Foreign referees will be able to manage the match in Turkey


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The Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Board of Directors has made important decisions regarding the structure of refereeing and surveillance. The nine decisions stated that “to reach better levels for referees and observers at national and international competitions” are as follows:

1-Referee appointment system replaces football management system

After reviewing the latest technology used in Spain and Belgium, we will develop the current Football Management System (FYS) software belonging to TFF and use the referee allocation system to use the next generation technology.

2-Field and VAR referee staff will be on the left

The field and video assistant referee (VAR) executives are separated. The VAR staff consists of referees who have obtained an IFAB certificate through VAR training that has been conducted over the past few years. A referee with a VAR certificate in a UEFA member country will be used until the referee has sufficient experience and if deemed necessary.


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3-Two observers, the stadium and Riva

The assignment system supported by the new generation technology applies to observer assignments. In the Super League, apart from the observer at the stadium, a second observer will work alone in the special observer room, which will be the first to be set up at the TFF facility in Riva. Observers in the room watch the match on TV and score. The observer does not have a phone in the room followed by the camera. Both observers quantify their grades and are unaware of each other. If there is a large difference in grades, the MHK president will watch the match and the observer farther from the grade given by the president will be penalized. Observer reports are recorded, stored and not shared in any way.

4-The referee and observer classifications remain the same for now

The goal is to form a new referee and observer classification list that is still functioning during the Super League half-time during the World Cup finals. Until this time, the existing referees and observer executives will continue without changing the classification.

5-Lessons of correct dialogue and action are drawn

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We will work with universities to improve the performance of referees and observers and measure their development in a manner determined according to scientific data and rules. Referees will be trained in communicating and handling players. Both psychologists constantly work at the TFF facility in Riva to advise and guide referees on these issues.

6-Psychological technique test is applied

By reviewing the tests applied to referees and observers; additional psychotechnical tests including tests such as development and selective attention level, comprehension and evaluation, speed and distance perception, visual angle and adjustment, decision making, visual selectivity, etc. It was decided to apply the test. These tests are conducted in collaboration with Istanbul University.

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7-Referee exchange with UEFA countries

In collaboration with UEFA, a referee exchange program with the European Major League Baseball will be launched. In this regard, it has been decided that the UEFA elite and first category referees who manage the match in the Super League will be in charge of important European leagues, as well as the UEFA elite and first category referees in the same league. rice field. Bill on a mutual basis.

8-Foreign teachers will be trained

A contract will be signed with a foreign referee trainer with international experience for the 2022-23 season.

9-Special training for representatives

The developmental and psychotechnical tests that referees and observers take also apply to representatives.

New MHK under Sublyceric announced

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The Turkish Football Federation yesterday announced a new Central Refereeing Committee (MHK) chaired by Sabri Cherik. Cherik’s new MHK, which appointed him his fourth president, consisted of the following names: Murat Ilgaz, Aynur Aysun Akar, Baki Tuncay Akkın, Ahmet וbanoğlu, Aytekin Durmaz, Recep Sürhat Müniroğlu, ðsmail Köse, Bü

AYNUR AYSUN AKAR, the first female member in the history of MHK

TFF Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi broke new ground in Turkey by adding two female members (Nüket Küçükel Ezberci and 0054dil Karademirlidağ Suher) to the management team and appointed a woman to the Central Arbitration Commission (MHK). Aynur Aysun Akar, Chairman of the Gaziantep State Referee, has been elected MHK.

FIFA card referee

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Born in Gaziantep in 1981, Akar graduated from Ataturk High School and then from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Gaziantep University. Meanwhile, Akar, who played soccer, later began refereeing and wore a FIFA badge. Gaziantep’s first female referee, Akar, was elected chairman of the State Arbitration Commission on February 6, 2022, breaking new ground.