Foreign Minister Chabshuol: Russia and Ukraine are in close agreement on basic issues-last Turkish news

preliminary report! Foreign Minister Mevlüt Ça vuşoğlu evaluated the agenda at the Antalya Advisory Board meeting.

Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshuol said he was working for a humanitarian ceasefire and a subsequent permanent ceasefire in the war between Ukraine and Russia: “Now there is a fire, and if the fire does not go out, this fire will be more for everyone. It will affect you. Great effort to put out the fire. “

President Canakkale of Canakkale said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a speech at the “State Advisory Council” held by the AK Party President Antalya at the Erdem Beyazut Cultural Center.

Recalling in 1915 that the world witnessed both unprecedented attacks and unparalleled resistance, Chabshuol said: When there is a war.

“Today, our troops, soldiers, police, and gendarmerie are always on the alert at our border posts, mountains, and mountains so that our country can sleep peacefully,” he said. Said.

Chabshuol states that defending Turkey is not possible with security and security obligations alone, and defending Turkey stands in the middle of the night against traitors who have turned to the country and their lows early on. The morning that said it meant nullifying ambition.

Chabshuol said it is very clear that those who seek to build a political future through destruction and destruction are uncomfortable with Turkey’s strategic position and interests, continuing his words: rice field.

“These objectives are not to protect Turkey, but to block Turkey’s path and bring Turkey back to the vague and helpless times of the past. Today, by making swift and effective decisions, Turkey If we continue to exist in different parts of the world, it is because of the stable and desperate situation with strong leadership. When we say domestic and defense, national and national technology, Turkey’s development and development Pretending to be huge on the world stage by making domestic cars one of the most prestigious brands in the world with the latest technology, while aiming to be a leader in exports and production. Provocation and loss of credibility. “

Antalya Diplomatic Forum

Chabshuol pointed out that there are problems to be overcome and said that he is trying to minimize the impact of the global crisis on Turkey and the country.

Emphasizing continuing to fight terrorism, inflation, the global crisis, and tricks that want to fight Turkey, Chabshuol describes Turkey as a helpless, exhausted, trapped system for those who see this country. Said not to serve.

Pointing out that there is a Turkish profile that has been witnessed all over the world today, Chabshuol said, “Even if everyone likes it or not, it embraces the power of Turkey, it is a global actor and Turkey. We accept the importance of the role that Turkey plays. The international stage. Everyone at the Antalya Diplomatic Forum held last week saw this latest example. We saw it. “

Chabshuol pointed out in the forum that the diplomatic center was beating in Antalya for three days, with 17 state and government leaders, 80 ministers, leaders and representatives of 39 international organizations attending the forum and 200. He said that more than a meeting was held.

Recalling that centers such as Davos and Munich hosted such activities, Chabshuol said, “Today, Antalya is at the center of this map. The future of international politics is being discussed in Antalya. Also the Antalya Diplomatic Forum. I’m listening to them. Suppressed African and developing countries. It has become a platform. “

Chabshuol said that after the forum, diplomacy has become faster and he experienced intense diplomacy last week.

Russia-Ukraine War

He expressed his great efforts to end the war in Ukraine, and Chabshuol continued:

“Unfortunately, we are witnessing another war in Europe. The war of two great neighbors to the north of us has a direct impact on us as well as the whole world. It has shown a principled stance since the beginning of this crisis. In 2014, it showed the strongest reaction to the merger of Crimean in Turkey. The President also gave a historic speech at the Antalia Diplomacy Forum. I said these things if the world responded properly. It wouldn’t have happened today. We have close ties with Russia in many areas. But these ties are of a relationship. The law of rights. It did not interfere with our defense. We experienced this in Syria and Libya. If possible, we worked. Caucasian, Libya, Syria, etc. We are working together to find a solution to a difficult case. We have also built a very close relationship with Turkey. It is now far enough distance to travel with identity. Of these two neighbors. As tensions increased, we made great efforts to avoid fierce conflicts. In fact, the day before the war, our president met Putin. Unfortunately, Russia did not listen to him and I We are here today. Together with the whole world, we have criticized the Russian attack. We have rejected this attack in all organizations, especially the United Nations, and have strongly supported the territorial conservation of Turkey. “

Minister Chabshuol said, “There is a fire now, and if it is not extinguished, this fire will affect more people. We are making great efforts to extinguish the fire. Our President We are mobilized. We are working on a humanitarian fire extinguishing. First and then by talking to both sides, a permanent fire extinguishing, “he said.

Minister Chabshuol continued his words:

“We had the greatest reaction to the 2014 Crimean annexation. When possible, we addressed difficult issues such as Syria and Libya.

We have become very close to Ukraine. I worked hard to avoid fierce conflict. Relations with Russia did not prevent us from defending our rights.

We are working on a permanent ceasefire. If the fire doesn’t go out, it affects everyone.

The agreement on the basic issues is close. Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine gained momentum.

Our efforts to connect Putin and Zelensky continue. I would like to achieve this in Turkey. But the important thing is that the two leaders will be together wherever they are in the world.

Dear brothers and sisters, my dear friends. The whole world continues Turkey’s groundbreaking foreign policy. We will attend the NATO conference under the leadership of the President in Brussels.

Today we are in the east and in the west. We are the hope of the world. Therefore, we continue to exist all over the world. Because we have an ancient heritage.

We are grateful for the hard and soft power that President Erdogan has brought.

You have the necessary qualifications to reach your 2023 goals.

If our ancestors went on an expedition and brought peace, we are still doing the same.

Doing politics with the AK Party means taking responsibility first. “”

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