From a flash ban from Russia to an interview with a Russian opposition journalist!

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky interviewed a representative of the opposition media broadcasting online in Russia. Meduza Editor-in-Chief Ivan Kolpakov, DozhdTV Editor-in-Chief Tikhon Dzyadko, Novaya Newspaper Writer Mikhail Zygar, Nobel Prize-winning Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov newspaper, Russian opposition journalist Vladimir Slovyov answering questions Zelenskiy said About the attack on Ukraine.

“Russian units are igniting humanitarian combos.”

Dzyadko recalls that Russia almost destroyed the city of Mariupol, and Zelenskiy responded to the question of who currently controls the city: It’s clear who caused this. All doorways to the city of Mariupol are closed. The port will be mined. It is clear that it is a humanitarian disaster. It is impossible to bring medicine, food or water there. Russian troops fire at a humanitarian convoy. According to the data we have, more than 2,000 children have died. The exact location of them is unknown. There are soldiers in Mariupol. The Russian army went there. But there are men who don’t answer the phone. “

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In response to Zelensky’s question about how many Russian soldiers died in the city, Zelensky said: The list was passed to the Russian side. But the body cannot be removed from the city. “

“The boycott of Russian athletes is the right decision.”

In response to the question of whether Zelen supports the boycott of Russian athletes, artists and musicians and the withdrawal from international organizations, Zelensky said: Movie academy. I’m not sure, I don’t know why he was fired. I suspect they made a mistake. But the decision to boycott Russian athletes is correct. Even those who are not involved in politics. You can’t feel the pain we experience, but at least you know. That’s why boycotts are to understand exactly that people should at least feel uncomfortable when they die there. “

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“A referendum can be held when a soldier withdraws.”

Zelensky said Russia could hold a referendum on six proposals to Ukraine, and Russian journalist Seiger asked whether refugees leaving the country would participate in the referendum. Zelensky said: These ballot boxes are used in the same way as in presidential and parliamentary elections. There is no problem. However, 90% of the Ukrainians who left want to return on the day the Russian soldiers withdrew. I didn’t go anywhere anyway. Only women and children are gone. So we have to do business with President Putin. If our soldier is in the middle, the guarantor will not sign anything. Johnson, Biden, Erdogan, Doda? Who will sit and talk if he becomes a soldier? Therefore, there is no need to amend the law. The Russian side says it will change the law first and then pull the tank. We need to reach an agreement with the President of Russia, and in order to reach an agreement, he needs to leave his position and come to see me anywhere in the world. “If the army withdraws, the guarantor will approve the agreement,” he said.

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When Russian journalist Slovyov was asked how the referendum would meet his decision on Russia, Zelensky said: The result of a referendum cannot be counted if there are troops in other states or armed illegal or legitimate formations on the territory of the country. It’s impossible. This is what happened in Crimea. why? There were soldiers there, “he said.

“Russia has created a fake document to attack Ukraine”

Russian journalist Slovyov reminded the defense that if Russia does not enter Ukraine, Ukraine will enter Donbus, according to intelligence documents released by the Russian Defense Ministry. Zelensky said, “This is a kind of counterfeit document. Of course, there was no such plan. From 2019, we tell President Putin that we will not start operations on all channels, including today’s channels. I said I wouldn’t get the land back by military means. Believe me, I was looking for various options. I don’t know what this document is. If I’m looking at it Then I would have answered you. The document mentioning the Ukrainian Donbus attack is 100% fake. Who is Micola Barran? (Ukrainian official who signed the above document) to him You don’t even have the authority to do so. The state soldiers are part of the Ministry of Interior. In other words, it must be signed by the Minister of Interior. “

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Zelensky reminded him that a document containing orders for military operations to occupy the Crimean Peninsula was also released at his own direction.

“Some soldiers died on the Snake Island, some of them were taken away.”

Zelensky announced that Russia had killed all Ukrainian soldiers by Zelensky in the attack on Snake Island on the first day of the Ukrainian operation, but when it became clear that these soldiers were alive, Zelensky said: Stated. .. Russia has offered exchanges for some prisoners. I replaced it without hesitation. The dead became heroes and the survivors were used in exchange, that’s it. “

“We don’t have nuclear, chemical, or chemical weapons.”

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In response to the Biological Institute’s claim that Russia has emerged in Ukraine, Zelensky said: I want to, but I don’t have one. “

Russia demanded that an interview with an opportunity journalist with Zelensky not be published

Interviews with Russian opposition journalists and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had a major impact on Russia in a short period of time. “Many Russian media, including several media acting on behalf of foreign countries, interviewed Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky,” the Russian Federation Information Technology and Mass Media Supervisory Authority (Roskomnadzor) told the broadcast of the interview. Issued a warning. Roskomnadzor warns the Russian media not to broadcast this interview. An investigation has begun on the media organizations interviewed. “

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