Finance Minister Nabati: Efforts to simplify VAT are ongoing

Minister of Finance Nuredin NabatiRecalling that food VAT was reduced to 1% as part of the fight against inflation, he said, “Our efforts to simplify VAT are continuing.”

“Alhamdurila has saved the Turkish economy, which was stuck in shallow areas with a focus on interest rates and exchange rates,” Nevati said. Because life, property, honor and belief are safe in this country. “Believe in the forex system. We will come as a country that prioritizes basic human rights and never compromises freedom,” he said. ..

At the TÜG0054K Business Summit Program, Minister Nevaty said, “You play an important role in the development of our industry and trade and play an important role in strengthening our economy. While doing this, you Does not do these jobs. Thank you, but for the future of your country. But thank you very much. You deserve it. We are representatives of the private sector like you. It is very important that people and NGOs get together to discuss different platforms of law. Your opinions and suggestions are important. Being able to come together to come up with solutions to your problems and demands. Very valuable to us. We came from London with dust on our feet. First we went to the Mipim Fair in France. The respected Minister of the Environment Murat Kurum has some talks. We visited the trade fair and met with representatives of funds and investors in the breakfast program. Turkey is a really interesting area. R. It was one of the fair’s most favorite countries. The last of the epidemic. As the day approached, Turkey became an important stakeholder by acting in a leading position in that direction.

Minister Nabati continued:

“We don’t go abroad to complain about the country.”

“Then I went to London for a conference on green investment. This conference was held in London with the relevant UK ministers. It was very productive. Later, when I visited London, investors and funds I had a meeting with my manager. I met two months ago and I met people I never met again. It was very productive. When I go abroad, it’s clear that it represents the power of Turkey. Go abroad with a great amount and attitude. The power of the nation, the power of the flag, and the geography in which we exist. Whatever our national interests need, it provides a message in line with our national interests. Rather than complaining about this country, our country, life, property, we will come as a country that never compromises freedom, prioritizing freedom. We will come in a way that does not undermine national interests. I will say that I will make all sorts of sacrifices and cooperate with you because we believe in the land of this country and go to this country. When we go, we are the result of 20 years of power, Go with the leaders of the revered President Legep Typ Erdogan, who has been a strong leader in this country for 20 years. When we go, we see that this country is of all kinds between the parties. Go on behalf of the country showing how to act in an original and free way to overcome the difficulties of. Don’t worry, this country is a strong country. They trust this country. We are transparent, candid, loyal and determined. We know our problems. We use all kinds of equipment to overcome problems at the right time. I know what I can do and take action accordingly. Trust this country. “

“This year, we will exceed our export target of $ 250 billion.”

On the other hand, “We are moving rapidly towards a pre-pandemic situation. The 21st century will be the Turkish century.” Nevati said, “We are always working to reach our goals. We are aware of our potential and are chasing opportunities. This year we will exceed our export target of $ 250 billion. We are moving the Turkish economy forward with a production-oriented approach. “

“We are fighting inflation.”

Nevaty also touched on the fight against inflation: “We are fighting inflation. Oil prices are rising. We recognize that oil prices are having a negative impact on inflation. Does not hide them, but our struggle. “

“It’s very nice to be a young, businessman, businessman in this country.”

“Economy is not just numbers, it’s about seeing expectations, hopes, and the future. It means believing in what you are doing. It means believing in your country, land, and flag. It means I have the hope of leaving. A very good future for children. It means sharing the hope, beauty and every part of the body of the future, not the constant worries of the past. “I’m glad you were born in this country. I’m glad you got up in the morning and went through these roads on your way to work. No matter what kind of work you’re doing, I’ve been producing today. I’m looking forward to the future, “Nevaty said. Being a businessman or business person is very sweet and beautiful. What does it mean to be someone who expects business transformation in 8-10 years from the side of the country that expects their transformation in 40-50 years? Don’t give up, show that you are. If so, why are we here? Life is about dealing with difficulties. It’s not about acting in someone’s negative mood. Let them look in the mirror and eat, “he said.