Fevzi Zemzem Says Goodbye to Last Journey-TRTSpor

A ceremony was held at the Gürsel Aksel stadium at 11:30 for Fevzi Zemzem, who died yesterday at the age of 80. The family of Konak Mayor Abdul Batur, Goztepe Deputy Mayor Tarat Papatia, Goztepe Board Member, Ilhan Shahin Management Manager, Team Captain Halil Akbunar, former soccer player, coach, fan and Febji Zemzem attended the ceremony. While the text “Goztepe is grateful to you” was posted on the screen of Gürsel Aksel Stadium, a photo of Zemzem was also exhibited. In the coffin of Zemzem, there was a scarf of Goztepe with a legendary wand and a jersey of Goztepe engraved with “Fevji”. At the ceremony, where he experienced a moving moment, Papatia went upstairs and said goodbye to a very important value.

Daisy: I’m experiencing indescribable sadness

Expressing that she has a sadness that is difficult to explain, Papatia said, “The Febzi brothers are a very important asset not only for Goztepe but also for Turkish football. We really feel the pain of this in the depths of our hearts. Today, Febzi Zemzem comes to mind when we say Goztepe. It is one of the first names. Not only in Izmir, but everywhere in Turkey. He can rest in peace. Febzisemzem is a goal scored by the national team with Goztepe and the team he coached. Successful at every stage of life. Our brother, who was also proud to be from Goztepe at every stage of his life. May God have mercy on him. “ He said.

Batur: He left a big mark on Turkish football

Mayor Abdul Batur of Konak said they would never forget Febji Zamzam. Abdul Batur, “We have lost a beautiful person, a very good soccer player,’Bulldozer Febji’. For me, my brother Febzi is separate from the understanding of football, the interpretation of football, except for Gyozte Perihood. I was at that point. I went to see. While I was watching the match, at the opening of the stadium he told me that we would play this match. And Gyoztepe 2-Besiktas. Defeated in 1. I didn’t know about his illness. Who served Izmir football, Turkish football, and Gyoztepe. After Nefzat, Haril, Ertan, his brother Febzi is also deeply saddened. It is alive.” Said.

Inspiring speech from his son, Murat Zemzem

Murat Zemzem, the son of Fevzi Zemzem, had an emotional moment in his speech. Murat Zamzam “My father was the best person in the world. Being his son is so proud that I agree with him a thousand times. He was a good father and a good wife. He was his home. I knew Göztepe as, and I knew his soccer player as a friend like his brother. ” I used the phrase.

After the ceremony, the Fevzi Zamzem casket was taken to a funeral car. Zemzem was buried in the Yukarı Narlıdere Cemetery, where a funeral prayer was held after noon prayer at Alsancak Hocazade Mosque. The funeral prayer was held alongside Suat Özdağ, one of the club’s former sailors who died on the same day. Meanwhile, Director Sameto Aibaba also attended the funeral.

His career is full of success

Fevzi Zemzem, who started his football career at Goztepe in 1959, wore a yellow-red jersey for 11 years. Febji Zemzem, who scored 144 points in Goztepe and was called a bulldozer, had many successes in the club. Fevzi Zemzem, who won two Turkish Cups and one Presidential Cup at Goztepe, scored the highest score with 19 goals in the 1967-1968 season. From 1968 to 1969, Fevzi Zemzem had a large share of Goztepe’s promotion to the semi-finals of the UEFA Europa League, then known as the Fair City’s Cup. Zemzem, who scored six goals in 18 games on his national team, worked as a coach after finishing his football career. Fevzi Zemzem taught his legendary Goztepe at four different times.