Fenerbahema from Alanyaspor-nderzen comments

Sports commentator nderzen evaluated the match in which Fenerbahe defeated Aytemiz Alanyaspor 5-2 on NTV.

I watched a 7-goal match. It could have been a higher scoring match. Generally speaking, I have found that Alanyaspor’s approximation to Fenervahe to the away game is very accurate. About 15-20 days ago, Trabzonspor was away from Alanya. It can be said that Fenerbahe met in the same way as Trabzonspor. He was also 5 years old.

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“He did it without effort”

Alanyaspor insists on setting up the game from behind. Those who do push-ups towards Alanyaspor’s goal can come to an end. Fenerbahe closed the midfield and pushed, but the defender couldn’t find the target and turned back. Pressure began when he returned. Fenerbahe did this without much effort.

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“You can be 5 goals, 10 goals”

There are five goals. It could have been 10. There is a serious position in the first half. Fenerbahe has four positions up to 18, two of which are clear. That could have been a big goal. It may have ended in 7-10.

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“Main Hero Altay”

Male hero Altai. Another special performance from Altay. Several players are ranked in terms of performance. One is Rossi and the other is Zasik. Zajc’s defense performance was very high. It also affects your score.



The most talked about is Arda Gler. Prlprl is a shining young man. He talks about his mind, his sportsmanship, his bright face, his cold blood, his shots, his game intelligence in the final position. That would be the point where he cleared Berisha and the ball. It’s a great goal pass, not in the middle.


“Fans are happy too”

The strategy choice for smailKartal was appropriate. Fenerbahe won a spectacular victory despite giving him many positions. I think the fans are happy with the game.



Later, a Slavia buffalo entered. He lifted the yacht in the penalty area and scored a goal. There is also super coordination there. It has the ability to be confident, overwhelming, change legs, and deceive the enemy. The most difficult thing is to deceive the other person.



I love Farioli, I like it very much. There is a game in which he is an expert and he knows all the tricks in the game. This job will come across anti-thesis after a while if you have a great dissertation and it works. It shows how aggressive you are as a coach there. The situation was complicated, as Altay Bayndr did. On the one hand, Altay gave an example of positive action.

One assist and four very special saves came from Altay. The British and Germans have changed the player’s rating. If someone is involved in some paymarking action, they will give 10 points. I give according to their score, Altay is exactly 10 points.



Szalai was very successful in the attack. The Defender has done a full forward for an origin-based full back. Fullback has failed to defend him. Fullback and Defender Defense are two different things.

Ozan Tufan ktyd, kt. The defense is really bad. It’s a miracle that Ozan is still playing after the Slavs. Ozan Tufan’s reputation is very high in our home. When I get home, they will get angry with me.


“This is FENERBAH, ask yourself a question”

Nazum SangarĂ© casts doubt on himself. Before Burak Kapacak, Ozan’Nazm cuts it. What am i doing, where is this place, who am I? This is Fenerbahe, I’m back soon. Who will play there, midfielder. Why am I here and why is he in the field? He needs to fix this. Nazum couldn’t convince the fan, his teammates. He first needs to convince himself. Now you are in Fenervahe, higher tempo, higher quality.


“Novak was photographed by looking at the number.”

No one was there because Ferdi wasn’t on the left. You can see that the Novak forwarding is also wrong. Fenerbahe robbed Novak by looking at the score, but he wasn’t looking at the game. He might have been bored if he had seen and bought the game. The greatest defenses in the defense of Trabzonspor are Pereira and Novact. They were only doing numbers.



Zajc’s momentum is on the rise. The tempo is very fast. The team raises the tempo. There are Kprts, but hmbl is not a midfielder. He already has a soccer player. There may be a better role next year. Zajc in front of the centre-back may be more effective than Zajc behind the centre-forward. Of course, we don’t know who decides it.


“Everyone says they were blessed”

Serdal Dursan came from Darmstadt and Mesto from Arsenal. Let’s go to Germany, let’s ask them. There was a free kick on the bow, a mess on the ball, a Darmstadt selder, a long one, and a Trk. Who is throwing the freaky? He says without exception that all Germans and all Turks, all Croats, all Italians, all Greeks and all East Europeans living in Germany should shoot. If Mesut, Serdar shoots very well, he will let go.



I see Osai’s efforts and respect him, he is running, he is a good athlete. However, there are serious productivity issues. The goalkeeper helped today. He did it, you make it too.


“Kapacak needs brazing”

Burak Kapacak needs a little more time. He needs to get it. I saw it in Bursaspor. The actor has a professional, supple, golden name. Burak Kapacak will not be disappointed. This boy is a wing attacker.