Fenerbahce’s TFF Statement-TRT Spor

The Yellow Navy Blue Club statement states:

“The chain of completely inconsistent decisions made by the people and committees under the Turkish Football Federation has filled Turkish football with contradictions both in our country and on the international stage since the day they took office. Made it part of the process.

In this final step, MHK President Ferhat Gündoğdu spoke on the broadcast screen on behalf of the Turkish Football Federation. Not yet published on the TFF website. These statements did not reassure the public, but increased question marks about the operation.

At a press conference held on March 11, 2022, not only did they express concern about all these contradictory statements and the unfair practices that Fenerbahce suffered, but also about the relationship in which these decisions were made. Also questioned and made a decision about the damage. This will lead to Turkish football.

As of this arrival, TFF managers are using the power of PFDK to silence our club, rather than answering the questions we ask on behalf of Turkish football.

Despite all of this, as the Fenerbahce Sports Club, we would like to reemphasize in front of the general public that we do not hesitate to tackle the issues we think are right. We look forward to unraveling all these issues we have raised.

I would like to reiterate the following questions regarding public information and TFF notes.

1-The fact that the referee, who was said to be “not free in thought and action”, took on more than 150 missions in the list manipulation, which President Ferhat Gündoğdu of MHK described as “completely his own actions”, only this season. There are a total of 280 games, but isn’t the 2021-22 season suspicious?

2-Who under the influence of these arbitrators did they make their decision if they were not free in their thoughts and actions, as defined by the President of MHK? This is the most important topic of the process that should be open to the public.

3-Is it logical that the decision defined as “I couldn’t wait a day”, which was the result of four months of work, managed the match two days ago, according to a statement by the MHK president? , 4 referees excluded from the list?

4-If arbitrators removed from the list by TFF are persuaded or returned to work after applying for arbitration, are they free to think and act?

Is there a commercial relationship between the 5-TFF President and the MHK Vice-Chairman? If so, is this ethical? If it is ethical, is it officially correct?

6-What do you think of our claim that the appointment of an arbitrator, regardless of specific criteria or algorithms, is a completely arbitrary and unconventional intervention?

7-Why and for what purpose were the referees’ athletic ability, rule knowledge ability, and foreign language skill test to provide more efficient and value-added services?

8-Why did TFF and MHK change positions in Beylerbey-Riva and Riva-Beylerbey this season?

Did Servet Assistant, Vice-Chairman of 9-TF, call the referee after the match during his term to insult and intimidate him?

Again, we openly state that we are not the side, supporters, or opponents of this operation. This is a picture of the situation in Turkish football.

He recognizes everything in our football for those who see this uncertainty and turmoil as an opportunity to create a new power center focused on the denominator of the city and gain power. Emphasize.

We declare that we will not step back from the struggle so that Turkish football, which has been under the command of a particular group for many years, is not under the control of a new focus.

We will continue to ask these questions by providing more information as needed, unless a satisfactory answer to these questions is made publicly available.