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Yesterday was August 1st and it’s my birthday … Today is Trabzonspor … Trabzonspor came out a year after we got into the profession … even with a 20 year old age difference Regardless, we seem to have grown together.

“Is it easy to say that Trabzon has sunk?”

Four years ago (March 27, 1998 / Fanatik), he said, “Our profession is a devastation of life, and your life becomes tense and halved.” “Do you think it’s easy?” In part of our article, we wrote:

“Is it easy to say that Trabzonspor sank and fell? Is it easy? .. Do you think your hands don’t tremble and your heart doesn’t hurt? .. Would you like to accompany the pine star? Green night , Do you spend 3-5 nights in a row without sleep? .. This is Trabzonspor’Do you think that saying nothing happens to us does not cause us pain or suffering? ..

Difficult to be stubborn in life

The shepherd first cuts off those who leave the herd. Especially in Turkey today, it is unlikely that you will live on a wolf’s table. If you’re used to living on your lap, that’s okay … you’ll crawl.

If so, a friend’s words, “… what a hell, he’ll be very stubborn,” will hurt your ears. But you no longer have the power to stand up. Do you think it’s easy to survive these days?

“Our righteousness will last forever …”

Spending a lifetime to uphold the principles and hopes of the institutions you love is not what the market today understands … even those who have a market. When they can scrutinize the past and save the day, they cannot understand the reconciliation with the history of society. They don’t have time to save history.

They are not even aware that they are paying the price of betraying history by losing all their values. They are following the current fads … they feel very comfortable on the majority of safe beaches under the dim light of rotten air and selfish friendship. They are often rewarded as well.

What about us …

The lives of us and people like us come from the nose. History apologizes to you because your righteousness lasts until the day of judgment. If not, you will find yourself in a moody, disgusting, opposite, grumpy person.

Do you think the word “no” that powerful people don’t want to hear is easy to write and say?

Now, rewinding the tape, I remember Trabzonspor, which was founded in red and white colors, and the great legal struggle of that era when its level and excitement never diminished … and the first of Trabzonspor. The coach, the late Haril Ozajichi, and his extraordinary bow tie! .. ..

When we started our career, Ahmet Suat Ozkan Sumer and Ozkan Sumer’s active sporting life continued. Despite being young, Shenor Günes is a recent folk hero who grew up in the same neighborhood and roamed the history. .. I was one of the first three I knew when Mehmet Ali Yılmaz stepped in.

“Our war is a battle with people who gain power from the sofa.”

No greetings or mornings since April 9, 1985. I haven’t talked to Ozkan Sumer … Meanwhile, Mehmet Ali Yılmaz !!! We haven’t filed a property proceeding and have no land disputes. We don’t even deal with checks or bonds … worse than the blood struggle, this hostility is formed by the “selfish system” we engage in. Power from the seat, not the one who empowers the seat. I swear that it will continue to the apocalypse, “a conflict of order based on” formal wisdom “,” the only correct, and imposition of a check solution “with the grasper. ..

Attribution of socially independent identities and personalities to individuals under all circumstances has prevented them from being recognized as superhuman sacred beings … the ideology of creating a unified citizen masks people. I explained that I would have them wear it. Our language is a concern … they have been working on social dissertations at the Ivory Tower. We are always paying attention to being intellectual, not integrated with society, but we are moving away from those who do not have the necessary qualifications and lack virtues …

“We said that the two mistakes are incorrect.”

And finally, the two mistakes are incorrect. We continue to say. Yesterday was my birthday, August 1st.

This article is neither a calculation of conscience, nor a calculation of the past … we have no explanation given to servants in this world, Allah knows the next world anyway. This is just Ademoguru Syndrome, which has a lifespan of more than half a century and is nearing the end of Turkey’s average age.

At this time, I started throwing trees under the “Trabzon cauldron”, which took a short break from boiling.

To talk about myself, I ask for your indulgence …

Year of the article titled “Yesterday is August 1, my birthday …” by Master Penmef Metotan: 2002