From Bahceli to research firms: Perceptual manipulation does not hurt us

MHP leader Bacheli, who evaluated the proceedings at the party’s group meeting, targeted a research firm. “People who try to discredit MHP and show that turnout is declining will be crushed in 2023. Perceptual operations will not help us,” said Barcheri. ..

MHP Chair Devlet Bahceli evaluated the agenda at his party’s group meeting at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Bah├želi’s speech highlights:

* MHP policies are not considered license and mortgage policies like other policies. MHP’s vision cannot be defined in a limited, vulnerable, short-range framework. Our words are what our country says. Whatever our country wants, our wishes are the same.

* 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Republic, is Turkey’s fate and decision year and is at a historic crossroads. With this recognition and understanding, we strengthen our political activities.

“Perceptual manipulation does not break us down”

* Anyone who tries to discredit MHP and show that turnout is declining will say this once with the belief and claim that it will be crushed and defeated in 2023. Perceptual manipulation does not destroy us.

* A person who knows the truth and is silent is as dangerous as a person who is silent without knowing the truth. There is the fact that the existence of MHP is the same as the existence of Turkishness. There is nothing to learn from a rental research company.

* Thank God. We are not denials. Our survey is the prayer of 85 million Turks. Those who go fishing without a river cannot compete with us.

“We talked about the crazy illness caught by CHP.”

* We are all over Turkey. Last weekend, we completed the “Step by Step 2023, District, District Narration, Lighting” conference, which began on February 19, 2022.

* I have announced to the brothers who voted for CHP what the party’s government has fallen into. We talked about the relentless illness that CHP is being captured by 131 members.

* If Allah wishes, we will visit the rest of the district after Eid al-Fitr and continue our struggle with the same enthusiasm. In this way, we convey our goals for 2023 and the games played in our country.

* We are not members of the cause who know much, but members of the cause who love, work and believe in many things. Our strength is the country, and our security is the country. The only way to stop the Zillet caravan is the uncompromising and unrivaled struggle between MHP and People’s Alliance.

* MHP and People’s Alliance are the future lights of Turkey. It will not stop until June 2023. We always strive to stay one step ahead. We don’t fall into the trap of sedition.

“Ensuring food safety is essential.”

* Stopping wheat exports by Russia and Ukraine is a disaster for some countries. The turmoil in Russian and Ukrainian agricultural activities has been argued to cause hunger problems around the world.

Turkey needs to take the following three measures.

* It is essential to ensure food safety completely and completely. The president’s sensitivity to this issue reassures our country. Cultivated land needs to be expanded. This sector should have an overall structure with production, processing and marketing aspects.

* Need to establish an agricultural city. The second strategic decision is to ensure energy and security. Turkey will eliminate foreign dependence on energy by utilizing new renewable energy sources. Efficient use of domestic energy resources and production of new energy, especially nuclear power, are to meet Japan’s energy demand.

* Natural gas resources found in the Black Sea will strengthen our political involvement. It is enough to know how to use energy correctly. Turkey is not a country to thank him. Turkey is a breadbasket. Allah is the guarantor of our food.

* As a third measure, we are taking deterrent measures against the rise in hormones of some products and services.

“Don’t reduce sugar, it’s more”

* There is no practical basis for the rise in sugar prices after sunflower oil. The transition from 7 lira to 19 lira in two weeks is nothing more than a dirty caliper with external links.

* Expectations for price increases and opportunists’ desire to stockpile sugar suddenly caused controversy over sugar. Currently, there is no shortage of sugar, but more. Exploiters whose religious beliefs are monetary should definitely be held accountable and detained by torn collars.

* People who try to stir things today depend on a variety of products. Until 2023, this dark campaign will not slow down and will continue to threaten by incorporating different dimensions and content. These are hostile actors against Turkey.

* You can never see well-meaning people who have fallen into disgrace and are eager for political propaganda from price increases. Our states and nations dominate all issues. Openly warn the ringing grove. The lies and gossip you incite will backfire and be ashamed of your ridicule.