Fenerbahce’s Ismail Cartal effect! He didn’t give up, he leveled up the player …

In the 30th week of the Spor Toto Super League Ahmet Juruk season, Fenerbahce defeated Konyaspor 2-1 to reduce the point difference to 2 and take an important step towards the 2nd place goal. With the appointment of Ismail Cartal, the will of the dark blue team and the matches played on the field have won fan praise, especially in the last few weeks.

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Fenerbahce played against Ittifak, who holds Konyaspor, in the 30th week of the Sport Super League. The dark blue team, who played an important match for themselves to finish the league in 2nd place, defeated their opponent 2-1 in a 1-0 retreat, increasing their score to 53 and gaining points. Increased 2nd to 2nd place opponents in the remaining 8 weeks. I managed to download it. Ismail Cartal, who took over the position of Vítor Pereira, who was dismissed after Besiktas Derby, and played in the 13th game at the top of the Yellow Dark Blue team, began to make fans feel he brought the team, especially mentally. High level. Fenerbahce, who was excluded from Slavia Prague and said goodbye to the UEFA Conference League, has since been able to take the game to the next level and has begun to attract fans to the stands again.

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Mental leveling of soccer players

Fenerbahce Technical Director Ismail Cartal said he and his technical team had been working continuously in Samandilla since the first day he arrived and had a one-on-one meeting with the players. Experienced technicians were able to gradually gain the results of these conferences. The fact that dark blue fans complained about the team’s constant fighting, especially at the end of Vítor Pereira’s period, and showed this reaction in the home match is an important part of Ismail Cartal’s determination. Occupied. Experienced coaches who have taken steps to regain fans emphasize that fans need to always trust and support the team, and players also need to know the value of the jersey. Did. Fenerbahce has managed to improve the game over time, especially in the first 15 minutes of the Trabzonspor match in the home field, and with its will and spirit of fighting, to regain the hearts of fans with its good football. We have taken the first step to grab. After 10 players remain. The score obtained in the 5-2 Alanyaspor match in the 29th week of good football and the league and the Ittifak Holding Konyaspor who won yesterday won the praise of the fans.

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Don’t give up when locked back

Perhaps one of the most striking things about the Ismail Cartal era is the enthusiastic play of the dark blue team in the games they lag behind. Fenerbahce was able to achieve three out of six league wins in the first goal-scoring match at the castle during the Ismail Karuta period. The dark blue team, who retreated 1-0 in the away game of Altay, Ittifak Holding Konyaspor and GZT Giresunspor, managed to win 2-1 from the field. Despite retreating to 1-0 in the Trabzonspor match on the home field and leaving 10 players left, the dark blue team left the field with a 1-1 draw and 10 points under Kartal’s control in the match. I was able to collect. I was late in the league.

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Responsible system changes

Ismail Kartal said at his first press conference as Fenerbahce Technical Director that he would change the system and move from triple defense to quad defense. Since then, an experienced technician who preferred 4 defenses in all his games had to make forced changes in the back area, especially due to flaws. Filip Novák, the only player with a left-back main position, and Ferdi Cadillo, who started playing on the left side of the defense with Vítor Pereira, an experienced technical man who gave shape to Attila Szalai on the left side. Was injured. -Ozan Tufan and Bright Osai Samuel in the back and right back started using it.

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Improve player performance normallyMe

Ismail Kartal of Fenerbahce Coach has given almost every player a chance to play from the day he arrived and has received positive feedback from many players. One of the most striking examples in this regard is arguably Dimitrios Percus. Unsatisfied with his performance as the star of Vitol Pereira could not be reconciled, the Greek actor moved again under the control of Ismail Cartal, signaling a return to the old days. The Greek player, who scored only one goal during the time of Vítor Pereira, scored four goals under the control of Ismail Kartal. In addition to Percus, Miguel Crespo, Kim Min-jae, Miha Zajc and Bright Osai Samuel stand out as other players who have improved their performance with the appointment of Cartal.

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Does MESUT want to beat ARDALOSE?

Perhaps the only issue criticized by Fenerbahce’s technical director Ismail Karuta is the time he gave to Ardagurel. Arda Güler, who helped the tribune to excite everyone and earn more time while staying in the game, is not as much as many Fenerbahce fans want. The fact that Ismail Cartal adjusted the time to defend Arda and gave Mesut Özil a chance in two injured games in the area reminded him of the question of whether he would lose Arda to win Mest. .. The decisions that Ismail Cartal will make on this issue in the coming weeks are also very important to Arda’s development.