Fenerbahce’s Notable 17 Minutes-Trabzonspor Match! Supporters of Ilfan Jean Kavech and Yandash …

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Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor faced off in the 28th week of the Sportto Super League Ahmetto Juruk season. In the match, which took place in front of the full stand at Ulker Stadium, referee Zolbay Kuchuk whistled and drew 1-1.

Trabzonspor opened the scoring with Anthony Nwakaemé in the 22nd minute, and Miha Zych tied with Fenerbahce in the 71st minute.

Fenerbahce’s Ilfan Jean Kavech received a red card in the 18th minute. In the 84th minute, the ball returned from the post with Trabzonspor’s Nuwakaemekik.

After this result, Trabzonspor, who won five games in a row, increased his score to 67 and maintained his leadership by 15 points behind his closest rival, Konyaspor. Fenerbahce, who lost points in three games, increased his score to 47.

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3-MATCHWIN series has ended

Fenerbahce, who won the league matches Giresunspor, Hatayspor and Kasimpasah before the Battle of Trabzonspor, failed to win four straight games in a draw with Trabzonspor on the field.

The dark blue team, which had only achieved three consecutive victories in the league, repeated the same series again in the sixth, seventh and eighth weeks after the first three games of the season. Ismail Kartal and his students increased their score to 47 at the end of the 28th week, with this result.

Trabzonspor is incredible in 25 games

Fenerbahce’s home streak against Trabzonspor in the league has increased to 25 games. The yellow and dark blue teams have won 13 times in the last 25 league matches against Trabzonspor on the field and have been unable to defeat their opponents 12 times.

What did the creator of the sport say?


Fenerbahce started with enthusiasm and confidence in Trabzonspor. Ismail Kartal preferred tempo and dynamism players such as Crespo-Mert Hakan and Zajc to secure the center of the midfield. Fenerbahce, who did not allow Bakasetas to establish a connection, only struggled with the ball that Nuwakame brought. Trabzonspor scored a goal shortly after Ilfan Khan’s red card, but Fenerbahce showed a good character.

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MERT, ZAJC, SZALAi, CRESPO were very good

Frankly, I didn’t feel the dark blue guy playing 10-11 until the last 15 minutes. The main reason for this situation was the extraordinary struggle of Yandash, Zaik, Sarai and Crespo. Bisca was not in the field of Trabzonspor. I couldn’t see the star on the field until he missed the goal in the 90th minute. With the exception of Nuwakaeme, Shiopis and the young Ahmetkan, no player on the Burgundy Blue team was above average. Fenerbahce, who plays with 10 players, clearly didn’t fit the leader Trabzonspor, remembering to play football in the last 15 minutes.

Contact us for passive football in Trabzon

Abdullah Avc called Dorkhan and Hamsík yesterday in a midfield rotation. Despite all, Nuwakaeme shouldn’t have appeared in the last 10 minutes. In that episode, Trabzonspor regained control of the game. Fenerbahce hasn’t missed two points as he played for 75 minutes with 10 players and found a draw from a defeated situation. Trabzonspor, on the other hand, is its rival who has long played one missing player in the match they took, despite being ahead with a serious point difference in such a passive football draw. You need to ask.

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Yesterday’s match was a draw. Fenerbahce was a worthy applause for his high personality and fighting power.

Fenerbahce-Trabzonspor Match, 17 Minutes of Attention, Ilfan Jean Kavech and Yandas Mart Hakan Yandas ..

UĞURMELEKE: Turkey’s complete derby

Not between teams in the same city, but there is a special match in the world called the Derby. Like Barcelona-Real Madrid … between Juventus … they call the match between Juventus the “Italian Derby”. there. In my opinion, the rivalry between Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor can easily be called the “Turkish derby” given the huge distance of 1000 km between them. If you don’t get in the way of foreign objects, if you concentrate only on the field, you’ve probably seen a bitter “Turkish derby” last night.

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Ismail Karuta Best of the Period

Of course, apart from the 18 red cards, you can’t evaluate a match in Kadikoy. Of course, the fact that 72 minutes of the match took place at 10v11 basically influenced the setting. However, since Ismail Kartal took office, he has watched the 11th most accurate and ambitious game, especially in the top 45. Ilfan Kang, just inside Yandash and in front of the right, controlled the game in the first quarter. When Ilfan Khan was thrown, right-wing Samuel right-wing mart continued to maintain the efficiency of the corridor.

The fact that Fenerbahce met the ball 17 times in the opponent’s penalty area in the first 45 minutes, 4 accurate shots and the expectation of 1.67 goals are important data. The first half of yesterday was arguably the best of Fenerbahce’s Cartal era.

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The only problem that is criticized is the time of change

Trabzon, who played another player in the second half of the game, slowed down the rhythm of the game and looked for a chance with the winning ball.

They also had a chance to win, but yesterday they couldn’t get through the best areas of Fenerbahce, especially Kim’s defense.

If only yesterday could criticize Ismail Kartal, the team that played 11v10 for 72 minutes would have been able to make a faster and more rational change. After 1-1, I thought that Ismail Kartal would soon be lined up with three people.

Trabzonspor’s left defense

Trabzonspor is an almost perfect team in the league. They have deep staff and are rich in almost every line. Especially aggressive players have had a great season and have a large share of the championship race. However, if Trabzon has one weakness, the defense on the left reveals two games. A week ago, Kayseri’s right-back Onur rush defeated Trabzon’s left. Fenerbahce took advantage of that right yesterday when Crespo approached the area. Trabzon again gave a very clear left. The trio of Nwakaeme-Puchacz-ahmetcan needs to evaluate the match between these two.

Appointment of referee was very dangerous

It’s one of the most difficult games in the Super League. As a historic rival between the two teams, competition is also important for this season’s rankings. And MHK prefers to appoint a referee born in 1992 for this match. The referee is younger than five of the 22 players on the field.

“Force” is a choice

Of course, this is not the only criterion for appointing an arbitrator. They are so talented that it is seen in the world that some special young referees are given early to big games. However, Zorbay Küçük’s appointment to such a match is, so to speak, a “forced” choice. It is a pointless risk that the referee can wear unnecessarily.

I remember NUMANOĞLU

This appointment inevitably reminds Derby of the appointment of MHK in front of Tuge Inu Manour at the beginning of last season. Do you think they liked him by giving Derby a referee who played only eight games in the Super League? Did they get good results from that appointment? The appointment of Zorbay Küçük had a similar pointless risk. The referee also thinks he was unnecessarily abused early in his career.

I’m really curious what this designation is for. Does the President of MHK expect to thank him for his courage?

Congratulations to him!

Attention to 0054RFAN-MERT DOUBLE

The Ilfan Canmelt Hakan duo could only play together for 17 minutes yesterday. Good soccer players don’t have to talk so much, so I think they should calm down. Quality players say what they have to say with their feet! However, whenever Ilfankan plays on the right side and Mart plays on the right side, this duo shows a very good example of telepathy. They definitely move the center of the game to the right. I think this is a detail that Fenerbahce can build on that plan over the next few years.

BANU YELKOVAN: This fight was an appeal

If Fenerbahce, who played in a match played in Trabzon in the ninth week of the season, was told to play 20 points in the second half as a league leader by 1 point, we wouldn’t even find anyone to believe it. .. However, during the 28th week of this very interesting season, many incredible events have happened one after another in the past, and Trabzonspor is advancing differently in all areas, not just points. is. itself.

They didn’t end long lasting

It was not difficult to predict that Trabzonspor, who has not won an away win in Kadikoy in the league since 1997, will succeed in breaking this record in such a season. The chances of victory make Abdullah Avc a coach who defeated Fenerbahce both inside and outside. This was something that no technician other than Ozkan Sumer could achieve in the 1990-91 season, and would be the first to win him in three major away games.

They played to win

In terms of Fenerbahce, this match was probably of no importance other than being a derby. However, neither the fans who filled the stands for the first time in a long time, nor the ambitions of the team on the field showed that it wasn’t at all. From the first minute of the game to the last whistle.
He played his best games, produced incredible characters, and fought a bit of the same struggle in 2018 when Ilfan was removed from the game with a red card. They played to win both before and after Zajc’s goal. At the end of the match, it was exciting every second as the red card changed the match plans for both teams. The Fenerbahce team probably said goodbye to the team with applause and cheers for the first time this season. Trabzonspor has improved another undefeated streak by one point.