Galatasaray-Besiktas | Penalty Comments from Ondel Caravelli-Besiktas (BJK) News

In the 29th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Besiktas lost to Galatasaray 2-1 and Ondel Caravelli issued a statement after the match.

Ondel Caravelli, who evaluated the match and began his speech, said he couldn’t defend the ball in the first half. I think we are excellent. ” He said.

Penalty position

When asked about the position Cyle Larin was waiting for the penalty, the coach said, “We should have been able to balance the score in the second half. Many friends are watching internal and external footage of the penalty position. Everyone. I’ll comment on this anyway. “He replied in his own words.

“Galatasaray’s pressure took longer than expected.”

Ondel Caravelli said the pressure on Galatasaray continued more than expected. “The pressure on Galatasaray continued more than expected. Kenan was one of the most fulfilled players in the last three weeks. First half. , Losing in the middle, Galatasaray should come to us in the first half. “

“I can’t say I won the match”

The coach of the black-and-white team said he couldn’t win the match when looking at the whole match, saying, “I used to say I always won the match, but I found a position but didn’t score. Today’s match. All in all, I can’t say I won. I lost. “

“We couldn’t carry out any of our plans.”

Besiktas Technical Director Ondel Caravelli said at a press conference after the match:

“I couldn’t make a plan in the first half of the game. I expected my opponent to start the game under pressure, but it shouldn’t have been that long. It’s our fault. The opponent is nearby. I was planning to attack directly when I was there, but I didn’t succeed. I had too many turnovers in Can and I didn’t have the ball in Alex, so I made a quick transition before taking a position. I was exposed. I risked at the opposite goal, the corner. I made some changes early and made a little more stable towards the end of the first half. I was actually thinking of using it for a shorter period of time. However, the game pushed us there. Galatasaray also preferred to back up a bit and chase after the counterattack. Holding the ball in his hand didn’t give us a good enough goal position. Especially in the last section, after putting Rıdvan in the game, I sent Larin to the center forward .., the opponent’s central defender closed tightly so I tried to find a goal in the middle of the side, but the goal Has become a bit like that. This was the least produced game we had in my time. It may have been a draw with a second goal, but I think it was a game worth winning. No, “he said.

“I expected more from the players”

“Kang showed one of his best performances in the last game. Guven also provided a lot of support by scoring goals and contributing to the game. Kenan stood up in response to his expectations. Alex was in good shape lately. “But these are soccer players, not machines. Every day cannot be the same. Not only soccer players, but also opponents have players. We put pressure on the support of our fans and established our advantage. I’m a player, but not every day is the same. Today is too much for them. “It wasn’t a good day.”

“I have no regrets”

“This question is addressed to Guven. Players are upset when they leave the match before the end of the first half. Maybe he’s I was upset because I was upset. ” Guven is the one who gives a clear answer. Speaking of Kang, “I have no regrets. Kang is a very young player. We have great expectations. No regrets. I think I showed that by keeping him in the match.” Said.

“Responsibility is mine”

“It’s my responsibility when I lose, just as my coach is promoted when I win the match. But I’m sorry that my plan wasn’t achieved. I’m ready for today. But I couldn’t achieve it. If I had broken the start pressure of Galatasaray and had a little more ball, it would have made Galatasaray’s game worse. I’m one of those who criticize myself very severely. “

“Besiktas comes out to win every match.”

Önder Karaveli answered the question, “Do you regret your choice?” “It is believed that when you win, you have the right taste, and when you lose, you have the wrong taste, but unfortunately. I don’t think the choice is wrong. Winning too much has no negative impact on Besiktas. Besiktas will play to win every match .. Was it today? It wasn’t. I. I think it was the least effective game played in that era. “

“I stopped listening to and reading these types of comments.”

Caravelli praised the negative comments about him, saying, “I’m not very impressed because I don’t know these comments. I can’t coach Besiktas by looking at these comments. These comments are constantly. It’s changing. I stopped listening and reading. Such comments. Then we couldn’t do our job properly and take care of what was entrusted to us. You won’t be able to do that, “he said.

“We will continue to aim for second place.”

“Besiktas isn’t without goals,” said Caravelli. “The public was watching how we were eliminated in the Kayserispor match. I don’t think the players will quit. I will not give up for myself. I will chase until the end. “