Four new sports facilities open in Turgtor Municipalities in Turgtor invest 3 million TL in new sports facilities


The opening ceremony of the sports facility completed by the city of Turgutlu in the וstasyonaltı, Akçapınar, Derbent and Yakuplar districts was held.
Taking a solid step towards becoming a sports city, the city of Turgtor has brought four new sports facilities to the city, making them freely available to the public. The opening ceremony of the sports facility, which was completed in about 45 days with an investment of 3 million TL, was held in the districts of וstasyonaltı, Akçapınar, Derbent and Yakuplar. The program began with the opening of the Martyr Gaffer Ockan Sports Facility in the Istasionalti district, the Sallymet Genturk Sports Complex in the Yakpra district and the Delia Atl Sports Facility in the Darvent district. The program ended with the opening ceremony of the Ahmet Aslan Sports Facility in the Athrun Zala district. An exhibition match was also held at the opening ceremony. A tournament held at Ahmet Aslan Sports Facility. It took place between a team of Mayor Chetin Akin, Deputy Mayor Frat Honaz, department heads, and municipal officials, and a team formed by residents of the Axapinal district. The match, directed by the Manisa regional football referee and Turgutlu city official Yusuf Brut, ended with 44 points.

“Our only goal is the healthy growth of youth in Turgtor through sports.”
At the opening ceremony, Mayor of Turgtor, Chetin Akin, said: From the day we took office, we have embarked on a very serious project. We are proud of it. First of all, we are trying to serve the people of Turgtor without debt by making the municipal budget appropriate. Of course, we will continue to provide citizens with the work we do while balancing the budget of the municipalities. Today, when we promised “young people who grow with sports” in the constituency of Turgtor, we are proud of it. There is a reason to practice these facilities, especially in rural areas. As Gazimstafa Kemal Ataturk said, we are “trying to crown our peasants and our villagers,” you are making an effort. You have the right to a more comfortable life in return for your efforts. You have the right to spend special moments and hobbies healthier. More importantly, we have the right to save children from the streets and play sports. As a municipality, we plan, finalize and crown these rights. We have opened facilities named Martyr Gaffar Okkan in the 0054stasyonaltı district, Salih Mehmet Gençtürk in the Yakuplar district, Derya Atlı in the Derbent district, and Ahmet Aslan in the Akçapınar district. These tasks were completed with a budget of about 3 million TL. Our only goal here is for young people in Turgtor to grow healthy through sports. We are mediating this, so I am happy with my deputy mayor and department manager. I wish you good luck with the facility you opened. ”
Recai Karataş, headman of Yakuplar Neighborhood and Ruhi Başkurt, headman of Derbent Neighborhood, thanked Mayor Chetin Akın and his team for the sports facilities provided to the neighbors.
Sami Başboğa, Chairman of the 0054stasyon Youth Sports Club, said: We also met with our President and obtained his approval to name our facility the Martyr Gaffer Ockan. For this, I would also like to thank our President Çetin Akın. ”
Gaffer Okkan, who was assassinated at a sports facility in the Istasionalti district while working as the Dyalbakur police station, and Sally and Mehmet Genchulk, who died at a sports facility in the Yakpra district as a result of tragic accidents in the past few months. , To sports facilities in the Darvent area. The names of Delia Atli, a literary teacher who died in a car accident when she was young, and Ahmet Aslan, who provided important support for the growth of children and young people through sports. He died in recent years and was given to a sports facility in the Akçapınar district to be immortalized.
Opening ceremony program for sports facilities. With Mayor Chetin Akin, Vice President Ahmet Aslan, Frat Honaz, Turgutlu City Council Member, Femi Gulen, Hasan Yaman, Ibrahim Gokudele, Hussein Mariz, Receipt Karbita Ishrenen, Ilhami Dinser, Yakpler Neighbor Mehmet It was attended by Gencturk, Derya Atlı, Ahmet Aslan’s family, Sami Başboğa, President of the 0054stasyon Youth Sports Club, and the department manager and staff of the city of Turgutlu.

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