Free sports training at 24 different branches


The opening ceremony of the GSB Sports School and the GSB Barrier-Free Sports School was held within the organization of the Sivas Vilayet Youth Sports Department. Shivas Sports School offers free training at 24 different sports chapters.
The Ministry of Youth Sports Summer Sports School was established. The opening ceremony of the Shivas Summer Sports School was held at the Medinun Otia Kumatsu Sports Hall. At the opening ceremony, Dr. Shivas. Participants included YılmazŞimşek, Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin, Sivas Youth and Sports Provincial Director Aytaç Keklik, trainers and athletes.
There are 24 different branches
Shivas Sports School serves in 24 different branches. Athletics, basketball, cycling, boxing, soccer, gymnastics, table tennis, fencing, weightlifting, handball, badminton, judo, kickboxing, wrestling, chess, bocce, tennis, skiing, Mushu, archery, volleyball, folk dance, karate , Taekwondo and Muay Thai branches will continue until September.
Dr. Sivas giving a speech on the program. Yılmaz Simsek said: “For all children between the ages of 5 and 18, the doors of all sports facilities in our city will be opened to the end. No matter how many young people and children there are, a sports center trainer will accompany you. We want you to participate in sports activities. Among our children there are many gems waiting to be polished. We explore them together and our Encourage children to be the best in their field of talent. We sincerely believe that children with the power to become tomorrow’s champions will be born from a center where families can send their children with peace of mind. With these feelings, I wish all children a wonderful summer vacation. I wish all coaches and athletes success that contributes to our goal of being a young and sport-friendly city. “
“It will be a full season”
Hilmi Bilgin, Mayor of Shivas, wishes for the success of athletes attending the summer school: I play sports in a healthy way. Thanks to God, our city is in a very good position in terms of physical infrastructure. Hopefully we will fill them out and take you along with the sport. We gathered together at various events during the semester. I hope we can finish the full season together. “
“We are waiting for you at our sports facility”
Sivas Youth and Sports Provincial Director Aytaç Keklik also said that the summer school started at the same time in Turkey. Partridge; “At the end of the 20212022 school year, we are at the same time the founding anniversary of our Ministry of Youth and Sports, June 29, to teach children to move away from the harmful habits of our age. Go all over Turkey every day. We open our gym doors to our youth to share, act together and spend the summer months in a healthier and happier way. We invite each of us from 5 to 18 years old to a sports facility under the leadership of a trainer who specializes in 24 different branches.
After the speech, athletes from various branches also appeared.

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