Fenerbahcebeco welcomes Bitch Basconia

The Fenerbahcebeco Men’s Basketball Team will be hosted by Spain’s Bitch Basconia in the 31st week of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague match. The match, which will take place on Wednesday, March 23, at 22:30, will be broadcast live on beIN Sports News. A trio of referees from Olegs Latisevs (Latvia), Mehdi Difallah (France) and Sergio Silva (Portugal) will manage the match.

After this battle, the dark blue team will go to Barcelona on Thursday, March 24th and will be a guest of Barcelona at 23:00 on Friday, March 25th.

The latest status of Fenerbahcebeco and pre-match notes:

Our team played their final match in the EuroLeague on March 3rd, losing to Anadolu Efes 84-79 at the Sinan Eldem Sports Hall. In Fenerbahcebeco, Dishon Pierre scored 19 points and Achille Polonara scored 15 points.
Our team hosted Besiktas Jiklipex in the final league match at the Ulkel Sports and Event Hall on Saturday, March 19th. Fenerbahcebeco, who has been heavy on the match since the second quarter of the fight, won the 90-81 match. Nando de Colo scored 24 points on our team and Shems Hazer scored 18 points.
Ahmet Duberiolu and Tarku Biberovich, who continue the treatment process in Fenerbahcebeco, will not participate in the convoy of the match between Basconia and Barcelona.

The list of teams participating in Double Match Week is as follows.
Pierriá Henry, Nando de Colo, Ismet Akpinal, Markel Starks, Meri Mahmutl, Shems Hazer, Marco Gudric, Marial Shayok, Dishon Pierre, Achille Polonara, Metecan Birsen, Jan Veselny , Devin Booker, Jehyve Floyd, Danilo Barthel

About Bitci Baskonia:

With the motto “Baskonia Character”, Bitci Systems Baskonia stands out as one of the well-established Spanish national teams in the EuroLeague. Founded in 1959, rivals began appearing in the first league in the 70’s. The club did not win the trophy until 1995, but the Spanish Kings Cup Championship under the leadership of Berimir Perasovich was Basconia’s first big win. The Basque team also participated in the 1994 and 1995 Saporta Cup finals, finally bringing the trophy to the museum in 1996, and Ramon Rivas passed PAOK with 31 points. After that, “Tau Ceramica”, the representative of northern Spain who advanced to the Spanish league final for the first time in 1998, participated in the King’s Cup for the second time in 1999. Elmer Bennett and Victor Alexander’s team led the Basque team to the 2001 EuroLeague playoffs, while their fifth defeat against one of the strongest teams of the period, Kinder Bologna, prevented further achievement. Was done.

Tau, who won the Spanish Kings Cup under the leadership of Deyant Machevic in 2002 and won his first Spanish league title, regained the Kings Cup in 2004 and 2006 with his team, including Luis Scola. Did. Tau also advocated a successful performance in the EuroLeague those years. Tau Ceramica played the EuroLeague Final Four four times in a row between 2005 and 2008. This success has been surpassed only by CSKA Moscow and Fenerbahce so far.

Tauceramika overtook her favorite CSKA in the 2005 semi-finals, but was blocked by McCabi in the finals. In the three final fours that followed, McCabi, Panathinaikos and CSKA were the teams that each stopped Tauceramika. With Pete Michard’s excellent performance, Tau passed Barcelona in the final series to win the Spanish League in 2008 and once again won the Kings Cup before changing his name to “Caja Laboral” in 2009. I took it to the museum. Caja Laboral, who won the Spanish League for the third time in 2010, changed its name to “Laboral Kutxa” in 2012. Although not winning trophies since then, rivals who have increased the capacity of the Fernando Buesa Arena to 15504 have made many innovations both inside and outside the field to remain competitive at the highest level.

Opponents who played the EuroLeague playoffs in 2011 and 2012 were able to see the top 16 or the next round 18 times in 19 years. Baskonia, who played the final four in 2015-16, lost to Fenerbahce in the semi-finals. Basconia, stopped by CSKA Moscow in 2016-17, Fenerbahçe in 2017-18 and CSKA in the playoff rounds 2018-2019, reached the championship in Spain despite the 2019-20 EuroLeague season. .. In the 2020-21 season, despite 18 wins, the opponent did not get a playoff ticket.

After many sponsorship changes, the rival museum, now named “Bitci Baskonia”, has one Saporta Cup, four Spanish Leagues, six Spanish King Cups and four Spanish Super Cups.

Velimir Khlebich, Joe Arlauckas, Marcelo Nicola, Kenny Green, Jorge Garbajosa, Juan Espil, Elmer Bennett, Deyan Tomachevic, Andres Nocioni and Fabricio Oberto are the names they recently played in the Baskonia jersey. It is one of the hottest spots, especially for its stability. We use the South American player pool throughout the history of basketball. Includes players from Bourousis, Mike Shelia Tornike as James Shelia, and Tornike Tornike, Shane Larnike.

Bitci Baskonia’s latest status and pre-match notes:

Trained by Even Spahija, who also worked in Fenerbahce for some time, the Bitci Baskonia staff includes the following names:

Guards: Jayson Granger, Wade Baldwin, Artūrs Kurucs, Alejandro Valera, Sidi Chisoko
Forward: Vanya Marinkovic, Rokas Giedraitis, Simone Fontecchio, Tadas Sedekerskis, Thunder Reyeste, Ondrey Handslik, Pavel Safkov, Alec Peters, Pape Saw
Pivot: Steven Enoch, Matt Costello
Coach: Seven Spahija

Baskonia won the last three games played in the EuroLeague, beating Alba Berlin 85-68 on March 18. In this match, Rokas Giedraitis scored 22 points, Wade Baldwin scored 16 points, and Simone Fontecchio scored 12 points.
His opponent is 7th in the Spanish League ACB, with 13 wins in 24 games. Basconia defeated Rio Leogan 89-84 on Sunday, March 20th. In this match, Rokas Giedraitis scored 19 points, Simone Fontecchio scored 15 points, and Matt Costello scored 14 points.

Team Statistics-Attack (Bitci Baskonia-Fenerbahçe Beko):

Score: 74.3 – 76.2
Two numbers: 51.6% -57.6%
3 points: 34.6% -33.0%
Free throws: 78.1% -75.4%
Rebound: 34.9 – 32.4
Assist: 17.3 – 18.2
Steal: 5.3 – 8.3
Block: 2.5 – 2.1

Team Statistics-Defense (Bitci Baskonia-Fenerbahçe Beko):

Number lost: 79.4 – 73.9
Two numbers: 52.4% -53.7%
Three numbers: 37.1% -33.2%
Free throws: 76.9% -81.9%
Rebound: 34.8 – 32.6
Assist: 16.8 – 15.8
Steal: 6.7 – 7.5
Block: 2.4 – 2.2

Statistics Reader (Bitci Baskonia-Fenerbahçe Beko):

Problem: Wade Baldwin 13.9 – Jan Veselny 13.4
2 points field goal: Matt Costello 60.0% – Achille Polonara 63.4%
Three points: Simone Fontecchio 39.4% – Marco Gudric 38.3%
Free Throw: Locas Gie Drytis 85.5% – Nando de Colo 86.4%
Rebound: Stephen Enoch 5.4 – Jan Veselny 5.9
Assist: Wade Baldwin 4.1 – Pieria Henry 4.0
Steal: Wade Baldwin 1.0 – Pieria Henry 1.8
Efficiency: Wade Baldwin 14.9 – Jan Veselny 17.6

Past encounters

Fenerbahcebeco has achieved 15 wins in 28 games against his opponents in the EuroLeague.

Fenerbahcebeco won the match in the 16th week of the EuroLeague 2021-22 season at Ulkel Sports and Event Hall 75-53 on December 16, 2021. Nando de Colo scored 17 points on our team and Jan Veselny scored 13 points. On the Baskonia side, Steven Enoch scored the highest score with 14 points.
2021-22 – Regular Season – Fenerbahçe Beko 75-53 Bitci Baskonia
2020-21 – Regular Season – Fenerbahçe Beko 96-76 TD Systems Baskonia
2020-21 – Regular Season – TD Systems Basconia 86-68 Fenerbahcebeco
2019-20 – Regular Season – Kirorbet Baskonia 65-79 Fenerbahçe Beko
2019-20 – Regular Season – Fenerbahçe Beko 87-80 Kirolbet Baskonia
2018-19 – Regular Season – Fenerbahçe Beko 96-87 Kirolbet Baskonia
2018-19 – Regular Season-Kirolbet Baskonia 72 –74 Fenerbahçe Beko
2017-18 – Playoffs-Kirolbet Baskonia 83 –92 Fenerbahçe Doğuş
2017-18 – Playoffs-Kirolbet Baskonia 88 –83 Fenerbahçe Doğuş
2017-18 – Playoffs-Fenerbahçe Doğuş 95 – 89 Kirolbet Baskonia
2017-18 – Playoffs-Fenerbahçe Doğuş 82 – 73 Kirolbet Baskonia
2017-18-Regular Season-Fenerbahçe Doğuş 79– 74 Kirolbet Baskonia
2017-18 – Regular Season-Kirolbet Baskonia 69 –83 Fenerbahçe Doğuş
2016-17-Regular Season-Fenerbahce 74-79 Basconia
2016-17 – Regular Season-Bassconia 86 –52 Fenerbahce
2015-16-Final Four-Fenerbahce 88-77 Laboral Kucha
2014-15-Top 16-Laboral Kucha 93–76 Fenerbahce Ulker
2014-15-Top 16-Fenerbahce Ülker 91 – 90 Laboral Kutxa
2013-14-Top 16-Laboral Kucha 95–73 Fenerbahce Ulker
2013-14-Top 16-Fenerbahçe Ülker 98 – 64 Laboral Kutxa
2012-13-Top 16-Laboral Kucha 87–67 Fenerbahce Ulker
2012-13-Top 16-Fenerbahçe Ülker 75 – 97 Laboral Kutxa
2011-12-Regular Season-Caja Laboral90 –85 Fenerbahçe Ülker
2011-12-Regular Season-Fenerbahçe Ülker 66 – 69 Caja Laboral
2008-09-Regular Season-Fenerbahçe Ülker 69 – 81 Tau Ceramica
2008-09 – Regular Season Tauseramica 80 –70 Fenerbahce Ulker
2007-08-Top 16-Fenerbahce Ulker 75–59 Tauseramika
2007-08-Top 16-Tauceramica 103–84 Fenerbahce Ulker

In the 1998-1999 season, the two teams belonged to the same group in the first round of the old form of the EuroLeague. Fenerbahce, who won the match in Istanbul 96-75, lost 63-57 on the street.