Flying racket met children and young people in Sanliurfa

Launched in 2018, the project aims to help children and adolescents develop the habit of playing sports through table tennis and resumed in Sanliurfa after the pandemic. The Flying Racket Project, which has reached more than 85,000 students in Sanliurfa, has reached 115,000 students so far. Through this project, the number of students who received training in table tennis instruction reached 287.

Today, technology company Hitit, which exports software solutions to 54 airlines on five continents, has carried out a social responsibility project called Flying Rackets in Sanliurfa, following Çorum, Isparta and Trabzon. The launch of the project Sanliurfa took place at the GAP Arena Sports Hall. Hitit’s Flying Rackets project was launched in 2018 with the goal of connecting children and adolescents to table tennis and helping them develop a healthy life and regular sports habits.

Professional table tennis with a trained coach

Within the scope of the project, schools in need throughout the state will be identified and first, table tennis equipment will be provided. At the same time, the student education process begins with a teacher who receives a coaching certificate at the end of the professional training given by the federation. While supporting the physical and mental development of children, the discovery and support of young talent and the acquisition of athletes representing the world’s nations at this branch are another objectives of this project. Launched in 2018, the Flying Racket Project provides professional table tennis training to more than 30,000 children at 55 schools in Corum, 41 schools in Isparta and 77 schools in Trabzon.

It reaches 100 schools and 85,000 students in Sanliurfa.

Flying Racket provided ping-pong tables and teaching materials to 100 schools in Sanliurfa, who previously had no table tennis equipment. The combination of equipment support and a professional training program completes a first-level coaching course with 100 teachers. Teachers who have completed the training and obtained a certificate will voluntarily support the spread of table tennis education in schools. The Flying Rackets project aims to reach 85,000 students at 100 schools in Sanliurfa.

Equipment support for schools in Syria

In Sanliurfa, schools on the Syrian border were not forgotten, and ping-pong tables, rackets and ball support were provided to junior high schools in Tel Abyad, Elsera, Einars, Hasan Elisa, Sulquergarbi and Ali Ibn Talip. , I belong to the Sanliurfa National Education Bureau. The event will feature Federal President Oktay Çimen, Deputy Governor of Sanliurfa Yasin Akgül, Vice President Hittite Nevra Onursal Karaağaç, Deputy Mayor of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Area, Ahmet Kaytan, project stakeholders, project stakeholders, teachers and students. I participated. Launch conference held at GAP Arena Sports Hall.

“85,000 students met table tennis in Sanliurfa”

Nevra Onursal Karaağaç, Vice President of Hitit, said in a speech:

“The pandemic situation that has influenced the world is affecting not only economic and social life, but also the relationship with sports, which is essential for the healthy life of individuals. Children make sports a lifestyle. The future benefits of hiring have become even more important, so there is also the excitement of revisiting children’s lives in the process of normalization with Flying Rackets, which had to take regular breaks. We will continue with Shanlu Wolfa, a project previously realized in Chorum, Isparta and Trabuzon. Shanlu Wolfa alone can introduce table tennis to 85,000 students in 100 schools. In addition, by providing physical support to five schools on the Syrian border, children in these schools will also have the opportunity to benefit from this project. Children will continue to play table tennis. We will promote table tennis as a mass sport by providing it to the public and realizing fly rackets in various regions. “

Student Elif Nisa Çiftçi said she was delighted to hand over the ping-pong table to school, saying, “Today I played ping-pong with my friends thanks to Flying Racket. I am very happy. I will give you a ping-pong.”

One of the students, Rüveyda Başkır, said: I really liked the Flying Racket project. They give us a ping pong table for us to play, thank you very much.