For the first time in the history of the republic, a woman wearing a scarf faced such severe persecution.

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CHP reader Kemal KurtidalallHe criticized the police’s harsh intervention in Adana’s Furkan Foundation members. “They want to march, whether you like the Fulkan Foundation or not, whether you like it or not. Disproportionate power was used,” said Kılıçdaroğlu. We respect your style, “he said.

CHP leader, party group meeting, mainly president and AKP chair Recep Tayyip Erdogan With MHP reader “State Garden”It was uploaded to. “The government did not bring peace to the country,” Kılıçdaroğlu said. “The government has allocated all of the rich Turkish resources primarily to a small number of users in London and then to domestic users.” He talked about the cost of the project. Use the build-operate-transfer model. “Such a lot of money isn’t just left to the five gangs. There are people who have benefited from it. I promise you, I’ll take out all the people given to you. They brought their money to London. Oligarch, I bring all of that money here. The names of the gangster patrons and marketers are Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “Everyone regrets. It shouldn’t be, “he said.

CHP leader Kurti Darul, who appealed to Bercheri in a statement by Treasury Minister Nureddin Nevati and Finance Minister, said, “Have you encountered a problem? Let’s be comfortable. You can contact us immediately. Overthrow the bureaucracy. Put the president behind and relax. ” Who would say, “We also beat Bercheri.” What do you say? She asked. Kılıçdaroğlu said, “The backbone of the nation is bureaucracy, my dear friends.”

Meanwhile, in his speech, the CHP leader also mentioned the Bogaziçi University incident that was seen yesterday. When 14 students were brought to justice, he rated the student’s request to leave the lawyer’s hall and the judge’s departure from the hall as a “monster.” He told the administration and government of Boğaziçi University:

“If faculty have shown for months that they are destroying the democratic atmosphere of the university from top to bottom without law and do not want this administration in the 21st century, all newly opened faculties and programs When we take power, Boazich University will really become Boazich University. It’s an unfair and illegal government. It’s not an ordinary school, it’s a Turkish beacon, Boazichi University. am.”

The highlights of Kılıçdaroğlu’s remarks are:

“This time we pay tribute to all the citizens of the CHP Group without discrimination and to all the citizens listening to us on TV social media. We have peace, tranquility and coexistence. We need to accept. In this beautiful geography, that is, to do what Knowles needs, as soon as I vote for CHP, so that all citizens can live in peace in this country. It is my duty to make an effort.

“(Kılıçdaroğlu celebrated the forest week) If you can’t put out the wildfire, your conscience must hurt.

Bogaziçi University Reaction: We End the Duties of Those Who Unfairly Come to Certain Positions, My Brothers

“(In the case of Bogaziçi University) lawyers were unfairly dismissed, students were dismissed, judges left. It was a completely crazy lie. Successful students need to go abroad. Accepted by private universities, their foreign bans are still ongoing. If they are illegally destroying the entire democratic atmosphere of the university from the top down, and what faculty members do not want this administration. If we’ve shown months, I’d like to call on the whole administration and the government. In the 21st century, when we come to power, we’ll completely shut down all newly opened faculties and programs. Ordinary It’s not a school. It’s the Bogaziçi University, which is the beacon of Turkey. ”

“(Fulkhan Foundation event) They want to march, whether they like the Fulkhan Foundation or not. Disproportionate power was used. For the first time in the history of the Republic, a woman wearing a scarf is like that. Faced with severe persecution. I promise them again. We respect your lifestyle.

Drug response to soil: why are you taken away, brothers?

“(Reaction to soil as a’drug’) Last week we talked about the collapse. I tried to explain with an example that the situation in Turkey was not good at all. I said there. There is no baron in prison. The ministry issued a statement. They blamed me for saying this was to ignore police efforts. The person above doesn’t understand what I’m saying. My friend says what this is. Who caught the drug trafficker? police. The police who handed them over to the public prosecutor’s office. Who is the judge and who is the prisoner? ,judge. Who released him, the judge. So why do you know my police brothers know me well, know Soil well, know my personality well, know his personality. Everyone knows how sensitive he is to this problem. ..

“Regulations have come out and our police brothers are very uncomfortable. They are constantly changing places. They are now increasing it to 4 twice, the order of their families is deteriorating. What if his wife works in the private sector? Does his wife go? He has a child, he goes to school, this child has no rights or laws? Good The proof was the leader, my police brothers, three moves are worth one fire .. not one fire, but a fire. I promised the police brothers to fix them Did.

To Erdogan: He allocated all of Turkey’s resources primarily to a small number of moneylenders in London and then to national moneylenders.

“The government did not bring peace to the country. The government allocated all the rich Turkish resources mainly to a few usury in London and then to the country’s usury. As we have said many times. I’m paying attention. Then he couldn’t stand, he said, we would lower interest. He lowered interest, while he carried heavier interest on his back. Citizens At any bank, take a look at the interest they charge you. If it’s 14%, that’s very good. Who pays the interest? We all pay it together.

To Baseri: Nevaty will say tomorrow, “We will beat Baseri too,” but what do you say?

“(Neverty”Don’t overthrow the bureaucracy. ” (In his words) they say we overthrow it while many bureaucratic institutions, including security, are being criticized. E Tomorrow, Nabati will say, “We will beat Verseri too.” What do you answer? The basis of the nation is bureaucracy, my dear friends. Can a nation without bureaucracy exist in the world? He doesn’t look, he says we can do what we want. It’s not about thinking. Why doesn’t a stranger come despite him? He begs, he begs. But it doesn’t come. Brothers because there is no life and property security in your country. If we say we change the law the way you want, someone else will come tomorrow, don’t worry, I will change the law too. First, there must be stability.

Erdogan’s statement that he changed for the YID project: They put the devil in his position!

((((The reaction to the phrase “this country doesn’t get any money from financial resources”, which Prime Minister Erdogan often says about construction-operation-relocation projects, was put in another way with the opening of the Canakkale Bridge in 1915.) The man who lied to this country for years, collected votes, and came to the place where I said yes years later pays this from the state’s financial resources and confesses, for a moment. You shouldn’t sit in that seat. God makes my head unable to deal with these things, how do we need to know about such kind games? They are wearing devil shoes backwards!

“If we still say we’re going to vote for the AK Party and MHP, you’ll be this robbery party, sorry!”

“My brothers who voted for AKP or MHP need to reach out to their conscience and listen to me. The city hospital is beautiful. I don’t know how much it cost, the debt. The construction cost is 10 billion. The dollar is 200 The promised amount is 82.05 billion lira. They also sign the money and say that the London court has authority, no one should touch us if power changes. In the province of Turkey, 84 million people cannot be turned into a place of exploitation for a small number of people. YavuzSultanSelimBridge, the cost of oil is 3 billion. 300 million TL Ministry of Finance guarantees 9 billion TL. AK Party or In the case of MHP, you will be the party of this robbery.

“The names of the parents and marketers of the five gangs are Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”

“Look, I said that this isn’t the only money left for the five gangsters. There are people who have benefited from it. I promise. I’ll take everyone out. They’ll take them out. To London, those oligarchs, I bring all of that money here. The names of the gangster patrons and marketers are Recep Tayyip. “Erduan is Erdogan, no one regrets. Should not be. They in front of the judge with approval in a letter he signed.

“Prime Minister Erdogan says,’I will not send Syrians.’ What does that mean, I give them citizenship, they vote for me. Those who rule the nation on their own. If he trusts the Syrian will, not the Syrian will, his own people will protect his seat and know that he has nothing to give to this country.

“Bacheli said at today’s group meeting,’If you say you don’t cross the bridge, you can jump into the sea and meet.’