Futsal U19 representative waiting for Italy match


Crescent-Stars will face Italy at the Adana Lütfullah Aksungur Sports Hall tomorrow at 13:00 in the first match of the elite tour. Our national team, who will face Montenegro at the same venue and time on March 17, 2022, will play their final match against the Netherlands at the same venue on Saturday at the same time. The team that completed the group as a leader will qualify for the Futsal U19 European Under-19 Championship in Jaen, Spain, September 3-10, 2022.

Futsal U19 national team coach Murat Kaya said he had a very good preparation process, gathering in Adana on March 5, 2022, after camps in November and February to prepare for the elite tour. rice field. The match will take place on the same day in four different seven groups, Kaya said, “Spain will be the direct host. A total of eight teams will play in Europe with the winners of the other seven groups. In futsal history. The second U19 Championship. The last European Championship was hosted by Latvia in 2021. “Played. Spain became the champion. At that time Spain was out of our group. Its tournament We just lost to Spain. Now our group’s key rivals will be Italy and the Netherlands. “

“Italy and the Netherlands are school countries, but we have made progress too.”

Representing Italy as a very important school of futsal in the world, the experienced name “They have previously become two European champions of futsal at the A national team level. Italy has always been a world champion and It’s a team participating in Europe Championship … Above all, they have a continuous league. For example, the Lazio club has a futsal team and they play in the league. These are important details. They come from an environment where they play futsal in front of a group of 5 people. 6000 fans. Expect a good atmosphere for Adana, but Italians are already accustomed to this atmosphere. Italy A good team, but “I couldn’t play in the last eight games of the European Championship in the last tournament. Of course. This failure motivated them. On their way here, they played six goodwill games. They got 5 wins and 1 draw, “he said.

Murat Kaya, who said he participated in a special tournament held in Croatia before the pandemic, said, “I became the champion there. I played against France, Hungary, Belgium and Slovenia. Players are generally from the development league. And made up of candidates. To be professional … they are far from the future, but they chose from the development leagues to be able to compete with other players. Most of them are now in the second league. And playing in the 3rd league. There are some drawbacks. Since 2004 we have strengthened our players and blended our teams. There is nothing missing in terms of the struggle. The men are convinced. It’s just a little repetition. There’s a ball standing here. “There are transition attacks, set attacks, speeds. Set pieces are very important. You can solve the game with a momentary mistake. Correspondingly. I prepared. “

“I hope Adana fans will fill the venue.”


The Netherlands emphasized that they played in the European Championship in the last eight games of the previous round, “This group seems to be between Italy and the Netherlands, but we take advantage of it. Playing at home Benefits. Playing at home at all branches is a secret favorite. Here there is a great interest in futsal. Previously I was interested in futsal in Adana. Here is the futsal team in the city of Seihan The University of Chukuroba is a team that has been involved in futsal for many years. They are familiar with the dynamics of Adana. Good fans are expected for the match. I will play a match .. I think the hall will be full. I will play all the matches at 13:00, which is the student’s lunch break. I don’t want to leave the job to the last match. I played 4 matches with my body before. We won four. They are also “development teams,” he said.

“Repeat success in women’s football under the leadership of Oğuz Cetin.”

Emphasizing that football development director Oğuz Cetín is working on a very important project in futsal, the national team coach said: Sensei Ouz, I want to spread futsal all over the country. We are aiming for a system where players can be invited to the futsal national team. I think it will be better next year. National players. You can receive a national scholarship. After graduating from physics education, there are many advantages in terms of appointment. Futsal has far more advantages in our country. We think it will be the preferred sport. For the past few days, UEFA has empowered the Turkish Football Federation to organize a UEFA Futsal B training program. Previously, enough futsal trainers were not trained. Currently, there are 42 UEFAB coaches. We have license trainers in our country … We are launching these programs and aiming to increase this number even further. The more futsal coaches you have, the more athletes will be trained. In this way, the pool of players on the national team expands. Currently, the U19 national team is established with a pool of 20 to 30 people. However, when these projects are realized, there will probably be a pool of 1000 people in 5 years. In this way, Turkey will be the winner. “

The following players are included in the match candidate teams for the Futsal U19 National Team’s European Championship Elite Tour.

Goalkeepers: Emir Kağan Kadalı (Bursa Zafer Spor), Can Türk (Municipal Kütahyaspor), Görkem Yiğit Bayram (Hacettepe)

Defense: Muhammed Fatih Ardıç (Adanaspor A. Ş.), Oğuz Kaan Ünal (Gerze Belediyespor), Koraycan Akbaş (Galatasaray A. Ş.), Mustafa Yüzgeç (Adana Demir Spor A. Ş.)

Wings: Mustafa Gürkan Varlık (Erzurum Spor, Metropolitan Municipality), Furkan Eliacik (AnkarasporA.Ş.), Berkan Mahmut Keskin (SarıyerSK), Göktan Işılak (AdıyamanFK), Mustafa Karaman (Galatasaray).

Striker: Arda Kaan Yıldız (Etimesgut Belediye Spor), Ali Rıza Aslan (Vavacars Fatih Karagümrük), Anıl Özçelik (Kasimpaşa A.Ş)

Soccer Development Director: Oğuz Çetin

Coach: Murat Kaya