“For the Super League” at MKE Ankaraguju, rolled up sleeves-TRT Spor

Emreyurz, the sporting director of the yellow dark blue team, who guaranteed three weeks before the end of the Super League Sport 1st League, issued a statement to AA correspondents.

Jurdus emphasized that they had a very stressful and difficult time, “I am very pleased to have achieved the goals set at the beginning of the season. The President has a great responsibility. It’s not really easy. I’ve become the head of a team that’s been driven out one after another. We felt like we were carrying. It’s great to be a champion. Good luck to our community. I said.

Emre Yıldız said he started the league with two draws, but met with MKE Ankaraguju club president Faruk Koca and coach Mustafa Dalcı before the Denizlispor match in the third week. .. Although he couldn’t start the league as he wanted, he saw the championship lights at this tournament and emphasized that he wasn’t despaired in the rest of the league, explaining his plans for the Super League:

“Last year, we formed a team to start the league and started working towards the new season as if we were definitely in the Super League. At this point, it may be the team with the most satisfying list. Hmm. For the Super League. We are in a position to set up a team as soon as we take action. We have a strategic meeting with the President. We can take the necessary steps immediately. First, our community is suffering from demotion and serious trauma. Another. They are thinking, “What will happen again in the Super League?” “Currently, we are walking solely on the financial support of the president and the administration. The club currently does not have its own income. The A roadmap is determined according to a fixed budget.”

With the transfer list ready and aiming to bring 80-90% of the new players to the camp, Jules said of the expectations of a star soccer player called “Strawberry Transfer”, “Populist in Transfers”. People who act and behave this way can do a lot of harm to the club. The star soccer player you get. It’s a big financial burden. This is also a risk. For example, when Ous comes, it’s a lot. I talked about that, but I think it was a transfer of “strawberry” for us. The name is very much loved by Ankaraguju fans and Turkish football. If the transfer pressure is high, such players will be included in the list. I made that evaluation.

“Falk Koja is a completely different president in his view.”

Yildiz, sporting director of the Yellow Dark Blue team, said club president Faruk Koca is a great opportunity for the community.

Jurduz emphasized that patience is the number one expectation from fans of the new season, “It would be correct to separate Ankaraguju from the time of Faruk Koca and before. This is only Ankaraguju. I’m not saying that, Faruk Koca is completely different. ” It is rare in Turkey. “All of our employees feel this too. As a message to the Super League, I would like to convey to Ankaraguju supporters: They have given us a great deal of support in the last few months. And we expect the same support in the Super League. We ask them for patience and support, “he said.

Emre Jurs, who also praised Studio D’Artisan, who took the team to the Super League, continued his words:

“I need to be especially careful. I was second in the league in the sixth week. After that, I was out of the top two in just one day. I took the lead in the 21st week, but I am still the leader. The coach of this team, Mustafa Dalcı. Has a very serious success in the middle. The Turkish coach is in a very slippery place. Our teacher’s greatest chance is our president. Faruk Koca is a technique Looking at the equipment, Mustafa Dalcı sees this. First, he looks at his personality, and the personality of our coach is appreciated by everyone. His success is clear. In the short term. Ankaraguju is the champion. The big picture, one of his goals in the medium term is to beautify and further develop the game. Our community must be patient. We have no more. We don’t want to keep fluctuating. Many clubs were in better shape than we were. Budget conditions and as a team. Playing for the championship We had the most modest budget. Our president makes the final decision about our teacher. “

“Few players haven’t contributed this year.”

Emre Yıldız cites the efficiency of all players as one of the biggest reasons for his success.

Regarding the Mustafa Darci meeting with the team prior to the away match with Balıkesirspor in the 34th week of the league, Jurs said: He almost turned into a thank-you speech. Few players haven’t contributed this year. All of them definitely contributed in some parts of the league. ” Said.

Yuls, who praised Ali Khan Gunneren for contributing to the team by scoring four goals in this season’s league, and goalkeeper Bahadir Han Gungoldu, who scored a goal by grabbing a jersey in the last two games, are the two of them. Said the player as follows. In the long run, it will make a significant contribution to both Ankaraguju and Turkish football. :

“Ali Khan got our attention at Akhisarspor. At that time, our teacher Mustafa was in charge of the Super League. This transfer also received criticism that” he can’t play in the Super League. ” I did. Acquired Ali Khan. He offers great service to Turkish football. Young players’ performance can fluctuate. He is undoubtedly a player who provides great service to Turkish football in the long run. Goalkeeper Bahadir is also the name I followed in 4-5. A few years ago. Ankara Demirspor was on my list when I was in the third league. There was also serious criticism when he was added to the team. Last year, 10 “He played the game. He was an agent. I believe in the structure. So is the president and the coach. If the players are good, age doesn’t matter. I’m planning a Bahadir. In the Super League. I will explain why I will not participate. “

Jules said he had been offered a transfer to some players during the season, saying, “I had an offer to transfer to Ali Khan, but I didn’t want to send a player in the middle of the season. A very serious offer to Zahid. There was, especially from China and Portugal. I didn’t allow that because I was planning to go to the championship Zahid. He didn’t want it either. I might have finished the league, but the others The team’s claims continue. The transfer offer will surely come to the players in the next few days. “He concludes his speech.