Five suggestions for solving the Kurdish problem


Diyarbakir -CHP Chair Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, who came to Diyarbakir on Wednesday, continues to contact him in the city.

Kılıçdaroğlu started the Diyarbakir tour by attending the breakfast served by Aziz Elaldı of the Yamaç tribe. Kılıç daroğlu greeted those who attended the breakfast in Kurdish and said “Serseraşerçava” (my head and eyes).

“We will come to DIYARBAKIR more”

He said he met the people of Diyarbakır in a nice atmosphere, Kılıçdaroğlu said, “They met all the segments of society, listened to their problems, and asked,” What is the solution for CHP? ” I tried to explain the question as long as the words returned. We will come to Diyarbakir more often. We know that we have ignored it for many years. The people of Diyarbakır also blamed me for this issue. More to Diyarbakir, you left us alone. ” We will come and sit more in Diyarbakir. I will speak, I will speak.
State religion is justice. Where there is no justice, there is no nation. We need to provide justice. If we can provide justice in some way, affluence will come to our table. Our main point was justice when we wanted to bring about a strengthened parliamentary system. There must be justice, and there must be the will of the people. The will should be reflected in the parliament as it is. If the mayor is elected at the will of the state, he must not dismiss the mayor, appoint a councilor, or close a political party. Political parties have repeatedly stated that they are an element of democracy. We rebuild peace, tranquility, brotherhood and friendship.
He said.

KILIÇD AROĞLU: Land is not planted

He said the area was heavily damaged, and Kılıçdaroğlu also touched on the economic problems of the area, saying:

“You have a very rich culture. In a sense, this is the center of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is the place where wheat was first obtained and is a fertile source. We are more fertile in this geography. I want to meet the soil with water. You will get fruits and beautiful plants.

It is the political institutions that miss the blessings. All of this will be fixed if political institutions stand on the side of affluence and sweat. The water in the dams built in the Euphrates and Tigris irrigates and envelops the soil, increasing fertility. In the last decade, 2 million hectares of land have not been cultivated in Diyarbakir. People gave up farming and production of land. why? Axis does not make a profit and suffers a loss. Therefore, for this reason, he goes to Istanbul and Izmir. Can he find a job at the minimum wage? It is possible to fix them. Let me tell you this. There are no unsolvable problems in Turkey.


“Turkey’s problem can be solved”

All problems can be solved. It can be solved with reason, knowledge and experience. As long as the politician must be honest, it is possible to solve them all. If a politician reaches out to Beitumare, he will not bring any benefit to his country. He never reaches out to Bethlehem. The taxes we pay, the taxes you pay, the taxes paid by newborns should be used in the right places and for the country. That way, the country is rich, but if the politician can’t control the business, the business goes elsewhere. This is the point Turkey has reached. “

“Kurds have educational problems in their native language.”

Kılıçdaroğlu later attended a conference entitled “Attitudes of Opponents and CHP in Turkey” hosted by the Dicle Social Research Center (DITAM).

President Mehmet Vral of D0054TAM, who gave the opening speech, said, “There is no winner in the war. That is why we oppose the war as an NGO. Turkey needs to face tolerance in the past. The existence of Kurdish people. Conflict is important. am.”

Vral said, “Conflicts are important. Events such as Diyarbakir Prison, the victims of the Dersim case, and the confrontation with a family of 46 people executed in 1925 are important. The Roboski event is itself a confrontation event. I hope the page opens. There are Kurdish people living in this area. These people have problems with their native language. I think they should be entitled to education in their native language. ” rice field.

“The road to democracy has passed Diyarbakir, and the phrase must now be born,” Vral said.

“Everyone’s identity is an honor”

Speaking after Vural, Kılıçdaroğlu gave information about the alliance they formed as six political parties. Kılıçdaroğlu said they would establish political and moral norms. The headings for the statement of Kılıçdaroğlu are:

“We register the Ethics in Government Act”

“We decided to carry out democracy. The most important point is to give an explanation of all the penny spent on the country. This point is very valuable to us. This If you can give an explanation of all the penny spent on the country, politics will be clean. Politics will be clean and honest. We will do another thing. We promised the country. We establish political moral norms. Moral people should be in parliament. Decent people should be in parliament. Members who serve in parliament are in pursuit of business, pursuit of bids, bribes. Being out of pursuit, it is beneficial to the country. If they work for you, you will see this country, and it will be rosy. It is not right Anyway, anyone’s identity, beliefs, life. It also deals with style. Everyone’s identity is their own honor. It’s the relationship between Allah and the servant. It’s not a place to disturb or ask him. It’s impossible anyway. Lifestyle for everyone. We need to hear. We embark on this framework and walk on it. We appreciate your support and peace in this country. There is peace, there is a hug in this country. Most importantly, when people who have cheated in the past face and express injustice, it is goodbye in this country. “

“Political parties should not be closed”

Pointing out that the programs of the six parties are separate, Kılıçdaroğlu emphasized that they are democratic partners. “We are all looking forward to democracy,” said Kılıçdaroğlu. “Democracy is the lowest common denominator. If we accept it, we will move away. Political parties are democracy. It’s an integral part of the principle. Political parties shouldn’t be closed. It’s not democracy to say, “I’ve ordered, I can turn it off at any time.” The Constitutional Court is not someone’s father’s farm. It comes with election choices. We are against the principle of trust. Political parties cannot be closed. What kind of dissatisfaction did the urgent order cause? The same military coup was previously conducted. These are included in the declaration. The mayor cannot be dismissed. The 10% election threshold is the result of the September 12 coup.

This is not a fair rate and does not apply anywhere in the world. We sat in 6 parties and said 3 percent. Bring 3% of the area to Congress. 3 percent strengthens democracy. The ECtHR decision will be implemented and whatever is necessary for those who have not. You have established human rights, equality does not apply. Political parties that receive 1 percent of the votes should also be helped.

“Gang of 5: Erdogan’s Oligarchy”

Not only the unfair profits the five gangs got in Turkey, but also the money they kidnapped and brought to London.
I’ll bring it here. Anyone who eats the right, we ask for his account. Don’t make Tawassul again. These are Erdogan oligarchs. Conflict, goodbye, solve existing problems in politics. When I say goodbye to confrontation,’the man robbed much of the state. Say goodbye. How do you say goodbye? Harariization is in power and facing the injustices committed. Corruption and theft are different things, and he is held liable.

“DIRBA KIR prison must be a museum”

We must face this mistake when there are young people killed in Roboski. He should at least apologize to his family. We must see our mistakes and confront them. Error is a human concept. He interviewed five people who were tortured in Diyarbakir prison. They couldn’t hold back their tears while talking about it. How do you deal with them? You would sit down and say we made a mistake here. Otherwise, social peace cannot be achieved. If the trauma of our heart does not harden. Diyarbakir Prison will be a museum. Just as the place where Dennis Gesmish and his friends were hanged became a museum, Diyarbakir Prison must be a museum so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. Hararize and conflict mean the maturity of the political system. Once the political system has matured, there will be no battle in society. In production, in democracy, there is competition for justice. The concept of racing will also change. Don’t be afraid to face. And it is our people who suffer. But those who do it have an obligation to apologize to society. “

5 suggestions for a solution

“We have finished the first century with its bitterness and sweetness,” said Kılıçdaroğlu. “We are beginning the second century. At the beginning of the second century, there is the problem of not experiencing the same pain. We need to solve this. We need to solve the Kurdish problem. To do that, we need to listen to the person with the problem. There are five basic principles for solving the problem. “

Kılıçdaroğlu explained how to solve the Kurdish problem:

-You need to decide where to solve the problem. The place to solve the problem is TMBB. The law is out of parliament. I sent a 1.5-page letter to President Erdogan on how to solve the problem. The Reconciliation Commission is established in Parliament. There are the same number of participants from each party. Wise people from outside the parliament join the committee.
-People who want to solve problems need to be honest and honest.
-There is no secret personal agenda.
-He does not engage in engagement that would not reveal to the country. He tells you how he did it.
-Parliament and the country will be notified while the process continues.

“Why do you oppose Kurdistan?”

Kılıçdaroğlu also touched on his criticisms in his speech: “I did not accept the word Kurdistan because I defined it as regional discrimination. But Iraq has the Kurdistan local government here. Also sent a delegation. Why do we need to oppose? No problem, no worries. The six leaders agree that the establishment of regional peace. The battle is for us as well. It doesn’t help the country either. The power of the empire does not handle the fire, it uses tongs. We do not become the pawn of the power of the empire. We will be peaceful with all the states of the region. Would be. “

The D0054 TAM meeting, attended by Kılıçdaroğlu, continued to be closed to the press. Kılıçdaroğlu, in contact in Diyarbakır today, will attend a meeting in Wolfa’s Sibelek. (Wall)