Fuat Oktay announced: 5,64 people will be hired by the Directorate General of Forestry and the DSI.

Vice President Octai attended and gave a speech at the ceremony held at the Cultural Center of the National Conference of President Beshtepe during “World Water Day on March 22nd”. Octai said he was pleased to celebrate World Water Day at the joint opening ceremony of the 325 facilities: “These 325 works have an investment of 4,0618 million TL in our country. , Our city, and these 325 investments are worth 80 million cubic meters. To store water nearby, supply the city with 83 million cubic meters of drinking water annually, and irrigate about 190,000 hectares of land. It contributes about 300 million lira annually to the economy and consolidates 764,000 lands.

“We breathe some of the comfort”

He said it made sense that this year’s World Water Day program was held under the theme of “making groundwater visible,” and said, “Groundwater is considered an infinite resource, perhaps because it is invisible. But nature. Balance The amount of groundwater is the same as groundwater. When used unknowingly, groundwater deteriorates rapidly. Drought significantly reduces groundwater and surface water. Some cities, especially some cities. So, there is a huge sinkhole whose number is increasing. In Konya, the intake of groundwater is concretely shown. This year’s snowfall thanks God. “There will be a lot of snow this year. Therefore. It will be a little easier to breathe, but keep in mind that the threat of drought is still the most important issue in general. ”

“44 Our state will face the danger of dry water.”

Emphasizing that the investments made over the last two decades are behind Turkey’s ability to survive the drought period without facing major crises in agricultural irrigation and drinking water, Oktay said: About 300 billion lira. Dam alone, everything that has been done in the history of the republic. By doubling, we have brought 654 new dams to our country, storing a total of 47 million cubic meters of water. 605 new hydropower plants are in operation, adding 109 billion kilowatt hours to their power generation capacity. We talked about drinking water issues in every city in our country one by one. Only in this context there are 286 drinking waters. By completing and operating 24 wastewater facilities, we provided 2.9 billion cubic meters of drinking and utility water annually to 49 million citizens. Without these investments, there was a risk of complete water depletion in 44 states. The last few years. ”

“When they become a solution, they shrink like balloons.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on every occasion that their policy was “politics of work and service,” and Mr. Octai “emphasized this on every occasion. Someone on the side comes out every day. He says a lot about our farmers and producers, he says a lot about our farmers and producers when we do this opening They keep saying that Half of what they say is wrong, half is a lie, but we don’t care about this aspect of the problem we solve the problem of our farmers Find out what suggestions to make and what solutions to offer to our producers’ complaints. They can’t do anything. They have no such intention anyway. Hmm. When we talk, we make noise, and when it comes to solutions, projects, programs, we shrink like balloons. This is what our opponents have done. We have been doing our work, our services for 20 years. , Has been involved in all areas of the project. Will continue to exist under your leadership. “Landing.

“The dam of the bridge is running”

Recalling on Friday that the Canakkale Bridge in 1915, one of the Republic’s most prestigious investment projects, opened, Octai said, “I’m proud of this. It was a dream of about 140 years. It is a symbol. You can be proud of both your loyalty to the Martyrs and the development, growth and development of the country. But believe me, Kılıçdaroğlu and they spend most of their work on words today. Instead of being proud of their construction, in these bridges and dams, they ask, “How can I hurt them? We open up and continue to play like broken records. Our president explains in the square and explains the broken records. “” They have ears, they can’t hear, they have eyes but they can’t see, they have tongues, and they keep repeating as if they didn’t speak. Is expected. ”

“Our priority is to increase our own production.”

Oktay said that the regional security crisis caused by the Ukrainian-Russian war and the associated sanctions not only disrupted the energy and mining markets, but also due to the uncertainty of basic food supplies such as wheat and sunflowers. He said the food industry was also affected. Almost one-third of the world’s wheat demand is met by these two countries. Our grain production is at a level that can comfortably meet the needs of our citizens. At the same time, we all know it again under the leadership of the President. Although there are no supply problems or congestion due to its role in this crisis, Japan is also one of the world’s leading food exporters for many products, especially flour and pasta. In other words, we are processing wheat and oil. , Sugar and other products are purchased from overseas at factories and exported all over the world. The uncertainties it causes inevitably encourage us to look for new resources and develop new means. Our priority in this regard is, of course, to increase our own production. The way to increase production is by expanding agricultural irrigation. ”

“5,000 64 staff members will be taken.”

Oktay said he plans to create solutions before a disaster strikes and that many agricultural projects are underway. “In the light of lessons learned from large wildfires, the facility’s human resources And strengthening the vehicle infrastructure. The wildfire we experienced last year. Today we are strengthening the people and car infrastructure of our institution. We would like to share the good news with you. A total of 5,000 64 people will be recruited to work in our local organizations, under the command of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Department of Forestry and the Department of National Hydropower, engineers, veterinarians, pilots, forest guards, laboratory workers, Biologists, Health I hope these staff will be hired in positions such as technicians and guards to benefit our ministry and our country. ”


The Certified Accountant Exam will be held in Ankara from May 28th to June 6th.

By helping young people, we have contributed to the employment of an additional 22,000 people in 2.5 months.


By helping young people, we have contributed to the employment of an additional 22,000 people in 2.5 months.