Galatasaray Besiktas Match (Live)-Galatasaray (GS) News

Galatasaray, under Domènec Torrent’s control, turned his attention to the league by drawing 0-0 with world giant Barcelona in the final 16-round Camp Nou of the UEFA Europa League. Defeat his fans in bad season. Ondel Karaveli’s Besiktas, meanwhile, is doing calculations to overcome significant obstacles on his way to the Champions League visa by earning three points. There was a tense atmosphere due to the discussion of postponement of the last few days before the eternal derby, but now it’s the turn for football players to speak.

Minutes from the match:

one‘The match referee, Atilla Karaoğlan, blew the first whistle, the derby has begun!


3‘Rosier hit the right diagonal of the penalty area with his left foot.

Galatasaray is approaching the goal!

8Omar cleared the center from the right, and Mostafa often got up and hit his head, but the ball came out narrow.

TenBesiktas lost the ball on the way and Kerem tried his luck from a distance, but the shot was ineffective.

Out of the line!

15Besiktas stole a corner from the right side, Nesip passed it back, Omar took the ball off the line and passed the goalkeeper Pena.

ERSIN was finally released!

17 17Kerem pulled the ball to the right in a rapidly evolving Galatasaray attack and hit the ball across the penalty area line. Elsin Destanol, who hit Roshie, pulled out the ball with his fingertips.

18 18‘Aanholt took the corner, Nelson hit his head, and Elsin easily controlled.


twenty twoFeghou saw Mohammed, but while the Egyptian star was in the penalty area, he rescued the ball from his opponent and saw Kerem idle behind him. The star player also attacked very hard and hunted Elsin from the right. After the goal, Kerem pleased the classic Harry Potter.

26Ghezzal stole the corner from the left side, Guven hit his head on the back post, hit Ativa, and Pena saved very stylishly.


32Mohammed grabbed the ball from Umut Meraş on the right side and centered it, with Kerem scoring both himself and Simbomb’s second goal with a proper headshot. The derby score is 2-0!

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When, what channel and what time is the match between Galatasaray and Besiktas?

Atilla Karaoğlan directs the Galatasaray-Besiktas match to be played at Nef Stadium. The 90-minute live score follow-up will be broadcast live on beIN Sports 1 starting at 20:00 tonight.

Galatasaray-Besiktas 11s:

Galatasaray: Pena, Omar, Nelson, Marcao, Van Aanholt, Tyran, Belkan, Feghou, Emre Krunchi, Kerem, Mosta Famohamed.

Besiktas: Ersin, Rossier, Necip, Vida, Umut, Atiba, Can, Ghezzal, Teixeira, Kenan, Güven.

Mobilization at Nef Stadium

With heavy snowfall all over Turkey, Galatasaray management is making great efforts to ensure that the derby can play smoothly. In this sense, most yellow-red people are in intensive care at Nef Stadium. During heavy snowfall in Istanbul, the ground was covered with tarpaulins. This prevented the floor from deteriorating. But another problem arose.

Lighting has increased

There was a risk of frost as the night weather was below zero. However, Yellow-Reds has solved this problem. The lighting levels at Nef Stadium have been raised, but heating-related issues have also been resolved. Therefore, the risk of freezing the floor has also been eliminated.

Over 50,000 tickets sold

The yellow-red people shared the trump card with Marseille in the UEFA Europa League on November 25th. The match in question was followed by nearly 50,000 football fans in Galatasaray. From this day on, Nef Stadium has remained far from what it used to be. Following Sim Bonn, who shared the trump card with Caykur Rize Spor in the Super League on February 27, there were 38,000 fans at Sami Yen. Now, Aslan shares the trump card with Besiktas in today’s league. Despite bad weather, Galatasaray football fans showed great interest in the giant derby, with over 50,000 tickets sold. Despite the freezing cold, yellow-red supporters are expected to gather at Nef Stadium during the match. In addition, the match between black and white has another importance to Aslan. If nothing goes wrong, you can break the season record in a fight for the Besiktas spectators.

Look at Gomis

Returning to the yellow-red community after a 3.5-year hiatus, Bafétimbi Gomis quickly resolved CimBom’s goal problem. Galatasaray has scored six goals on his opponent’s net in the last three league games. The French striker scored half of these goals. A 36-year-old experienced soccer player was also specially prepared for Besiktas Derby. Gomis provided additional training after the Barcelona match took place that week. The star player now wants to be a winning architect with the goals he scores and the goals. In addition, derby is especially important for Gomis. Gomis played against 18 teams in the league, but he couldn’t beat Besiktas and Fenerbahce alone.

Inaki Penha never leaves the castle

Fernando Muslera, who overcame his injuries and worked with the team for some time, was expected to replace him at the castle of Besiktas Derby. Unexpected developments occurred as Uruguay’s netkeeper gradually became better and able to play the match. Goalkeeper Ignacio Peña, hired by Spanish giant Barcelona during the transfer, performed exceptionally well against Barcelona in the first match of the UEFA Europa League. As a result, all plans have changed in Aslan. Pena takes place in a castle of matches against black and white players.

Victory password from torrents!

Galatasaray coach Domenek Trent met with the students before the Besiktas match. Experienced coaches emphasized the importance of winning the Black Eagle and said they should play in a tough fight, much like the fight against Barcelona in the UEFA Europa League. The Spanish coach said, “We have to fight like a Barcelona match. We have to leave room for Besiktas players. We put pressure on the team. This plan will lead us to victory. We. The priority is Besiktas, and then Barcelona. “”

“We need to make our fans happy”

After Trent’s words, the yellow-red players also emphasized their complete belief in victory. “There is another important Barcelona match in front of us, but we need to focus on Derby first. We know the importance of this match to our fans. It’s a winning field. The reason for leaving and delighting the fans. Focus on the Barcelona match. “

5 changes to Eagle

Cim Bom will change the names of the five players who played in the Barcelona match in the Besiktas match. Omar will be on the field on behalf of Sasha Boe, who plays to the right of the defense. Erick Pulgar will replace Taylan Antalyar, who performed well with Berkan Kutlu, on the field. In the middle of the midfield, Alexander Sicardau replaced Sofiane Feghou, and on the right wing Emre Kılıcz replaced Ryan Babel. In the attack, Gomis replaces Mohamed with a jersey.

12th appointment at Nef Stadium

Yellow-red people have an advantage over Besiktas at the Nef Stadium, which opened in 2011. Aslan won the derby at the stadium on February 26, 2012 for the first time with a score of 3-2 between the two teams. Galatasaray played in Besiktas and Seirantepe, winning seven in a total of 11 games, while Black and White won twice. Both games ended in a draw. Cartal countered Aslan’s 17 goals with 8 goals. Galatasaray won the last derby played here last season 3-1.

Once in Derby

In the giant derby, Galatasaray and Besiktas share the trump card during the colder months. During the match, the thermometer will show 1 degree. The snowfall that showed its impact in Istanbul this week is not expected during the fighting.

Full confidence in staff

The Besiktas technical team is almost shaping the derby team. Önder Karaveli, who, as always, entrusts the goal to Elsin, assigns Roshie to the right and Umut Meras to the left of the defense. Caravelli’s defender duo in Derby is expected to be Vida and Nesip. In the midfield, Joseph de Souza and Ativa will be the players who will share the burden of defense and attack on the team. Ondel Caravelli is likely to form an aggressive line from Ghezzal-Teisheira-Kennan and Batshuay. Caravelli, who specially prepared a player who trusts Elsin in Derby, will hand over the form to Batshuay who started as a substitute in this Batshuay game.

Besiktas’ goal is the Champions League

Önder Karaveli, who became the team leader in Besiktas after Sergen Yalçı, has recovered the team in terms of defense, but the team is struggling to win due to goal pass issues. After Caravelli took the lead in the team, Black and White played 13 games in the league, losing 1-0 with a goal only scored in Konyaspor at the last minute and achieving 6 wins and 6 draws in the remaining 12 games. .. The black and white team saw 14 goals during this period, but their opponents aired the net 20 times. Besiktas, who has scored 45 points in the league, is two points behind third-placed Basakshehir. By winning this match, Kartal wants to boost his chances of finishing second until the final match. Clubs that finish the season in 2nd place in the league will compete in the second qualifying round of the Champions League next season.

First derby victory

The Galatasaray match is also important for Önder Karaveli. Caravelli, who drew in his first derby with Fenerbahce, wants to win his first derby victory in his career against Galatasaray. Like the players, Caraveli motivates the derby by treating each player one by one and giving a special speech to motivate them.

All controls are in Alex!

Black Eagle Brazilian star Alex Teixeira will be one of Galatasaray Rider Bee’s Black and White’s most important attackers tonight at Nef Stadium. At the intersection of the midfield and the forward line, the bee strives to stand out in both pass and scoring ability. Always supporting the third region, Alex fights to become a winning name for his team at Nef Stadium. The 31-year-old soccer player has played 24 games in Besiktas this season, scoring 4 goals and 1 assist.

For the first time in a row …

Black and White, who defeated Sivaspor 3-2 in the final outside match of the Super League, were unable to return from their second consecutive visit this season. Kartal plans to defeat Cim Bom and change the bad course tonight.

There are 6 names on the border

Six players have three yellow cards before the match against Galatasaray in Besiktas. If Larin, Rıdvan, Teixeira and Güven Yalçın win the card tonight, they will not be able to participate in the Hatayspor match next week. The other two border players, Oğuzhan and Welington, will not join the team due to injury.