Flash words before the match of Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor! “The winning password is in the Nuri Shahin game”

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The 28th week of the Super League will be a huge match scene. Two rivals, Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor, share the trump card at Ulker Stadium.

Despite losing 14 points against his closest rival, league leader Trabzonspor wants to defeat Fenerbahce in Kadikoy and pass without losing another important corner on his way to the championship. increase. Fenerbahce, meanwhile, aims to win three points with fan support to pave the way for second place in the league.

Our huge pre-match writer Uğur Meleke discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams.

UĞURMELEKE: “Abdullah Abju needs to protect his gear and Ismail Kartal needs to break the mesh.”

In football, all eyes are focused on the match between Fenerbahce and Trabzon … how do the two teams need to play? What to do and what not to do? Their strengths and weaknesses …

The league is currently divided into Trabzon and others. If Fenerbahce wants the top of the “other league”, it must break that heart. In the first half of the league, he has to seek, find and try the ball from Trabzon, as Antalya, Goztepe and Konya did. Trabzonspor is literally an automatic gear. They take the ball to the opponent’s goal with muscular memory and play with their hearts as if they were riding a bicycle. I think Abdullah Avc’s only test against Fenerbahce in Kadikoy is not to give up his automatic gear …

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I am a lucky sports fan. We saw Besiktas’ undefeated championship Galatasaray win the league with Terim for four years and Fenerbahce scored 103 goals and 93 points live. Trabzonspor’s 2021-22 story is slowly moving in the direction remembered in these legendary seasons. With 9 wins and 1 draw in the remaining 11 games, he will break the score record in the history of the Super League. If they can win 10 games, they will break the league’s historical record. If we can maintain the current synergies for another two months, we will be candidates for these records.

Trabzonspor has only scored one goal in the last 15 minutes.

Few statistics do not pass Trabzonspor in the 202122 season of the Super League. They are the team that got the longest (1031 minutes) and lags behind the shortest (258 minutes). Perhaps another striking detail is this: they only allowed one goal in the last 15 minutes of the first 27 weeks of the Super League. It was also the money from Cikallesi that could not affect the results. So, broadly speaking, if you want to beat Trabzon, you have to start the game well and it’s very difficult to change the game late at the end of the match.

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Uglucan Chakul changed the story of the whole season

Trabzon is not only good at maintaining scores, but also good at coming back. They scored their first goal in nine games this season, but none of these tournaments were defeated. They won 5 of them and finished 4 of them in a draw. Of course, Abdullah Abju has the largest share of this amazing performance of the azuki-blue people. But you need to write down some names that spent the career season next to Avcır: Uğurcan Çakır, the league setter. According to OPTA data, if a Trabzon opponent scored as much as the xG (expected goal) created from the beginning of the season, he would have scored 36 goals. Ugurkan probably changed his story throughout the season. In addition to Ugurkan, Nuwakaeme walking towards double-digit goal / assist stats in the Super League, Bisca, who scored 21 points in this season’s goals, and top scorer Cornelius are at the top. If the Abdullah Avcı team wants to dominate the game in Kadıköy, it’s not easy to ruin their rhythm if they play their own games.

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Fenerbahce with Ismail Kartal is the penultimate shot aimed at the target.

Antalyaspor is the only team that has hosted Trabzonspor at home this season, beating their opponents not only in the score but also in the game. In the first half of the league, Konya, Goztepe and Adana Demirspor also played dominant football against Trabzonspor, but could not beat their opponents. Antalya is the only team that can add autographs next to the game. I think the match that all teams aiming to defeat Trabzon can refer to is the Antalya match. So can Ismail Kartal show Nuri Shahin’s performance against Kadikoy’s Trabzon? It’s hard to say that Kartal’s seven-game Super League performance is at this level. Kartal’s Fenerbahce sent 22 accurate shots to his opponent’s goal in seven games. And in this statistic, they are the penultimate in the Super League (Altay is in the last place at 20).

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The canary’s three-point password is in football played by Nuri Shahin.

In order for Ismail Kartal to confront Trabzon in this match, he must break away from the practical understanding shown in the first seven matches, search for 90 minutes and try. Detaching performances against Trabzon allows Burgundy Blue people to easily charge you when you break up. Fenerbahce’s aggressive players can be rated in two different categories. If you dominate the match, if you want to maintain the continuity of the attack, there should be people on the field such as Serdal Dursan, Valencia, Ilfan, Arda, Mart. However, if you are looking for an opportunity to play a practical ball, we recommend taking advantage of Mesut’s pass intelligence and Rossi’s speed. No one has been able to beat Trabzon in the pass game in this season’s league. If you want to beat Trabzon, you have to control your gear, as Nuri Shahin did. If Ismail Kartal wants to succeed, he must break his heart.