Fenerbahce’s Threat to Ugurdundal-Sports

Journalist-Writer Uglu Dündal has been nominated for the chair of the Fenerbahce Supreme Council.

The threat that followed Ugur Dundal’s candidacy drew attention.

Uguru Dundal shared a message sent to him on his social media account, saying, “They got ugly and started threatening. Look at me, youth! Talk to the boss who made this threat. Don’t be so pathetic! .. I won’t answer and don’t fall into that hole! But know this well. The mother hasn’t given birth to a brave man who scares Ugur Dundal yet. Hmm!..”

The message is:

Uglu Dündal was targeted yesterday by Befa Kuchuk, Chairman of the Fenerbahce Council.

Vefa Küçük said, “Listen carefully, Uğur Dündar, I invite you to a duel. At that time, you advised me to become president. I said,” Donate a million dollars. ” I did. You are on the list of Aziz Jurdurum. “” He said.

Answer from Ugur Dundal

Uğur Dündar responded to Vefa Küçük’s remarks on his social media account.

Ugur Dundal wrote:

“I am very sorry that the threat I heard from the name of the criminal I was following came from my school friend Vefa Küçük, the chairman of the Fenerbahce Council.

There is no place to make such a statement in my club culture.

I can answer very rigorously, but I won’t answer so as not to offend him! “

Nomination Statement

Uglu Dündal, who announced that he is a candidate for the Speaker of the High Council in Fenerbahce in April, held a press conference.

Ugur Dundal said at the meeting:

I’m Ugur Dundal … I’ve been in front of you for over half a century.

During this time, I have always been a servant of the right to know your truth.

I haven’t bowed in front of any force other than you.

And I’m glad that you, my servant, have always selected me as the most reliable person in all polls.

So why did I become a candidate for chair of the Fenerbahce High Council?

“I gave my heart to yellow and navy blue.”

Dear Fenerbahce fans, I am a 78 year old fan of our club and proudly celebrate my 115th birthday on May 3rd. Fenerbahce is an invaluable heritage for our family and has been passed down from father to child since the days of the National Army.

When I was little, I fell in love with yellow and dark blue when I heard the heroic story of Fenerbahcefan from my father to the National Army. They defeated Commander General Harrington’s team and won 2-1. I gave about how the British Occupation Forces, and the fire of independence that burned that day, surrounded the whole country.

And when I started working as a television reporter at TRT, I first interviewed the late dentist Bedri Gulsoy Bay, who played in a match that won the Harrington trophy. The excitement I felt that day cannot be expressed in words.

I experienced similar happiness and excitement in the championship, which was won as a member of the board of directors of Fenerbahce, chaired by Aziz Yıldrum. The picture you see contains all the feelings that cannot be expressed in words.

Dostoevsky example

The Fenerbahce Supreme Council Committee is the highest ranked advisory board of the Fenerbahce Sports Club and is a wise person who has been familiar with Fenerbahce for at least 25 years.

In a sense, it is the Senate of the Republic of Fenerbahce. Unfortunately, however, this very important organ is not being used functionally and effectively. This fact is expressed by respected members at the Supreme Council meeting. However, there is not much change. While saying these things, I think Dostoevsky says, “To act intelligently, you need more than intelligence.”

But with the illustrious and spectacular history of athletes, teams, fans, facilities, management staff, presidents, and boards that have been successful in many branches, the Fenerbahce Sports Club can be far beyond your imagination. By becoming; Turkey’s largest and most powerful non-governmental organization. While the FETO terrorist organization is making its final move to seize power with the nation, Fenerbahce is a magnificent force to overthrow it and save the nation that is about to be destroyed … is there anything else?


Can another non-governmental organization write such an epic?

So I scream in front of you:

Longevity of the Republic of Turkey, longevity of Fenerbahce …

However, the forces that countered the vicious terrorist organization on July 3, 2011, unfortunately, now have a completely different portrait. Dear Fenerbahce fans, we must once again be united and support ourselves to be together, not separated. We must give each other shoulders and strength. Remember that success is one of us, but victory is all of us.

So once again, I scream with all my might.

Fenerbahce who lives long in unity and honesty …

Here I promise that the High Council will be fully functional and end the separation in all the struggles and futures of Fenerbahce.

Of course, while saying this, I would like to explain some of the issues without giving too much detail. From the moment I heard the decision to run, I received valuable messages of support from many members. These further motivated me.

I am a candidate for Fenerbahce

However, I also encountered some bookings and social media comments that I thought were intentional.

I have to be very clear. Uglu Dündal is a candidate favored by fans of Fenerbahce rather than individuals.

Yes … he is a candidate for Fenerbahce and Fenerbahce values ​​only.

By fostering families and respecting ethical values, we met and shared ideas with President Ali Koç and other presidents such as Ali Shen, Tafsin Kaya and Aziz Yıldrum in making decisions. I tried to get their opinion.

However, let me point out immediately. Independence is my way of life and cannot be negotiated. My boss has never interfered with my editorial independence in any of the media I worked with.

Let me announce this as a memo.

The door to my research has never been closed in my life. If I win, it will stay open again and all desired members will be able to easily talk to me.

We take this opportunity to wish the success of other respected friends who are candidates for the Speaker of the High Council, no matter what happens at the end of the process.

I would like to thank all the members, council members, and fans who have supported me on this road to help build a bigger and more powerful Fenerbahce in the future. think. And once again, I greet you with love and respect.