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Dulsun Ozbek: “Don’t worry, we make the best and most competitive team.”

President Galatasaray’s Dursun Özbek visited the facilities of the rowing branch of Kuchukchek Mese. President Uzbek spoke to the press after the test. Reminding them that they are a sports club, Dursun Özbek said, “The success of a sports club depends heavily on the level of the facility. Unfortunately, the Galatasaray Sports Club facility was built 30-40 years ago. The facility has not been updated to date. I want to succeed in sports. If so, both professional soccer and amateur clubs started on Galatasaray Island in the sense of upgrading their facilities first. The situation on the island was clear, but today the island is ready for use. Rowing and swimming there. Since Galatasaray Island has long been a place for training athletes, we will also bring Galatasaray home as a social facility. The sports club will be an area used by members of the General Assembly and their guests. Almost completed. We will start accepting guests in a few days. We need to update the rowing facility of Küçükçekmece. There are parts that can be used, but there are parts that need to be overhauled. Without wasting time. Let’s start here. Each of our facilities is our land in Kemerburgaz. As an area where soccer teams and infrastructure camp and train, we belong to the Galatasaray Sports Club. We are there as a field arrangement. We have started working. Our project is almost finished. Within the framework of the project, we will start more intensive activities in the next few days. The essential facility for a sports club is that facility. I am working with fellow board members to update these facilities to make them a more comfortable and enjoyable training area for sports people. Members of the General Assembly, all Galatasaray fans, and We look forward to the support of our fans in this regard. We look forward to their support at the convention. To achieve these projects we can work with, the General Assembly We need the support of our members. We will teach them what to do. We are doing what we promised before the election. The General Assembly at the end of this month is very important. The next 25 of Galatasaray General Assembly to Plan the Year. Please attend a lot here. We encourage all members of the General Assembly to attend here because everyone here has their own opinions. Also, please give us your opinions. Please tell me. If there is no unity from now on It will not be. Currently, we are working to eliminate resentment and strengthen unity. In general, I think we will provide that as well. “ He said.

“We form the most competitors, the best teams”

Uzbekistan issued a statement about the transfer of the football team, saying: “There are new transfers for the football team. We have made some transfers and are currently working on some. We look forward to your understanding, as it is a professional operation. The work here is done with the utmost care. Maximum protection of Garata Sarai’s material rights. They don’t have to worry about him. We are the best competitors and we are the best team. We do the same in other amateur sports. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Republic. We did our best to succeed at the highest level of the Republic given by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. “I had a word. They shouldn’t worry about it at all.” He said.

Finally, for a friendly match against Kasimpasah at President Uzbek’s Nef Stadium tonight, “Our fans loved the game very much. Hopefully we’ll get good results. We’re watching the team for the first time in Istanbul.” I used a phrase.


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