Flash statement from Minister Soil about explosives found in police cars: Target was Istanbul

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Minister Soil answers journalist questions on TVNet. The headings for Soil’s remarks are:

An explosive was found in a police officer’s vehicle

* Yesterday, I received a phone call from the Hackari police chief from 8:00 to 9:00. There are various analysis programs. These are programs they call artificial intelligence and are created by accumulating a lot of information. They said they found a suspicious vehicle from here. They said it was a drug transport. In Turkey, 70% of drug networks are captured in the east and 30% in the west. They were surprised to find 133 packages and 53.5 kg of explosives behind. Looking at his ID, you can see that he is a police officer.


* The transfer came from northern Iraq, when it came from, they left the car around Shemdingli and put the material in it. We fired this police officer for a common crime in 2019. Then he returns with a court order. After all, the target is Istanbul. He has already taken steps for many transfers. But we are looking at new and new ways. For example; PYD headquarters. There is an image. The PYD commander told two DAESH women, “You will bring these explosives to Turkey. If you bring them, we will have your husband in our hands. And leave the child. ” At one point, I had a car and the police, so I thought I could skip it, but I was caught because of my friend’s beautiful work. This year, we blocked 15 similar actions.

Turkey’s first

* Create a base area with gendarmerie on Mount Ararat. This base will be 3200 meters and will be the first base in Turkey.

Very important point

* He said he was carrying gold bullions in his car. But I think he knew he was carrying explosives. That is a very important point. This is a very annoying type. Unfortunately, drug smugglers can get involved in each of these issues. Civil servants can do that too. We have a responsibility to catch the person who issued the alarm.

Police intervention on members of the Full Khan Foundation

* Our main duty is to maintain public order and morals. To maintain the functioning of the law. Be careful not to face threats to citizens and do this within the framework of the law. This group has attempted to commit more than 50 illegal acts for four to five months. From September to October, seven Kuytulcu kidnapped the man and tortured one of them because their material source was moved to another location. As a result, these seven were arrested when speaking in the judiciary. Again, they threaten another doctor in the state. The person is also arrested when he is about to intimidate. For years, they have experienced motives by emphasizing their political identities and emphasizing different identities more than they are religious groups.

* You do not have the right to continue with this and some contacts or to do what you want to do in connection with organized crime. If you’re going to march on the street, there’s a law for it. If you do not comply with the law, the police are also authorized to take action on behalf of others there. It’s not just Adana. There are also Mersin and other states. They are out on the street and have a camera in their hands. They put children and women first. They spit on the police and try to shoot. Forty-five percent of yesterday’s social media are bot accounts. The majority of 55% are opposition groups, half of whom are external FETO members. (Dissident) Someone who is worried about what I will produce for the government, even if it does something.

“ALPARS LANKUYTUL is a man from the ground up”

* We will do our best to reduce the impact there. The last event to use is jop. Our friends have provided this to this day without giving a problematic image. But the provocation they face is high. Alparslan Kuytul is from. This guy is derailed and has this fear. He committed one crime and another. He knows he gets caught up in this. Tomorrow and the next day, religion will exploit us and another area. The state and we do not interfere with it. There is a real joker in front of me. A man who receives orders from other places. He calls himself a teacher. He goes into politics, creates the infrastructure to justify the coup, and looks back, saying, “The president’s pen will break.” Tomorrow, another process will emerge from here. The state does not prevent it.