Flash decision from Facebook and Instagram: Hate speech to Russia has been released!

Sanctions continue to fall on Russia from all over the world due to the invasion of Ukraine. While many large corporations around the world are withdrawing from the country, the government is trying to destroy Russia with heavy economic measures. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram have made new decisions, opening a whole different front to the fight against Russia, and that decision has taken an unprecedented step today. The Kremlin responded to Facebook’s move.

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We have entered the 16th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. During the continued Russian attacks on civilian settlements, the parties gathered in Antalya to seek diplomatic solutions. The ceasefire decision did not emerge from these negotiations, but Russian troops resumed their advance to Kyiv.

Meanwhile, countries around the world continue to impose sanctions on Russia, trying to break Russia’s resistance by putting Russia in an economic impasse. Large companies are also withdrawing from the country one by one as part of these sanctions.

On the other hand, one of the most striking decisions about crimes against humanity in Russia came from social media giant Facebook. The company, which also owns Instagram, announced that it has announced hate speech to Russia on these two platforms for some time.

“Death to Russian invaders”

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Under normal circumstances, social media platforms restrict and remove discriminatory posts targeting people of a particular race, disadvantaged group, or country, and ban shareholder accounts. The first of these platforms are the most used platforms around the world, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook has decided to temporarily revoke this long-standing policy and publish a post containing hate speech to Russia. According to the decision, sharing words such as “death of Russian invaders” on Facebook and Instagram will no longer be blocked by the platform. However, directing these discourses one by one to private targets is still prohibited.

The decision of the company, which owns Facebook and Instagram and took the name “Meta” a few months ago, quickly sparked a lot of controversy.

The company’s statement included the following:

“As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we have temporarily issued political statements such as” death to the Russian occupiers, “which usually violate our rules. However, we ignore and continue to ban Russian citizens’ calls for violence. “

Flash decision from Facebook and Instagram: Hate speech to Russia released

Ukrainian leader Zelensky has been one of the most active users of social media since the beginning of the occupation.

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Response from the Kremlin

The Kremlin statement emphasized that the company should suspend all activities in Russia if this Meta decision proves to be correct.

Which country does the decision apply to?

According to media sources, this new decision targets Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. This information is reportedly taken from an email sent to the content administrator.

The Meta Company has not yet announced the other countries covered by these geographic boundaries and has not answered questions on this subject. The company experienced difficulties due to decisions that it made or did not make in similar situations before. In a protest in Iran in July 2021, the company made the same decision. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has temporarily allowed the posting of “Death to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei”.

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Pandora’s box opened

The process, which began with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, put tech companies and television in a difficult position. For example, US Senator Lindsey Graham’s call to assassinate Russian leader Vladimir Putin live has been a sensation. Graham also shared these words on Twitter using the phrase “The only way to end this is for someone in Russia to defeat this guy.” Graham’s tweets were not censored or deleted by the platform.

“This decision also enables a call for violence against Russian soldiers,” said Emerson Brooking, head of digital crime research. He said. “The call for violence here is in line with the call for resistance, because Ukraine is also resisting the violent occupation.” Highlight the details.

Flash decision from Facebook and Instagram: Hate speech to Russia released

Twitter did not remove Senator Graham’s reactionary post …

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There is also for

Professor at Lehigh University. “Releasing hate speech to certain people from a certain time is like opening the door to a terrifying place,” added Jeremy Ritau. He criticized the decision.

While Facebook and Instagram have taken this attitude towards Russia, Russia has begun to limit domestic use of similar social media platforms. Almost all Western-based social media platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook, are banned domestically.

Flash decision from Facebook and Instagram: Hate speech to Russia released

Thanks to social media, the image of the occupation of Ukraine is spreading all over the world

Therefore, Russia, the other two countries in the world doing this. Joined China and North Korea.