“Free Card” Crisis in Ankara Transport: Ministry Takes No Step


Ankara- Ankara’s private public bus (ÖHO) and Dolmus stores said they couldn’t afford the cost after soaring fuel prices and didn’t provide a day’s worth of transportation services. Merchants resumed contact after the Ankara Metropolitan municipality decided to offer UKOME a wage increase offer.

Another issue that requires private public bus shopkeepers to be taken is the “free card” application, which offers free boarding. Citizens over the age of 65, relatives of martyrs and veterans, police, and journalists with “turquoise cards” use free transportation, shopkeepers say, and the Ministry of Family and Social Services pays no money. It states that it is enough. Some drivers’ statements to “free card” holders, such as “Your card is invalid” or “You can’t use it,” also do harm.

Ministry paying the same amount for free shipping after 2018

In 2016, the Ministry of Family and Social Policy at the time published in the official bulletin a rule envisioning various amendments to the “procedures and principles for payment of income support within the scope of free travel.” Pay 1,000 TL per month for each transport that provides urban public transport services in the metropolitan areas of Ankara and Istanbul, within the limits of the regulations that regulate income support for businesses that provide free transport on public transport services. Has been decided. The ministry, which re-published the rules in June 2018, raised the amount paid to carriers to 1,330 TL in exchange for free shipping in both cities, but this amount has not increased over the past four years.

Free cardholders trying to get out of the bus Guest: Horrible situation

In January 2022 alone, 333 public buses carried 1 million people free of charge, according to a statement by Mayor Mansour Yavash of the Ankara metropolitan area. The provincial salary increase request has not yet been met by merchants who have stated that at least 200 of the 1,000 passengers they carry each day are “free card” holders and non-paying citizens. In particular, there was an incident in which people over the age of 65 did not want to get on the bus, saying, “I can’t get on the bus, I can’t pass this card.” Advocate Mahmut Konuk was also one of those who didn’t want to get on the bus because he had a “free card” and was over 65 years old.

During the time when the transport owner announced the decision to “close contacts,” Konuk, who boarded Ankara’s private public bus, said, “This card is not accepted. We will use another card.” In response, the driver said, “Print or get off the card,” and said he wouldn’t move until the guest printed the card. After the discussion, bus passengers paid the ticket price for Konuk. Angry at this situation, Konuk described his experience in the following words: I support them asking for their rights, but they tried to block my right of transport. The bus driver didn’t move for a long time because he didn’t print the card. One of the passengers said, “Get off, otherwise you won’t move and you won’t be able to go home.” He said, “Why should I give up my rights?” But he didn’t get off. My rights over the age of 65 have been deprived. What if he says with your own joy tomorrow, “I will drop you, I will carry you”? It’s humiliating. A female passenger went and paid the driver for me. I am bored. I felt humiliated. Why are you giving me money? I refunded his money. He didn’t want to take it, so I forced it. I felt my legal rights were deprived. Someone felt humiliated saying “I can’t ride”. “

“When everything was expected of us, we were on the verge of bankruptcy.”

According to Gazi Topal, the operator of private public buses, the provincial offer of 1,330 TL is equivalent to 1.5 days of free shipping. This amount should be increased to at least 5,000 TL, according to Topal, who said he covered the costs incurred in the remaining 28.5 days of the month from his pocket. “We carry 300 out of a thousand passengers for free. This is our daily allowance. That’s why we have a lot of problems. The state We have the right to carry them for free, but we are in the private sector. Is there anyone working for free anywhere? You can get something for free when you go to the store We carry. We are also responsible. We are on the verge of bankruptcy when everything is expected of us. Shopkeepers can’t buy their diesel. ” He said.


“The ministry gives a thousand lira, but the fuel gives it.”

According to carrier Ali Kalıkır, the cost of public transport in Ankara was 3.5 TL, but it was possible to buy a liter of diesel for the ticket price of two passengers. Today, five passengers said they couldn’t buy a liter of diesel for a payment of 4.5 TL, Kalıkır said: Drivers enter at 700TL per day. It does not take into account taxes or employee wages. You can’t carry regular passengers because you’re carrying free card passengers, “he says.

Prosecutor Arıcı, the owner of a private public bus, said: Since 2018, the ministry has provided 1,330 lira, but the fuel is crazy. I can’t start the car. We don’t want to move these people. I hope to be rewarded. They made us face the citizens. This is our endpoint. Another transport merchant, Metin Selim, said, “I want the ministry to increase this amount.” The rest goes only to the cost. So where are the rewards for my efforts and stress? They make us face the elderly. Vehicle maintenance is not possible. You can’t control it here. They give everyone who comes a free card. The man had a problem with his gallbladder and was given a disability card. We respect the true disabled, but that’s not how it works. The ministry has not taken any action. “

“Wisely demand free shipping for all retired people”

One person who responded to the bus driver’s attitude towards qualified citizens over the age of 65 was 0054shak Kocabıyık, Executive Director of the All Retirement Union (All Retired You). While demanding free transportation for all retirees, not just those over the age of 65, Kokabyuk describes these as “graves of rights” and states: Cover the cost of this from your budget. Trillions of capital, billions of taxes. Political power that does not shake when it forgives, ignores, and erases its debt sees it as providing transportation opportunities for citizens, even those aged 65 and over. Because it’s small, it’s a matter of negotiations with the bus company. This is unacceptable from our point of view. We are 65 years old. “We claim that all retirees of all ages can do it, but because they benefit from free urban transport, they claim to deprive citizens over the age of 65 of their right to free transport. I don’t think it’s correct. I’d like to abandon this discussion and approach as soon as possible. “

Municipalities propose support for free transportation to the city council

In his statement, Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan, who said he would support transport merchants and submit a 44% increase proposal to UKOME, said the Ministry of Family and Social Services took no action. Mr Yabash also said that the state would assist merchants for passengers who have legally been granted the right to use the bus for free.

Therefore, Yavaş management provided 199 ÖHO merchants with 2 lira per passenger for free, and 134 ÖTA (private public transport) merchants with 3 lira per passenger for free, with 207 verifications. The merchant who provided the person (electronic passenger card reading system) to the district ELV said he would submit a proposal to the city council agenda to support 4 lira per passenger for free.