Fenerbahce’s medalist boxer’s goal is the Olympic gold medal-TRTSpor

The dark blue athlete who marked women’s boxing answered AA’s questions on Media Day at Ulker Stadium.

Busena Zukachlor, who became world champion at 50 kilograms, said record numbers of gold medals before the Olympics were very motivating for them. Busenas said she made her very happy at the world championships after her second place in the Olympics. “A few days later, the excitement continues, so I think I’m a world champion. I didn’t have two very important medals in my career. One of them was the world championship. I won the Olympic Championships alone. I remained. The atmosphere is very different. After I beat her, I feel like saying, “Yes, I’m Busena’s Chachlor now.” “ I used the phrase.

“Fenerbahce is not like a family. We are already a family.”

Explaining that she and her trainer Nazım Yiğit are like fathers and daughters and have traveled with friends for 13 years, Buse Naz describes Fenerbahce’s investment in amateur sports:

“After the Olympics, it is very difficult for athletes to concentrate on such an organization, but here my club has done everything possible. Our management is always with us. Athletes Thanks to sponsor Tüpras for this. Tüpras has great responsibility with Fennelbace in this regard and will greatly support us at the Olympic branch. As Fenna Bache athletes, we are of the camera. Behind the camera, not in front. The camera, even behind the camera. This place is not like a family, we are already a family. I feel very lucky. Where else I am I also feel like I don’t belong. I will stay here until the end of my career. “”

Ayşe Çağrıır: “As an athlete in Fenerbahce, I hope I can bring six medals to our country in Paris.”

Ayşe Çağırır, a 48 kg gold medalist, has promised to increase his two medals to six in Paris at the 2020 Olympics.

They said they made a significant contribution to the promotion of boxing in Turkey, Aishe said: “Boxing is considered a sport for men, but we are overcoming it because we are Turkish. Turkish women are always strong. We are the grandchildren of Nenehatun. To achieve this medal. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. We compete individually, but we create a team spirit here. We share joy and sadness. We are together. I live. We spare no effort in their support and would like to thank all the people who did not leave us alone in the match. “ I made that evaluation.

Emphasizing that she is proud to be in Fenerbahce, Aishe concludes her words:

“I have always tried to represent our country and Fenerbahce in the best possible way. Thanks to President Ali Koç. I receive his message before the match. He is always me. We were there for us and spared his support. Thanks to boxing branch manager Selahattin Atasever. We will continue to receive the sponsor Tüpraş medal. The road is not yet complete. The biggest goal. Is Paris, but to get there you first need to collect gold. You will get there. Gradually. I hope we can bring 6 medals to our country in Paris. We can promise. It’s the best in the world right now. “

Hatice Akbaş: “My goal now is the gold medal in Paris.”

54-kilogram world champion Hatiche Akbaş said one of her two dreams has come true and the Olympic gold medal will come next.

Hatis said she was very happy with the championship and couldn’t sleep at night. “My father and I had two dreams: the world championship and the gold medal at the Paris Olympics. He said.

Hatis, who described being a Fenerbahce athlete as “lucky” “Our president, Ali Kochu, called us, thanked us, and congratulated us. They really care about us and are with us in every economic and moral sense. Before the final match, my presidents, Ilkar Dinsai and Ficklet Chetin Kaya, came during the warm-up, they motivated us, I thank my club.‘He commented.

Şennur Demir: “I will do anything for Fenerbahce”

+81 kilogram champion Chenur Demir said he could do anything for Fenerbahce.

Shenur, who started sports at the age of 27 and became a world champion at the age of 39, said goodbye to sports life due to age limits, but said he would like to continue to serve Fenerbahce.

Chenur emphasized the family atmosphere with the yellow dark blue club. “Before and after the match, the President will call us to support us. We are proud that they are with us. We thank Fenerbahce for always feeling their support. I am currently an Ankara PE teacher. ”This is why I am retiring. I would like to continue to serve Fenerbahce. I will do whatever work I have been given at the Fenerbahce Club. Cheerleaders also play the drums. Do everything for Fenerbahce. ” MeHe used fades.

Chenur said he had experienced indescribable happiness and reached the championship with his own beliefs.

“I believed until the end. Three or four years ago, I said,’The World Championship was going to be held in Istanbul.’Become a champion there,’ but it was postponed. Thanks to sponsor Tupras. Branches, many young people’s dreams come true. “

Sema Chariskan: “Sports club called Fenerbahce”

Sema Chariskan, who won the bronze medal at 70 kg,A sports club called Fenerbahce “ I used the phrase.

Sema explained that she once again showed the power of women on her way to the Paris Olympics, concluding her words:

“Fenerbahce is just a sports club. I’m happy to join this club. I’m happy to be a fan of Fenerbahce. I’m really grateful to President Ali Koç for his unwavering support. Being a great club athlete, I believe we can achieve more success. Currently, five people have won these medals as Fenerbahce. These are the roads to Paris. These steps are It’s very important. I’m going to win a gold medal. I believe there will be the best way to prove myself and be discussed again. I believe Fenerbahce will be spoken again. Very well from the Paris Olympics. Return.”