FETO Statement from Interior Minister Soil: Forgive me, he can stand up

Interior Minister Suleiman Soil yesterday participated in the “Net View Special” program broadcast on TVNET, a television channel close to the government.

In a live broadcast from the Security and Emergency Coordination Center (GAMER), Minister Soil answered Mete Yaral and Nedim Şener’s questions on the agenda, moderated by Serhat וbrahimoğlu.

Police with explosive cars: “HEDEFISTAN BUL”

Soil said that a 52.5 kilogram explosive was found in a police officer’s car working in Hackari’s Istanbul: However, Hackari police chief called yesterday evening. As an artificial intelligence program was created, our friend said he had detected a suspicious vehicle. They basically thought it was a drug transplant. Both teams have had very serious experience following this issue and the sensors and alarms in the analysis program are functioning at a very high level. Then they are surprised to find 133 packs of rdx type explosives of 52 kg and 0.5 kg behind. If you look at the ID, you will see the ID of the police officer. I think the transfer came from northern Iraq, which probably leaves the car around Shemdingli. They put the material in Shemdinli and locked the tires. He comes, takes the key, and robs it, “he said. Mr. Soil said police officers were fired in 2019 for a cable theft, but a court ruling returned him to his duties, moved him to another location, and moved him to one location in Istanbul. The target is Istanbul, the point I’ve seen so far. A 52.5 kilogram explosive is a large and important explosive. “

Base area to Mount Ararat

Minister Soil said of the base area to be built on Mount Ararat: “If God wants, the gendarmerie will be placed in a 3,200-meter campsite this year. For the first time in a while, we will set up a base at the top of Mount Ararat. Of course, they are stuck around here and their movements When restricted, they try to infiltrate the city. This is the way to follow DAESH, just like following PKK. We go from person to person. “

Hulkan Foundation Action: We Can’t Thank You

Soil issued a statement about the actions taken by Adana’s Furukhan Foundation: “For the past four to 4.5 months, these groups of quiturists have attempted to commit more than 50 illegal acts in Adana alone. From September to October, a group of seven kidnapped them and tortured them for 12 days, after which a person alleged to be one of them moved certain materials to another location. His family reported and we searched for it for 12 days. When it became too tight, they had to release it. The problem was brought to court. As a result, these seven were arrested. 1.5 to 2 months ago in another state, this time threatening another person, a doctor. This person was trying to carry out the threat. You will be caught and arrested. “

Minister Soil said:

“After all, there is a law under 2911 for street marches and demonstrations. If you don’t do this, the police will of course take action if you don’t follow the law. Life, freedom, of others, Freedom, and not to limit comfort. It has the right. It exists only here in Mersin. It also exists in other states. When I said only in Adana, It did more. In a very short time, more than 50 actions took place in 4.5 months. Sorry, sorry. 45% of yesterday’s social media are bot accounts. , 55% are opposition groups, half are opposition groups. Are external FETO members. Alparslan Kuytul is a man with external roots. There is a real joker in front of us. From elsewhere. There is a man who is receiving an order. “

Regarding the “February 28” reminder of police intervention in the case in Adana, Minister Soil said, “It undermines the integrity of the February 28 approach, in other words, the dignity of those who protect their freedom. “. No such assessment, no such comparison, and no such comparison. This is not the right approach. “

Fetus: “Forgive me, she can stand up.”

Soil said of the fight against the Fetra Terrorist Organization (FETO), “I want you to know that you have cut off your relationship in Turkey. This is important. Will you not stand up? As long as you are standing in Germany.” As long as he stands in the United States, as long as his school is on the Balkan Peninsula and is protected. “Of course, forgive me, he can stand up. In the case of the next day’s death. We are aware of this. As part of the fight against FETO, 327,000 people were detained, More than 600,000 people have been prosecuted. More than 100,000 have been killed. “While he was arrested, about 20,500 people were imprisoned inside and their property and property were confiscated,” Turkey said. Declared that the state’s struggle against foreign FETO members is ongoing.

Refugees: 58,000 Ukrainians arrive

Minister Soil said that 58,000 Ukrainians have come to Turkey since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, with about 30,000 entering by land and about 900 via third countries. He emphasized that he entered the country by air. Minister Soil said AFAD had set up tents and sent 51 trucks of material so far, saying that there are about 3 million Syrians in Turkey, 80% of whom live at their addresses. Was judged. I specified it. Soil said that about 400,000 to 500,000 Syrians may have gone abroad, and said that the Syrians who committed the crime “will receive it if they are released for crimes that are offensive to public order and morals. Bring it to the camp immediately. There 2 and 3 months. We bring it to the Syrian camp and train for 2-3 months. If he commits a very nasty crime , We receive it, take his signature and bring it to the safe zone. “

Police regulations: “We said we should reduce our original time.”

In response to criticisms of the General Directorate of Security’s newly announced staffing rules, Soil said:

“We are responsible for the peace and tranquility of the people. Something came to my mind a year and a half ago, while the east and southeast were a little relieved while we were thinking about this. They said they should reduce their time in the Orient, and those who went to the Second East began to retire for fear of not being able to return to their place, as this is an old rule. Let’s remove that too. Let’s say he went to the Second East. If he goes back to the second song or later, he goes back to his favorite place, the place he worked before, maybe the kids. , Because I can be alone for a couple of years. Don’t disturb the order of the house. Let’s be able to serve this way. We have set all of these. Separate before us. There was a problem. There are some states. They don’t want to go east. We have reduced some states and want to go east. For example, from Elzrum anyway. , It is desirable to go to most of the routes in the area to Malatya, but there are some states there. No need to add. There are several states in the west. For example, find the police in Chunkle. It’s difficult, but it’s hard to find police in Kurshehir. At that time, he said that if you divide the east into two and the west into two, you’ll be in two easts anyway. If so, it may go in another direction. “

Minister Soil has announced that regional regulations will be enforced in 2024.