yen Sports Complex. Long-term and wide-ranging. “

“The electricity generated from here is equivalent to 63% of the electricity consumed by the stadium.”

The description of Bikem Kanık is as follows:

“Sustainability is pervasive in our lives, but it can be used not only in the environment and nature, but also in clubs and communities. The point of sustainability needs is population growth. The world is this. A pace that can’t keep up with the population. Our world was able to replace the last resources we spent in 1970. We’ve been eating from our pockets for 50 years. We’re eating that source. As Galata Sarai, we were founded with the mission to keep the first one alive. This is rooted. Galata Sarai is a big brand. The GES project was completed on time. Demonstrating team play. “Thanks to the management for realizing this visionary project with their respected business partner, Energisa, on behalf of both Galata Sarai and future generations. It is equivalent to 63% of the electricity used in the stadium. “”

ENERJISA CEO Murat Pınar: This is a national issue

“Today’s energy world is sustainable. For the benefit of the country, it is an area of ​​new responsibility for future generations to live outside these issues. Energy is one of the most important issues. It is clear that what you produce will be consumed. The projects done in Galata Sarai are for the country and future generations of Galata Sarai. Energy imports over the last five years have been $ 200 billion. Trade life and institutions , Will change in 2026. New taxation will occur. One of the key issues of this project is to reach this point in 4 months. Power plant that meets the needs of the town of 2000 households. 25 years At 1 billion. This is a project that saves more than TL. This is where we are always looking for the same solution as any other club.