Fenerbahce Youth Signed-TRTSpor

“Future Fenerbahce has been signed” Ali Kochu, speaking at a ceremony held under the slogan of the yellow and dark blue club, “Today we have come together for a beautiful, happy and hopeful issue of designing the future of the club. Our community is very excited if you are a young player of recent developments. Observing that, when inaugurated in 2018, we said that all our investments will be focused on sports. The essentials of creating actors from Fenerbache’s equity and youth. One is that we, we have an academy suitable for the glorious community of our country. “ I used the phrase.

Touching on the issue of rejuvenation, Kochi said, “The country that gives football players over the age of 30 the most time is Turkey in Europe, but Turkey is the least country under the age of 22. Therefore, in a rejuvenation operation, we are serious from the contract Fenerbahce makes. We had to make a structural change. There is also progress there. “There was a match in the past, but it turned red when I stepped on the field. Now that’s not the case. Antalia Camp, A. Eleven academy players trained in a team. I think it’s a lot closer to what I imagined four years ago. There are two ways to train young players or find and hire young soccer players. As you may have noticed, I’m not sitting at the soccer player’s autograph session table, but I wanted my friends to come to the table. I wanted to go to the table. Today, my heart. May contribute significantly to the future of Fenerbahce with six bright children who are full of Fenerbahce. We have gathered. ” Said.

“If things go as we want, Ismail and I will be together longer.

Regarding the contract status of Ismail Cartal, President Ali Kochu “Ismail’s teacher will help us more. I hope he will continue. It’s a chaotic environment where I’ll probably be working with a foreign teacher in 6 months. 19-20 I’ve known him since I was old. I’m wearing a hat. I hope I can stay with you for a longer time if the conditions are right. “ I used the phrase.

“Ferdi Cadillo is like a Swiss Army knife and he plays wherever he goes.”

After being elected president, they said their first transfer was Ferdi Kadio, and Kochi described the successful players as follows:
“I told Koku, what do you think of a Turkish boy playing at NEC? He said he was great and transferred Ferdi. Ferdi came every year and started to take longer. This year I’ve reached the limit. I’d like to thank Victorinox. He also contributed to his great growth. I’m very happy to be able to extend my contract with Ferdi. He finally chose the Turkish national team. He chose the right path. I want to thank him. He congratulates his family wherever he is, like the Swiss Army Knife to play. You and Ferdi have a clear path. Good luck. “

Ferdi Kadiol: I prove myself every day

Ferdi Kadiol has stated that the season has been very successful for him, saying: “I came here four years ago when I was little. I was 64kg and had no beard. Now I’ve gained 9kg. I’m proving myself every day. I’m very happy with this year’s performance. Now The season is today Fenerbahce “It’s a big day for the team. There are a lot of talented players here. I hope one day I can fight for this team on the field. I have more games and trophies. I’m ready to fight to win. I want to win the trophy here. Finally, I’m happy with Fenerbahce. “ He said.

Ferdi Kadiol, in response to a question about whether he will be invited to the A national team candidate executive “I’m still injured so far. I don’t know if I can go to the national team. I see. I hope I’ll get well soon. I can’t say anything about this.” I replied with a form.

“Muhammad has more to give to Fenerbahce”

Muhamed Gumshkaya has been in the dark blue community since he was 11 years old, and Ali Kochu said: “At the beginning of the summer, six teams asked Muhammed from us, especially to Dr. Victor. He said this kid was exactly the kind of boy I was looking for. He said. I said I would raise him. He scored. A goal that lifted us all in a European match. He went to Giresun today and made a difference there too. The football he showed and he. The contribution of Thank you for letting him come.” Said.

Muhamed Gumshkaya: I signed a lifelong contract with Fenerbahce in my heart

Muhamed Gumshkaya, who will return to the team at the end of the season with a loan at GZT Giresunspor, said: Helped me come to the club. I entered this door at the age of 11. Love for Fenerbahçe. “When I was young, it was a gift to me. I am very happy with this. We have a few contracts to sign. I am honored to have a lifetime contract with Fenerbache in my heart. I’m proud. There are a lot of talented brothers here. I hope it’s good for all of us and our community. “

“It was said that Arda Gurel’s dream was to become Alex.”

Ali Koç shared his feelings about Arda Güler, who made the history of Fenerbahce with his goal for Alanyaspor:
“I hope Arda Gurel is always smiling. Thanks to Mr. Murat Jafkaf. Thanks to Gentilel Birrigi. He has already received a lot of attention. You also top football every day. I hope you can put it in. I made history as the youngest scorer. Congratulations to my mother and father. ” thank you. You raised a very beautiful son. By the way, we paid Arda well. Arda’s dream was to become Alex. Other clubs didn’t want it. I talked to the president and agreed. That’s a good thing. I agreed. I also thank the Ismail teacher. Thanks also to Victor. He also believed in you. “

Arda Gurel: Contract is our procedure

Arda Güler points out that they want to contribute more to Fenerbahce, saying: “I would like to thank my family and teachers in the first place. It is a great honor and pride for me to be with you. We hope to serve Fenerbahce for many years. We have great success. I’m very happy. As the Muhammed brothers said, the contract is our procedure. We are from Fenerbahce. We have played. We will continue to play. I hope I can contribute even more. Thanks to Fenerbahce. “ Said.

“El Toururu is a true infrastructure blessing.”

Fenerbahce said he had no problems with domestic goalkeepers for the past 20 years, and Ali Koç talked about the team’s young goalkeeper, Ertugrul Chetin. “You can see the success of Fenerbahce from the perspective of a goalkeeper in Turkey. Ertururu is also a blessing of the actual infrastructure. Goalkeeper coaches and other technical staff appreciate him. About Ertururu Their idea is that our goal is guaranteed in the future. A stance different from his age. Thanks to many years, I hope the goalkeeper’s problem does not occur. ” I used the phrase.

Ertuğrul Çetin: We are children of Fenerbahce

They grew up in Fenerbahce, said Ertugrul Chetin. “I’m very proud to be here today. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to me here. As the president said, I came to this club at the age of 11. , Şükrü Saraçoğlu, Fenerbahçe is in front of you today. “We are children of Fenerbahce. Thank you to the God who grew up in Fenerbahce. I am glad to have Fenerbahce.” He said.

“Many of you have never seen Merino’s goals and his wonderful techniques.”

Pointing to Meri Bostan as the name that took the longest time to negotiate a contract extension, Kochi described the young striker as follows:
“Fenerbahce is the shortest on the way to the goal. Many have never seen Meri’s goal and his great technique. I hope to serve both the national team and Fenerbahce. Another of Meri. The feature is that he is the top scorer of all. Age category. You fix it. ”

Melih Bostan: I dream of scoring a goal with Çubuklu

Meri Bostan said he came to Fenerbahce at the age of twelve, “I’ve been here for 6 years. I’ve been here for 6 years. I’m very happy and proud to be here. I’ve been playing for Team A since I was a kid and scoring goals with sticks. My club gave me the opportunity to make this dream come true. I pay for it by working hard. Fortunately, Fenerbahce “” I used the phrase.

“Isak Vural is a pure talent”

Finally, Ali Kochu talked about Isak Vural, one of Europe’s biggest potential stars of the future. “The latest member of our team. The youngest member of the table. I handed him over to Arda and Ferdi. His story is very similar to Ferdi. He is also a roommate with Arda. Now he Is a pure talent. Anyone who follows European football knew. It wasn’t what we thought, but it’s fate. Isaac’s father is an enthusiastic Fenerbahce fan. They watch all the games. He raised the kids in the same way. He didn’t do Isaku. He has lived in Turkey for a long time, but thanks to his father he lives in Fenerbahce. That’s why he’s most excited at the table. We also have great expectations for him. “He trains in our A team and plays in U19. Arda has moved to A team. When he felt his absence. Isaac fills that shortage. He needs a great deal of patience and support. He believes he will serve Fenerbahce for a very long time. “ Said.

Isak Vural: I grew up with the dream of playing in this beautiful stadium in front of the best fans in the world

He grew up with the dream of playing football in front of Fenerbahcefan, said the new transfer Isaac Vral: “Hello everyone. Today I received a message about what I have to say, but I don’t say them. I have a love for these colors in my heart in my heart I grew up in a yellow dark blue jersey as a child born in yellow-dark blue and was in the most beautiful stadium in the world. “I grew up with the dream of playing in front of my fans. Come here. I’m very happy. My father and grandfather. I was a good fan of Fenerbahce. I’m glad they taught me that. I’m really happy. I’ll do my best to help the team. Fenerbahce is very happy. am.”

Isak Vural said he played soccer with his parents as a kid. “I used to play soccer with my parents and grandmother when I was little. They taught me a lot. I am grateful to them. Now I have the opportunity to come to Fenerbahce and train with Team A. This opportunity with my old team. So I chose this path. I came here with all my heart. ” He said.

Contract with Berke will not be extended

Ali Kochu answered the question of what stage the contract extension negotiations with Altay Bayındır, Serdar Aziz and Berke Özer are in. “Serdar Aziz is, in my opinion, probably the first and one of the best local defenders in our country. We are meeting him. Hope to see him someday. Altay is me. This is the player profile I want to see. Fenerbahce. On the other hand, for both sides, I decided not to be together from next season. “ Said.