Frat Aidunus in the new season Hurijet



One of Turkey’s most successful referees, Fırat Aydınus, who will bid farewell to the field at the end of the 2021-22 season, is now in Hürriyet with his article. At the age of 48, Aidinus, who took up the referee job in 1993 and began whistling in Superhis league in 2002-03, has had many successful matches both in Turkey and on the international stage.

Eight years was FIFA’s Cockard

A graduate of Istanbul University’s Department of Geophysics and Engineering, Aidunus wore the FIFA badge from 2006 to 2014 and stood out for his successful management in European cups. His Fırat Aydınus, one of the leading names in the refereeing community due to his stance on the field and excellent management, shares his 29 years of experience with his Hürriyet readers in his daily and weekly articles To do.

458- How many matches Fırat Aydınus has played in national and international arenas over his career.



33- Fırat Aydınus holds the record in the field, blowing the whistle in 33 derbies throughout his career.

8- Aidunus reached eight finals, including three first league play-offs, two Turkish Cups, two Super Cups and one third league play-off.

“CÜNEYT ÇAKIR Released Referee”

Turkish Football Federation (TFF) president Mehmed Buyukeksi has announced that FIFA-licensed Turkish referee Kynate Çakr has decided to stop working as an active referee and become an educator to train young referees. .

TFF President Cüneyt Çakır made a statement during a program he attended at the station. Buyukeksi pointed out that one of the FIFA-licensed referees, Kyunait Cakr, wants to finish his career in Turkey, despite receiving many offers from abroad. There is an issue that we decided today about our teacher Cüneyt Çakır.Last week we held a seminar with our referees at a camp in Bor. He told us that he has received many offers from abroad. Cüneyt Çaklar. Therefore, I want to contribute to this community. “It’s very important. The enthusiasm of teachers to develop referees is also very important,” he said.


“I put my value as a referee trainer”

Mehmet Buyukeksi said he believes that Kunate Chakur will also achieve great success in education, saying, “So far, we have brought in coaches from abroad, including us, for the training of referees. VAR’s I brought both of them for this purpose, but now I brought Hugh Dallas.This time, we have appointed a local referee, a referee with a proven track record as a referee trainer.If you bring a referee from overseas, he I want you to go abroad as a trainer.”

“I want to hold a Jubilee match”

Mehmed Buyukeksi announced that he would organize a day for experienced referees and said, “Kunait Çakr is a very important asset of ours. He will represent our country at the World Cup. Twice and three times at the European Championships. We would like to hold a commemorative match for our teacher. I would like to thank Cüneyt Çakır and wish him every success in his new job.”